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File: Bruno Cutout.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
Bruno Cutout.pdf
1B, 486x500px
I started a series of photoshopped images of Bruno the Rugby Players and wanted to see how much it can evolve with the help from other photoshop lovers!
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File: Bruno Battle.jpg (124KB, 604x599px)Image search: [Google]
Bruno Battle.jpg
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Running into battle
File: Bruno Star Wars.jpg (975KB, 1059x1500px)Image search: [Google]
Bruno Star Wars.jpg
975KB, 1059x1500px
Bruno Awakens
File: BrunoBraveheart.jpg (83KB, 600x255px)Image search: [Google]
83KB, 600x255px

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What is the best free Font Manager for PC?
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Nexus Font

File: OMG SOO GOOD.png (79KB, 1914x935px)Image search: [Google]
79KB, 1914x935px
mad by me if u don lik it
go fuk urself
my mom say tat im teh best
kid in teh wordl
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File: nicodermcq.jpg (75KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
75KB, 400x400px
Did any of you go to college for graphic design? If so did it help you at all?
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I didn't but I've managed designers who have. On some of the teams I've managed the designers who went to school for it did so to learn the software but it seems like there were a lot of tricks they weren't taught. What has put me in leadership roles on these teams is my project management, prioritization, and problem solving skills that were acquired through a lot of on the job experience in very fast paced environments. As well as my ability to inspire other designers to want to challenge themselves rather than just be a "dickhead manager/senior designer".

If you plan on going to school for it that will definitely help you with all the idiot employers out there who will hire someone with a degree and 1 year experience over someone with no degree but 10 years experience. But I always say it's more valuable to hire people who know how to learn rather than need to be taught.

And don't be afraid to design a disaster. You learn more from a failure than from a success, so go make as many disasters as you can.
I got a certificate in website design from my community college and did nothing with it- because I slacked my way through school passing with Cs and Ds and no good quality portfolio work. went back for commercial arts and am currently working on my associates and started building up a decent portfolio. next semester will be my last semester at this school and by then I'll have my website up, as well as a printed portfolio but then I plan on going for my bachelors in visual communications.

For me personally, it has helped. school gives me structure and a lot of my professors have a lot of experience in the field so having in person critiques, even critiques from my classmates, is helpful in me improving.

plus between all the years of school I'm going to have a pretty big portfolio and a lot of pieces I can present when I apply for jobs. once I finish this degree I'm going to start applying to jobs despite still planning on going for my bachelors because why not right?

File: Moraine_Lake_17092005.jpg (1MB, 2048x1536px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2048x1536px
These are just ideas to give you an example, I reference them later on.
Is this a strong brand concept?
Hopefully someone will read all of this. Anyway I posted here a few times and got critiques on individual designs. Then I looked at everything and realized even though I got pretty good feedback there was no direction at all in the actual brand. So I did some reading and went back to the drawing board.
This is a mobile phone repair company. The main focus is their fast turn around time. They also sell phones and accessories on the side. So my idea was to use the arrow symbol in the logo in creative ways throughout the brand to make it a memorable symbol. The arrow was chosen as a symbol for their fast service. For the colours I’ll be using two shades of Grey, White as the main background colour and the 3 colours in the gradient. For the font, I’ll be using different variations of arial for the font. I chose white and grey because they were looking for a sort of high end look, black would have been a good choice but it takes away from the friendliness. I couldn’t really think of any good font ideas so I went for arial. It seemed like a safe choice that fit the brand.
My other idea was to kind of separate the branding into two parts. The first one being the phone repair side with the focus on fast service. The colour scheme for this part will use white as the primary colour and use the arrows with the motion blur effect in different ways depending on the application. I also thought of slanting the text and cutting of the ends as another play on the fast service idea. The first 3 pictures are an example of this.
The second part of their brand will be their phones and accessories stuff. So for this I’m not trying to convey the idea of fast service. The arrow will still be used but it will be more subtle. the last picture is an example of this
That’s pretty much it. Just looking for feedback overall before I go too far into it.
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wrong link
It's only 3 images, why didn't you just post them here?
File: Maria_Grønlund-ignitec.jpg (339KB, 725x8100px)Image search: [Google]
339KB, 725x8100px
>Is this a strong brand concept?
no. the average designer could make something better. it seems unprofessional and unappealing.

hi everybody, i have to create a menù for a friend of mine's restaurant using photoshop.

the menù have to be like a little book, like a little book.

are there any kind of guide or tutorial on how to create something like it?
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>using photoshop.
already wrong

Make the background in illustrator/photoshop. Finish it with pictures and text etc in inDesign.
The only thing bad about Photoshop for a menu is the lack of robust text formatting options. It's not like OP is putting together a multi page catalog.

