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I'm looking for resources like the ones in this pack (dealjumbo com/downloads/abstract-graphics-toolkit/), but can't pay for them. I know there are loads of free abstract renders online but none seem to be of this quality.

So then, what are the best ways of downloading paid "packs" and "bundles" etc., for free? On YouTube there's a community of people who "expose" shitty GFX packs from their community (search "obey the pack") but they're mostly low quality and cod related or some shit

How about setting up like a "resource share thread" or something? 1 person buys, shares with a few others, who each buy other resources and share them and so on. Could even just share free stuff but that's of a high quality
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gradient (2).jpg
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p.s. if anyone has any requests them post them here and I'll share what I can.

here are 10 (originally free) gradients if anyone wants 'em. pretty useful for banner design etc.

What's the deal with people saying this now?
> best ways of downloading
Just find a good private tracker, I like cgpeers.to

this is password protected
Download Blender. It's free. Make your own. It's easy. Lighting is a bit of a trick though.

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How would you redesign this logo?
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Start with a new company name that isn't terrible.
Seriously, what an awful name. Makes it seem like they don't actually give a shit about whatever service they provide.
Exactly, not to mention it gives no clue as to what they do, are they an Uber like company? Taxi? Mechanic? Insurance? All we can gather from that name is it has something to do with cars which could be any number of different things.

File: uberRedesign.jpg (97KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT: Uber icon redesign.

I'd like to see your ideas on this subject. Pic related is my try. CC would be also appreciated, since I'm still new.
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looks a bit stretched out, but not too bad
File: UntitledXXXXXXX.png (188KB, 844x636px)Image search: [Google]
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Absolute shit. Looks like a wrench minimalist shit
File: Untitled-2.jpg (143KB, 387x381px)Image search: [Google]
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This is all they needed to do.

Given the circumstances stances I figured this would be the best board. Turn this back tattoo into something better, I'll include a throw away email later, but I'm willing to pay for a good design.

Tattoo is very similar to this one, size and spacing differ slightly, if it gets serious I'll send a picture of myself to whomever I decide to pay.
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there u go, much better
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Thanks senpai
File: 1454627905228.png (190KB, 500x359px)Image search: [Google]
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Uber changed their logo. It makes no sense at all, and they probably spent tens of thousands on this. I mean, it was shit to begin with, but WTF?
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I think it would be alright if it was just rotated 90 degrees clockwise...so you know...it makes a U at least..
What the fuck? At least I could recognize the "U" in the car approaching me so I knew it was an Uber, the new symbol makes no sense. If I called for a car, and that came up to me I wouldnt believe it
It was designed by their douchebag CEO, that's why.


>Here’s the thing, though. Kalanick is not a designer. He’s an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. Yet he refused to entrust the rebranding to anyone else.

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how to get this glitchy effect in Photoshop?
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You literally need to glitch your image. Check the sidebar on /r/glitch_art. There's tons of info there.

Personally I recommend using this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lucagrillo.ImageGlitcher

It gives random results every time you use it, and it doesn't break images completely or glitch it too much like the wordpad effect tends to do.
this one you can actually control what you glitch out and such.
that site is cool, but not really what I'm looking for

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Use this thread for font shares and requests.
Please search the previous threads before requesting a font.

Try Googling: FONTNAME site:4chanarchive.net
Try 4ch.be/gd/

Previous threads: http://pastebin.com/wvb6VUUs
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Not 100% sure about its authenticity but looks very decent so far..


Ouch, what's the font used in the FST XL image? Looks like some kind of Pan Asian Engrish serif knockoff. Too tall, weird weights, bad color... HEY BUT OUTSIDE OF THAT IT'S TERRIFIC
Bodoni full family request
god bless

I find that most Transport for London graphics are well designed. They maintain a level of consistency and quality across their communications. They use a wide range of techniques / styles, while still keeping clarity. It is useful to see how they create a brand identity through the variety of their graphic design. This is just a general inspo thread, but they have a number of design guideline documents online if you want to look in more detail.


Tip. Most large organizations will often have a document on their design standards, often freely available online. They are a useful resource if looking for inspiration on graphic design.
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File: set1[1].jpg (110KB, 500x410px)Image search: [Google]
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Here you can see the variation in styles, from photographic work to minimal graphics.
File: tfl-upgrade[1].jpg (177KB, 800x589px)Image search: [Google]
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The roundel- their logo- is often incorporated into designs.
File: tube_map[1].gif (278KB, 1600x1069px)Image search: [Google]
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The map is their most iconic piece of design. Rather showing the geographic locations, it show relative positions of stations and line to produce a clear map which is easy to read. Remember: the map is not the territory.

