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Hey /gd/, I just got hired as an Art Director at an agency. Any ADs with experience willing to share tips and thinks to look out for?
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what was your previous job?
Fry cook at Wendy's.
This board is a fucking joke

Hey /gd im starting out on my own doing some small projects, i get alot of stingy clients who dont wanna pay for stock, if i get them then its coming outta my end, do you have any recommendations of good free sources or what do you guys mostly use?
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Fire shit clients.
Tell your clients they can provide their own stock if they don't like your recommendations.

In the meantime, subscribe to Death to Stock, and check out unsplash.me, resplashed.com, FancyCrave, stokpic, raumrot, and magdeleine
thanks for the links, i appreciate it

You're worst piece of work, bottom of the barrel guys!
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how about you go fuck yourself instead.
I've never made a bad piece of work in my entire life. I'm an artist son.
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What the Fuck is This Face.png
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How about intentionally disgusting or cheap looking art/photoshops?

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After Effects help needed.

Can anybody more familiar with AE explain to me how can I achieve this water wave effect (or at least point me in the right direction because I have trouble finding tutorials for this). Basically what I want is this: I have a black&white scene and a single colored object going through the scene (a ball, to be more precise). I want it to make these waves behind it while rolling on the ground AND everything behind it to become colored again. The idea is that object returns color to everything it passes by. If there is some (easier) solution to this I would really appreciate the help. At least I need to find a way to animate saturation on the scene so that it looks like it is gaining color gradually, part by part (e.g. the ball is passing by from the right to the left, and in the same way the background and the floor is returning its original color).
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Actually, I think smoke trail would be better for this, but I'm still having trouble finding the right tutorial.
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this board is slow as fuck there's no need to bump.
you have a few options:
displacement map+cc distortions it's the obvious choise for faking waves but it would prob. look generic (unless you know how to do a precomp inside another, expressions etc.
another way would be animating some noise and displacement textures.
another one would be using trapcode plugins (form particular especially) or film footage of waves and play with the blending modes.
or you could make the animation on a 3d software (using something like turbulencefd, or krakatoa, fumefx or even realflow) and bring it to AE with a few render passes it would give you alot of control and a less generic look.
Ok thanks, I'll probably first try blending a real footage because I have no exp with those other things. Also my laptop is pretty shitty so playing with 3D (which I still never did) would be problematic. Any tutorial on animating the mask so that it looks like the ground and the walls are gaining color across the shot, if possible with a tint effect? (Idk how to put it in words better, I have exp with PS and Premiere but not very much with AE except some simple motion graphics.

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Im going to apply for communication design in Uni and they need a portfolio. I dont want to waste my application fee so what should I put inside and how many?
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usually the university your applying to sets the amount.

here where I live, it's 20 pieces, at least 5 of them analog, the rest whatever you like.
holy shit what do i show for 20 pieces?
I had like 5-8 flyer/poster for random shows in my area, 2-3 logo and brandings, 2 drawings of greek sculptures, 4 photographs and the rest doodle. Literally all output you usually generate when working.

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For a school application they want me to design a typographical poster with a quote on it. I'm planing on taking part of a dialogue from a book I enjoy, with the total length of about 100 letters.

The problem is that I don't know graphic design. I'm not retarded when it comes to /ic/-shit, but pretty lost when it comes to creating fonts and visually constructing posters.

Are there any good tutorials on what's important to think about when creating a poster, or similar?
What's the important aspects of fonts. General do's and don'ts.
And some guide lines on how you effectively do sketches for posters.

Thanks in advance.
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read basic rules of typography and you should not get lost too bad. also, use fine, well made fonts. no need to read a 100 page book about typography, but you need to understand what makes a good looking read.
Cool. Thanks a lot. I'll check them both out.

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ss (2016-01-27 at 10.27.26).png
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Easiest way to recreate this pattern, /gd/?
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are you retarded?
That doesn't help, anon.
he might just merely be pointing out the fact that using a bit of what's inside your head before asking questions like that will help you in the long run.
That should help you well enough.