In this scenario, using only photoshop is fine. Everything gets turned to raster before it goes on press anyway.

File: 1446068070533.png (718KB, 572x748px)Image search: [Google]
718KB, 572x748px
Hi, it's m'y first post on this board and i need some advice. Last year I spend all the monney i earned working after highscool , i left highscool 3 years ago and will finish m'y drawing studies in april , i really worked à lot to increase my skills in illustration... Now I want to follow school in design graphic , 2 years in my country, I cant pay one of those schools and I need to find someone who can offer me the chance to learn this work in alternation , by this way I will notre have to pay the schoolarship and will learn in the best conditions ... Si my problem is the following : I want to make a fucking good CV to maybe find a stage and maybe my alternation, I know thats hard to find one and I want thats my CV dont go to the trash directly... So if someone can tell me what can I allow me to put in it to not overdo it it will be great ! Sorry for my english
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make a portfolio

make your cv stand out, print it on slightly different coloured paper or laminate it or something.

make sure you big yourself off. you're judged by that one page.

File: shit.jpg (78KB, 640x920px)Image search: [Google]
78KB, 640x920px
>tfw literally everyone in your class is better than you
>tfw teacher doesnt even critique your work cause its that bad
should i just give up /gd/? i dunno what i was thinking i have no exeprience or talent.
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it takes about 10,000 hours to become talented at a skill. If you feel your peers are better, its probably because they have spent more time doing it. That doesn't mean you aren't capable, senpai. Don't give up, catch up!
>this nigga know whats up!

>OP remember hardwork beats talent!

File: tumblr_nxii36TDti1uogrvio1_540.jpg (162KB, 500x807px)Image search: [Google]
162KB, 500x807px
I have a poster 95 x 120 cm and need to make 118,5 x 175 cm, i just dont know how to do it without losing quality. any suggestions are welcome!
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If the poster is the pic, then trace it using vector editor.

>tfw still using CS5
>tfw can't afford CC subscription

Never gonna make it
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pirate it
my business still runs on CS4 and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon

there is literally no real reason to switch to CC
Did they finally fix exporting transparent pngs?

File: Screenshot (19).png (578KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Screenshot (19).png
578KB, 1920x1080px
What do you guys think about my design for my clan tag?
It was my first time using the animation setting on CS6 and was pretty user friendly.

What would you add to it?

Here's the animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv2s_TtcMgc
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>Clan tag
>First time

Please no.
Fuck off, we don't want 14 year olds here

I am using Pixelmator for a quite long time now and I'm super happy with it. My question is: Does it make sense to switch to Photoshop CC? Has it more to offer?
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yes, yes, and yes.
t b h f a m paying adobe a monthly fee to use 10+ year old software that has a "new features" sticker on it doesnt make sense

Thoughts on Design studios and the cliche look they all seem to have? Is it sad that it's so hard not to slip into the ordinary when you think something looks good and then half way through your inspiration your like fuck! It's basically the same thing.
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Customers expect the same thing tho
what's so wrong about it except following trends stuff? a regular office is much worse
This, give me a nauseatingly "trendy" office over your run of the mill cubicle farm anyday

What would be the easiest way to get a sort of "leathery" texture going in photoshop, like the one in pic related?
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File: Untitled-1.jpg (374KB, 1280x1024px)Image search: [Google]
374KB, 1280x1024px
Get a black and white leather texture.

Make sure everything you want to look like leather is below this texture in your layers.

set the layer style of the leather texture to something like soft light (others work too, it depends on what colours you want the leather to be and what finished effect you're going for) and have layers underneath define the colour/pattern you want to achieve.

you're alright, anon. thanks
Or if you want some specific leather texture you can use a texture as the base and then put your stuff over and use some layers styles...

File: whatthefont.png (248KB, 1028x368px)Image search: [Google]
248KB, 1028x368px
Can anyone identify this font/name one close to it?
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it looks like impact narrow, but it definitely isnt.
would make a good back up font i guess
Could be Bebas/Bebas Neue.
File: sam.png (5KB, 324x107px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 324x107px
Compacta Light Compressed


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