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Hey /gd/ can you rate my website homepage and design?
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Rude, at least give him some actually useful feedback ffs.
What's the deal with "/Biz/ness?" It honestly throws me off completely because everything else is all professional until you read that, or is it a placeholder?

File: to do list.png (101KB, 1168x753px)Image search: [Google]
to do list.png
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I'm trying to get faster at finishing projects and want to know what other people's times are and what a seasoned professional would be at for a specific project. Pic related took 3 hours from ideation to completion
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SA bookmark side 1.png
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These two (pic coming) took 2 hours

I know that the colors look like minons and I know that banners are played the fuck out. This is just going off of the schools design standards
File: SA bookmark side 2.png (140KB, 900x2250px)Image search: [Google]
SA bookmark side 2.png
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This series took me 6 hours, with 4 hours of reworking based on client input

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empty slate.png
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I making a poster for a band that are playing.

Need some inspiration, so please post your gig-posters or other related work

pic somewhat related
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File: tumblr_nirv03ebrN1qjao0so1_500.jpg (179KB, 485x750px)Image search: [Google]
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I really like Dustyn Logan. Has this sort of "ad found in a 70's porno mag" feel
william keihn also works with this guy and makes pretty interesting stuff.
Do something out of the box(computer)

File: CTE.png (167KB, 3000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
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I need help creating a name that will be used along with this logo. It will revolve around eSports. Thank you!
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File: 1234.jpg (343KB, 2434x2639px)Image search: [Google]
343KB, 2434x2639px
Oracle ESports
What do you think about mine?
I like the concept of it, but I feel that the middle part is a bit too jagged.
Vampire Wolves

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223KB, 1000x1000px
Gonna be making some websites for my portfolio but don't know what to make them about.
I don't want to go with the cliche of coffee shop, bar, etc.

What are some good themes to make a website for a portfolio?
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>Websites for your portfolio
Wait, what? Just make a portfolio website?

It will show them how you code and design?

Want more designs? Them make more layouts and just upload pictures.
>Just make a portfolio website?

I'm a web designer only so my portfolio content are websites.
It makes no sense to start on my portfolio if i don't have content.

So i need to make random websites to include later on my portfolio website.

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In this ITT we modernize old looking logos.
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Horrible color choice. Try a higher contrast, right now it looks like it was done in ms:paint. Also, all you did was trace it, try adding something new to the table.
Brighter colors wouldn't hurt.
Take off the gradients and make it symetrical. Both of them look horrible because of the asymmetric carrot and gradients.

File: asd.jpg (225KB, 1443x1046px)Image search: [Google]
225KB, 1443x1046px
tfw this
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File: asdasd.jpg (389KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
389KB, 1920x1080px
becomes this
should I be impressed
the fuck is this garbage

File: whatever.jpg (148KB, 1418x861px)Image search: [Google]
148KB, 1418x861px
/gd/, I'm depressed. I work at an architectural signage company and I'm still going to school... The company hired me to help the art department with any easy jobs. I.E, if a hospital needs a simple sign, I'll do the job. Think of it this way... The art department has 3 people, and I'm basically their 3.5, rather than 4.

As for graphic designing, I'm still a student and the experience I have with it is free lancing. I've done some social media graphics for my previous job before my old boss has to shut her store down, and I've managed a street team for a local music promotion company here and also done some free lancing promotional stuff for them...

This company I work at wants to help me grow. The project manager gave me the task of creating interior signage for a multi-million hotel that is being built. I received feedback from the client and they said that it basically looked like shit. Aka "The initial response from the ownership group on this signage package is that it is not meeting their desired intent."

I feel down in the dumps and inadequate. This is a big project for me and I want to run away from it.

Here's some thumbnail concepts I provided to the client, and their color palette is on the top left and right. Their logos are birds, a feather, and an H with fucking birds coming out of it. Also bottom left is missing a right arrow.

If I can get any feedback on how I can improve on these signs, please let me know...I have bad enough confidence, but I'm afraid that if I even react this fucking depressed to what the client just said, then I feel like gfx designing may not even be for me anymore. I hate getting my confidence hurt, disappointing people and being disappointed.
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I can see some things that could help, mostly having to due with your angles. Can you post some of your reference materials so we can get an idea of what you are hoping to achieve.
dont care about your emo ass but that's how it is in corporate. dont take it personal, even big agencies has to redo shit. Tweak and let your manager take the battles and get the feedback
>reference materials

Top left was going to be something like pic related. My company primarily uses acrylic that gets painted. All the letters are raised and ADA complaint. For the black/grey restroom signs on the left, I was hoping to get the silver parts of that to be painted/brushed aluminum.

