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Hey all,

At 21 I'm signing on the dotted line for a web design agency tomorrow for the role of "Creative Web Developer". Essentially my responsibilities will include initial designing of websites, client liaison & front-end development using frameworks like Bootstrap & ZURB Foundation.

Having worked on a number of freelance projects I understand how to deal with most client situations & manage this in regards to a business. However I have never worked in such a commercial environment 9-5 with very well known brands.

Any help and advice is really appreciated!
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Tell your superiors that your free formed creative mind can not create master pieces of art in a conformed office space. If you have a team tell them they can contact you via a Skype group you made called "Project Mayhem" and have a completely different hairstyle every time you go to the office. Did this for 10 years at a very well known tech company

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Here's something that I made while I was bored one day in class kinda low quality and not yet finished but I like it so far
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get out of those shoes and grow wings dear

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Sup /gd/ , which software can/should I use to create pictures like picrelated? I want to put some decent text over pictures I have. Thanks.
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for logos use illustrator and for everything else use photoshop.

please dont do these images with a guy in a suit and some motivational bullshit (like "you know my name not my story") because teenages will think they can leave school and they end up in Mc Donald

Can someone please help me with this photo. I would like the spoon,yogurt pot and yogurt on face removed from picture as we would like to have the picture printed. Many thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help as this photo meams a lot

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Fuck you Pete, you and your little shit.
Hello, Pete.
Take a look on >>>/wsr/
Also, it would help if the picture was a high-quality one. The one you uploaded is kind of crappy.

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menu front.png
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Hey guys I made this front page for a restaurant menu but it look little bit weird can you tell me what I should re-do?
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Realistic food with corny and artificial looking nails, sign, wood.

I'd suggest either making the food cartoony or make the other objects more realistic.

If anything at least give the food shadows so they don't look like a copy pasta.
no chance this will ever work
if you go for a realistic look for food establisments the only way is to photograph what you want.(i.e. peppercorns on a wood table / typeface written in salt, whatsoever)
otherwise you should go for a stylized look.
Good to know

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how to make stuff like this in photoshop?
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tons of Halftone filters

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Does someone have the Archer Heavyweights? I looked everywhere and cannot find them. I finally remembered 4chan had this board.
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id start with adobe font folio first

if it isnt in there, youll have to sift through these

this is the best solution i can think of, just finding a single download for one expensive font family online is really hard to do
Thanks for your help, I'll try these.

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NASA is giving away 14 free high quality posters, thought you guys might be interested.

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Thanks famg, will use them for my phone wallpaper

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So I run a Music Promotion Channel on Youtube, [https://www.youtube.com/c/AlReviveMusic Link] If you're intrested, and i've used this logo for a year now and I wanted advice if I should change it or keep it.

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fuck me formatting is wrong but this is a redesign
and this was an idea for rebranding. any advice is good.
Devive Sounds

how can i get this letters ?? (M
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File: Aaaaa.gif (104KB, 600x503px)Image search: [Google]
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>how can i get this letters ??
>how can i get this letters ??
>how can i get
>this letters

I have no idea what's happening in this board but I love it. It's like a patrician [s4s]
I hon

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How do I make the effect/gradient in the red circle? Thanks in advance /gd/
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I have no idea.
File: bird_icon.png (259KB, 443x401px)Image search: [Google]
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is this enough? Little rough ways but when you will give it more care it will look better I made it just for preview

I made custom shape with basic round brush (add spaces and size dynamics) then I made straight line and save it as new brush. Then opened image with bird (erase background), duplicate and choose Smudge tool then choose your custom brush, make a little adjustments with size and angle and make straight smudge (with shift key) then erase the body of bird (we need only that smudge) and give it 75% opacity... you can play with it more ofcourse

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It's rare for me to get interviews, so this is a big deal. I've done all I could to prepare myself:
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whoops i forgot to finish the my original poost

>researched company
>prepared portfolio
>practiced interview questions

Yet I still feel unprepared and I'm fucking terrified. Like a lot of you here I suffer from really severe anxiety. I also have ADD, but I NEED this job more than anything. Being a NEET does not pay off student loans.
No one cares about generic interview questions.

Is your work any good.
Can you talk about your work
Do you know stuff surrounding your area of expertise. If you're a digital designer do you have a good understanding of print techniques, and vice versa, etc. This kinda stuff makes people stand out. Being well informed about tertiary subjects related to your field.

What's the job?

Graphic designer for a branding agency.

Hello /gd/,
I recently started doing design work on the side for a company I currently work for (very small less than 10 employees) and they love the work.

The problem is that I know a lot of PHOTSHOP and no Illustrator, so there was some discrepancies with the files when sent to the printer.

What I need is basically a graphic angel to come down and save/redo this thing (if it isn't too time consuming) so that I have a future vector. I know its asking a lot, but I really tried and every option looks crappy.

If you can help, I appreciate this so much, you guys have never failed me before If you vape, Ill send some stuff your way! Files/dropbox upon request.
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that looks like shit.

fuck you, do your own work.
if you're desperate try making image trace + maually cleaning. it took me probably a month before i got comfy with illustrator if you use it everyday (try to do a different thing each day + tutorials, etc) it shouldn't take more than a couple of days before you could vector that logo.
Thanks, I needed honest help^
No thanks to the typical 4chan answer, you are a fucking cliche

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what do you thin /gd my, all my week work.
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what program u used? paint?
Is he trolling or what?
I think it's shit.

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Hi /gd/, first time here. I recently designed some cover art for a small record company (pic related).

It took me ~3 hours for 3 covers, and I really suck at making up prices. Any freelancers out there who can give me some tips on correct pricing?
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If your new to business, without contacts and without knowing the record label, charge 15-25$ an hour. If you liked the work and if YOU feel there's more work down the road, do it for a bit less. But If THEY ask you to work to work for less, then dont.

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