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What technique do you use to get this effect?

A photoshop filter effect or?
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this one might be a slightly different effect
what is that effect called?

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official seal of shill.png
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He GD I see a lot of threads that are obviously shill and it pisses me off, like the taylor swift threads, etc. So I learnt some software and I made this 'Seal of Shill'.

Opinions pl0x
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GF mask makes no sense for this. Pick something that represents shilling, like a carnival barker or something fuck I don't know.

That radial gradient is harsh and terrible. Looks like clipart.

The stroked text has me fully triggered. Don't stroke text. For any reason ever.

The broken chainlinks are poorly done. And chainlink doesn't break with a neat little zig-zag edge like that, unless it's made out of cartoon wood.

Make it the Happy Jewish Salesman
Maybe the image should be snake oil?

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guys i have a problem, in illustrator i have all clear under clipping mask, but when i export this to pdf, whenever i click on pic it shows original size of it. how do i do it so it won't show original size in pdf. please don't tell me i need to crop it all in ps. pic related, it's how it looks
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Masz bumpa
it's IN a clipping mask, not under it.
You're clicking on the full size image.
crop or gtfo.
also nigger, i see that you're working CMYK so i guess it's for print.
where's your fucking bleed ?

fucking fag i have to fix this kind of shit on a daily basis, please spare some poor soul this retarded shit please.

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I need to design a mobile app and a website (about waste) for a neighborhood, and the design needs to match the neighborhood. What would be the best way to do this?

The neighborhood has a lot of public transport (with a very bright blue color) and the architecture is all white and light brown, I'm thinking about using these colors. Do you think this is enough or have any other tips on how to let the neighborhood inspire the design? It's not a super special neighborhood, pic related.

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Keep things simple. If people need info, they dont want anything too fancy
Noted, thanks
Might want to do some research on already existing neighbourhood-wide apps/sites/organizations and see what they've been inspired by.

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Bez názvu.png
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Everytime when I import (png) images to InDesign I get poor quality (pixelated/small resolution) I dont know much about that software yet. I basically made image in photoshop and paste it into InDesign and now I want to make PDF presentation of it. I have that Quality of preview set on highest. The size of image is perfect for A4 format. It also says 300ppi.
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On right is preview from InDesign (it looks like this even after exporting to PDF) and on the right is how it looks like in Photoshop (200% zoom).
That's just the preview.
Ok I didnt notice that I can set ppi in Export window and I had it on 72 so that why the PDF looks crappy. Now its 1:1 to photoshop...

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I'm attempting to build and design my very first website.

Something basic. My inspiration is this site: alexanderdwyer.co.uk. I need it to be pretty much the same, with different logo, and option-language change, maybe different colours.

What's a good resource to get started on learning? I have DW at my disposal.
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Learn the basics of html and css then download a bootstrap template...
HTML is pretty easy as you just add in text but CSS and styling it to do what you want it to do can be tricky and time consuming.
I personally recommend a bootstrap template..

ok, I will probably do that, i found a nice guide on codeacademy

can i ask, how easy/feasible would it be to copy the source code of the above website, tinker with it, and then re-host it?
You can look at the code from any website by right clicking the screen and pressing inspect..
You can see all the code but it gets very confusing to look and copy it like that. I'm not saying it isnt possible but it will take a shit long time.
Plus there are other pages of java and jquery that make it a fully responsive site and those pages are hell..
I'd just say download an E-commerce template and learn how to do HTML and CSS.
In the bootstrap files you can see all the java and shit and how confusing it is..

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light me up /gd
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also i did this one too (im op)
It's awful. It's fucking awful. The first one is just a pic with a shitty filter, and the second one is a clusterfuck of resources. This shit is not design.
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- .jpg
2MB, 1920x1200px
that's some good bait

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What's it for?
I like it, but the illustration doesn't really give me an "adventure vibe. It reminds me more of environmental awareness shit or something like that.
I hate the type, desu. It's not bad design but the type makes it look generic- I would try changing it out with something less angular and more plain, straight sans

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