A friend of mine suggested that there are too many birds, which I agree with. Is it not necessary to put the hotel's logo on the signs?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

File: AmericanPsychoBusinessCards.jpg (198KB, 1406x913px)Image search: [Google]
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Who did it best /gd/?

I like Van Patten's card the best, but Paul Allen's is fairly nice as well.
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I am a fan of one line on the bottom so Allen is off the list. I also like textures so Van Patten or Bryce did a nice job. If only Bryce moved the top row just a tad i think it would be perfect. perhaps a different font too
Personally I'm not a fan of Bryce using the same Sans-Serif fonts for everything. For the info around the outside sure, but it looks a bit bland for a business card.
Why do all four use mixed case small caps for the first name, and full sized all caps for the last name? Is that a thing? Bugs the fuck outa me.

Patten for me tho. Fix the weird case, and go with semi-bold instead of full bold.

Sup /gd/ , I recently lost/passed on a job offered up to me by a friend for a logo/package design. The main reasons (which may seem stupid) are because first, she was extremely adamant about using Papyrus for the logo and second, inevitably because regardless what I showed her for concepts she failed to mention that what she wanted was a recreation of her initial "concepts" and not an original logo creation. I have little to no experience in freelance work so I eventually lost the work. Pic is what she ended up with by going to another designer. She's completely satisfied and is convinced it's a great logo. I just want to know what /gd/ thinks...
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Ugly. Your friend has terrible taste and no filter. I can see where the designer was thinking, but every bad impulse was followed, and not even refined.

Really, if this is what she's happy with, you can't convince her otherwise. But you can be satisfied with knowing you dodged a rough customer.

Out of curiosity, can we see what you pitched?
File: CookieDoughPackage3.jpg (1MB, 1794x1124px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1794x1124px

This is the first rough I gave her, I had other a bunch of other concepts of the logo as well but I didn't even really get a chance to show them to her
Looking back now I see obvious design flaw.
what she didn't like was that the logo wasn't whimsical enough and the whole thing was too "manly"

File: astronaut.jpg (581KB, 1204x1080px)Image search: [Google]
581KB, 1204x1080px
Latest work - Astronaut by me.
Also general Photoshop Photo manipulation thread.
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whats the manipulation?
u stole the pic of an astronaut put some filter on it and changed the background.
be nice anon...
OP is a real graphis desginer
File: passion.png (247KB, 783x404px)Image search: [Google]
247KB, 783x404px

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Should I bother learning Flash, or is flash on its way out?
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Flash feels dead to be desu
Flash, you mean Adobe Animation?

File: rddt.png (176KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
176KB, 800x800px
contact me at [email protected]
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Stop, you are shit.
well there's a reason its designs are free
Always charge customers, or you are devaluing the craft. Also, kill yourself

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856KB, 320x240px
Alright guys. So I have done graphic design for years now since before high school. I took a year and a half in college for it but didnt finish out due to financial issues. I'm now working at this pretty nice coffee shop that just opened up and theyre working on a webpage. They asked me to help them work on it and I think this is my first opportunity outside of high school to do what I really love doing and even better than expectactions. I want to do something to make it look better than whatever they were going to slop together and I was thinking making it a bit more interactive with something like flash? I dont know where to start though. I am good with photoshop and used to code a little and would be willing to try and learn some more. I just wanna give it a good shot, any help would be appreciated.

ps i was thinking about trying to make it mobile friendly as well
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>with something like flash
No, anon. Never. You can use Javascript/jQuery, but flash is not necesary at all.

My advice: code a lot. Design some websites just to pass the time and you will learn new stuff. Add a drop-down menu here, a sidebar there, experiment with the positioning, the padding, the margins... It will take some time for you to git gud, but if you practice regularly, you will be able to create some great designs.

Read articles, follow some websites on twitter, visit CSS inspiration pages, etc.

If you want, post here what you got and I will try to give you some advices on how to improve your design. Good luck.
First, develop your content. Use GoDaddy for domain and WordPress hosting, research themes and plugins for WordPress. Get Webmaster tools and Analytics. Learn SEO. Make sure you have branded and verified Facebook and Google plus business pages with the same language and accurate contact information across all pages.

Get something like constant contact or MyEmma for monthly newsletters. Develop NFC tags, business cards and collateral materials so people can find this shit online.
Try using bootstrap framework for mobile website or you could use "blocs app" for mac to start your prototype

File: star_wars_by_lemmino-d82xjlu.png (527KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
527KB, 1024x576px
Can anyone please at least tell me that what type of art is this image called??Is there any place where I can learn how to do this kind of artworks??
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File: earth_by_lemmino-d90b79l.png (283KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
283KB, 1024x576px
>Or this
File: the_witcher_by_lemmino-d9hnbpq.png (326KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
326KB, 1024x576px
>Or this too
bumping for interested

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