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Hi, im trying to be a graphic designer, but i can afford a degree, where do you guys recomend to learn more about design, i'm struggling because its almost impossible to have critiques and reviews of my arts.
also how do you guys rate my newest art and my portifolio? https://desyre.carbonmade.com/
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sorry i mean to say that i can't afford a degree, i have a bad english...
Trabalhos? Didn't you tried to write"trabajos" ?

May not be 100% video game related, but I was wondering if any fellow anons were good at photoshopping or any related form of picture editing. A picture, more a screen saver, of Locus and Felix from Red Vs Blue in the iconic stance from Pulp fiction Jules and Vincent are holding their pistols. If anyone could create this, it would be amazing. If i am on the wrong board then i apologize and will ask which board to go to. Thanks to anyone who can help. Ref pictures are incoming.
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Both characters in this stance. just replace the helmets/faces.
wrong board, my apologies.

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what is the name of this kind of grid effect?
I wanna do something like it but before I need to see some real examples (not just the effect applied to a face, originally its used to show lands and mountains)
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File: IMG_3592.jpg (453KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Topographic map
the grid in the background? It's just a grid on top of a gradient

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Hi I had this idea a couple of hours ago ( >>>/g/52462145 ) to start an online conference by letting the community here on 4chan (and other chans) make talks/presentations and then livestreaming them when they are done.

So first thing I did was open up Gimp and making a logo. Only problem is I'm a programmer not a graphics artist. So I was looking for some help and feedback. I tried to make a logo that represented the chan community and how autistic it sometimes can be. The logo is to represent the community as a whole, so I don't want flat design and clean fonts. I rather want chaos, autism, meme's and luls. Since that seems to be the most prominent thing here on 4chan. If you think I'm wrong and should go for a clean design of my logo than please convince me otherwise.

Also what do you think of the general idea of creating an online conference to represent anonymous subculture. Are there some anons up in here that want to contribute or even create your own talk. It can be on anything you like, you could perhaps give a rant on design, explain some aspect of design, etc. be creative
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it would look alot better without the fedora, with a proper x-height and with a clean white mask on top instead of that one. and the idea seems interesting for a podcast or something but you might have some trouble convincing people (it will be better if they can just upload something anonymously)
if you stick around i'll might come up with something later.
If you really wanna use the board colors then color pick them and chose a better combination, here you can't see the greentext for example

Also the background shape doesnt make any sense

File: CenturyGothic.gif (12KB, 432x288px)Image search: [Google]
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>Cycle through fonts for some specific part of the project
>fuck, this one's great, what is it?
>Century Gothic


I don't know what it is about this font but I love it.
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Well, I don't know either, there really is nothing that exciting about this typeface
It's a fucking Futura ripoff you idiote jesus
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Was gonna reply until your thread 404'd on /co/. Try this link and next time, go to >>>/wsr/ or >>>/t/

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What font is this? Thanks
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looks like 'Anime Ace BB'
Ya, don't know the exact font but if you're just looking for a 'manga style' font then Anime Ace BB
or Manga Temple
are close.

File: Motivation.png (160KB, 2167x4106px)Image search: [Google]
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What does gd think of the image I made?
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Fixed a part of the flower.
shameless bump
You really think this is worthy of responses?


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Applying for schools and they all wan't a fucking sketchbook. What the fuck, how do I sketch out designs? I just do that shit in illustrator or indesign. I get it for logos and shit but if I sketch out app designs and shit in my sketchbook I feel like I'll just look like an autist.
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>if I sketch out app designs and shit in my sketchbook I feel like I'll just look like an autist.

Or, you know, a professional
I'm a shit-eating gimp-user hobbyist and even I have a decently filled sketchbook..

What the fuck are you doing
sketchbook? geez... the school you're applying looks autistic, ,mate. ask yourself why do you need that in the first place.

File: 4chan.png (590KB, 7680x4320px)Image search: [Google]
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If 4chan were to establish a sovereign nation, what will our flag be?
Pic related is my idea
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I would need a higher res pic to judge
Why not green?
File: 1451072495248.png (258KB, 7680x4320px)Image search: [Google]
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I liked the concept but the colors were bad.

I made pic related however it seems pretty dull. Do you have the .ai file?

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Need inspo. Dump posters made with photography.
Pic is what i want to use.
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Check out Sagmeister, he has many things

File: Daughter.jpg (20KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
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What type of art style is this called?

Also any tips on recreating this style (program, technique, color scheme, etc.)?
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emo faggotry
in all seriousness, it just looks like a 30 min speed paint. photoshop, tablet, and some low opacity brush will look like that

Hey /gd/

I'm looking for similar logo to the Royal Opera House.

Thank you.
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File: 1framebw.jpg (53KB, 432x480px)Image search: [Google]
53KB, 432x480px

Gosh i didn't this would be such a pain in the ass to find one.. Anyone has invites?
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behance is far better, dribbble is just a huge circle jerk.

File: header-fullwidth11.jpg (239KB, 1600x466px)Image search: [Google]
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Post them
^ redesigning the state flags
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File: 01_unifying_global_brand_03.gif (1MB, 350x241px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 350x241px
Netflix 2015
File: 14-e2539409.png (17KB, 217x138px)Image search: [Google]
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Lovely, lovely Metalab and their take on Slack
File: 1000w.jpg (316KB, 900x1224px)Image search: [Google]
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Minimally Minimal's "the New Microsoft" is my all-time favourite though.

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