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Do you mascot, /gd/?
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I try to

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Anyone know how to fix the clouds fucked really them up really badly
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if you can't make them then look on google for 'render clouds' and blending them onto your project.

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How long would it take to learn enough photoshop to be hired by a modelling firm to touch up photos?
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Do you have contacts within the industry? Such a gig is hard to land without someone already in the industry recommending you, since most companies already have a guy on staff doing that shit, and 3 more as backups.

OnT though I would say the particular skillset would probably not take more than a few weeks to maybe 3 months to aquire. Then it's all about improving the speed at which you can do your work.

Of course there will always be more to learn, but if you just want to be barely good enough to do the work I'd say that's the timeframe you are looking at.
There are some amazing free tuts on Phlearn, check out their Youtube channel and you will be bretty good in no time.

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how do I get started in graphic design? I know html CSS PHP
what do I begin with?
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Pen and paper boyo. Pen and paper.
Yes, Photoshop, Illustrator and lots and lots of theory.

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I want to generate a very high resolution image of a julia fractal for a huge 1.50m-2.50m poster, does anyone know how this is done?
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I checked my local printers and they can print at a 1.50m height and unlimited width so thats not the problem, i just cant find any high resolution images of a nice looking section.
Search for vectors, they can be scaled limitlessly
Just use apophysis or something to render at the resolution you want.

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Hi! Can you please photoshop my pic so I don't look so big in my top? I want an arched back, tried to do it myself but it was awful (I'm the one of the left).
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This was my poor attempt :3
I need a naked pic for anathomy reasons

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I have a client who wants me to use this Phillies font and rework it so it says Platinum. What is the best way to go about this. I could not find a phillies font that matches this one. Will I have to trace and manually make changes then vector? Let me know. Thanks
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Client brief vs reality.jpg
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You'll have to draw it on paper then scan it. Won't be a problem, since you're a professional, right?
or just use a similar font like lobster 2 and modify the anchor points on illustrator.

rate my thread design

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It looks a little dense because of all the text. I'd add some white space/padding to the top and bottom of each of the sections.

I'd also play around with the text a bit more. For the most part its nicely organized but all the paragraphs of text are all the same size/weight/color - I think you could get a better sense of hierarchy and visual interest with more variation.
I'd add some more white space and make the line-height bigger. Also, that footer isn't pretty. Remove the gradient and change its color, perhaps to a dark green. Add some padding and make the font a bit smaller.

Nice design, OP.
Lol I miss HF, stopped going on because nothing is there for me now. Good thread design from a consumer standpoint.

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i made that one one blender
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great so you took a preset model from blender added nothing to it and put text unter it.
well done son

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Bergamot Font.jpg
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I’m engraving wedding items for a client who is persistent on using the same font that is on her invitations, but I don’t have it, I have tracked it down and it’s called “Bergamot”. It's only available online for $60. Can anyone please share this font with me? or suggest a similar font. I’ve got a shitload of fonts and can return the favor
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Charge her for it.
She is kind of ordering a ton of shit, so any art charges would be expected to be waived. That's my last resort option. I would rather find the stupid ugly font and be set to go.

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Hey yall im not the greatest at graphic design and colors and stuff and i would want to ask yall a question. What gold hexidecimal color would look well going with pic related. I need something bold that stands out. Thanks yall and as a prize you can have this beautifull image/wallpaper.
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Colour for what? Text? added design elements? What are you doing with it? Is it for a web page? A poster? More information is needed.

You can't have a gold hex colour, the colour 'gold' is a cumulation of a lot of different colours to make it look metallic and reflective, a single 'gold' colour would just be yellow or brown, just like you can't have a 'silver' colour, silver is just the reflection of the world around it, and if reduced to a colour just becomes grey.

If you're looking for a colour for text or whatever I'd probably go with something grey rather than gold, of course you want it to stand out from the grey background, so avoid similar tones, but adding anything that stands out too much would just detract from the main focus, which is the contrast between the shiny, metallic hard edged gold on the soft, subtly toned grey everything else.
It for custom CSS that i am building for github

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facebook pagequestionmark.jpg
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Which one?
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>white text on light grey background
Nice color scheme and execution, but kill yourself for this fuckup.
You gonna tell me which one or what?

Anyway, you can read the white text so I don't see the big deal.
Wait I'm on my phone now and this is actually an older version. It's supposed to be darker.

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Is there a good colorpallete generator online that you could share?

I need 32 palletes and cannot find anything on google. its for a 32 bit game
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Just take any pixel and bring it down to like 80x80 pixels and make it look pixelated, its way easier to get the colors like that, thats how i make my pallettes :)
You probably don't know what you're talking about if you unironically use the word "32 bit game"
But if you do mean 'a palette consisting of 31 colors + transparent" you're talking about 8bpp graphics, and >>257089 , while it sounds retarded, is actually an effective way

For what it's worth, Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance games used mostly 4bpp graphics for sprites, which means 15 colors + transparent. This has nothing to do with the fact that SNES was marketed as a "16 bit system" and the GBA was a "32 bit system"

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lunar phase - denaylon artwork.png
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I love this guys work and i'll order from him a website & brand identity. Since i have no idea about design prices how much would cost anything like this? Logo & Website (blog).

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here's something from him

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