File: Untitled-1-Recovered.png (399KB, 693x682px)Image search: [Google]
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Post your most shameful bullshit
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File: spermarjo.jpg (60KB, 500x280px)Image search: [Google]
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File: I hate my self.jpg (204KB, 900x562px)Image search: [Google]
I hate my self.jpg
204KB, 900x562px

File: 2977960-9579067367-Denuv[1].png (56KB, 1288x652px)Image search: [Google]
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So we can all agree that this logo is sick as fuck?
Looks like some shit from comics about the future
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>Looks like some shit
That part, I agree with.
It's crap.

File: speedometer.png (115KB, 1482x754px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi, I would really appreciate some help.
Pic related shows a HUD I am designing for a school project, I want to re-create the outer curve which you can see on the right but designed with actual practicality since it does not fit with the speed gauge notches.
Can anyone help me? I am using illustrator.
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On the left* sorry
File: Keming the cat.jpg (6KB, 225x225px)Image search: [Google]
Keming the cat.jpg
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Jesus, colors contrast is horrible!
My 2cents, since I'm more used to Inkscape, is to bezier the shit of a line. Just draw a curve, senpai, and change those colors.
recreate the outer curve, then use path finder to divide them while using the inner-line-things as guide

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Here's a little rant, it pertains a lot to fellow freelancers. Still not %100 quantifiable, like any other metric for our shit trade.
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I just had a sweet revelation I thought I'd share.
There is a lot of talk about how to properly price a freelance job.
My epiphany is that it's the basic interest formula. I=PRT
So I used to price things on Value=Rate x Time

But really it's Interest, I'll explain...
We should be charging based off of investment/returns, not flat labor rates.


you do a shit poster, 3 hour deadline at $60 and hour, you shave your numbers and charge 140$ Because you fucking know they can barely afford that shit. Meanwhile you do the same work for a company with money...
They can pay the $180 like it's a bee sting and you are a ripped off asshole, so the rate is not doing you a service.

So algebra is here to save you.

You get a job, evaluate the prospective earnings (that's (I) (interest))
Then look at your client, guesstimate their total expenditure for this event (that's (P) principle)
Now comes your input, what is your rate? What percent of their investment/earnings does your work deserve? If you are playing along, demand a 10% commission so I can do the math quickly.
So there's our rate for argument's sake, 10%, which is .1 and is represented by (R). (T) is the period of time your client is literally paying you money.
So let's creat a specturm of expamples.
Poorfag A has $200(principle) for a GD budget, and a 3 hour dead line. I=PRT = I/P=RT

So - x/200=.1(3) | x = 60
Richafag has 4,500(principle), same formula.

So - x/4500=.1(3) | x = 1,350
So to give a non mathematical run down. If you knew you customer was ready to spend about $4,000 on consumation and you were to spend 3 hours working on said branding,you shoudl charge 1,350 dollars.

We can apply this formula to any job, just adjust the rate (R) as you see fit. Think of it like this, what % of you clients buget per hour should go to you?

Here are a couple examples....
the customer has invested 12,000 in renovations, now they want a logo, web page, vehicle letttering and main ID sign. First thing we do is assume the adddtional post renovation tasks will cost ~3,000.

So 12,000 + 3,000 + 15,000.

I(your Profit) = ((P) 15,00)((R).1)((T)guess 30 hours for webb page, logo developement, sign layout and assorted tasks)

I = 1,500x.1x30 = $4,500

So this is roughly a $4,500 project, assuming all branding responsibilities including web presence.

"Fags finicky franks"

He owns the trailer, needs no web presence because it's corporate, simply needs you to adapt the existing branding standards to his trailer + local swag.

(I) is our profit
(P) principal - he's spent about 25,000 on the food truck, we'll call he's ready to spend an abysimall 1,000 moving forward.
(I) is our rate - we'll stay with %10 (.1)
(t) our estimated time to set the corporate graphics up scaled and viable to meet his new trailers proportional limitations. ( call it 2)

So x = 1,000(.1)(2) + x = 200

So you should get around $200 for this assuming the corporate artwork was provided to you.
Interesting. I like the general idea, but how do you even gauge someone's Principle? If you just ask "what's the maximum you're willing to spend for this project," any number you end up getting that's even remotely close to that will seem like you're trying to rip them off.

File: 1368550988173.png (1MB, 975x3080px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 975x3080px
I was sent a copy of USA TODAY NETWORK branding guidelines. Want to check 'em out?
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Well don't be a cock-tease, man. Post that shit up. Tell me there's a section on how to properly use their giant blue circle.
There literally is.

This is actually one of the weaker standards guides I've come across. They spend pages explicitly detailing things previous made obvious.
File: toteslegit.jpg (43KB, 988x388px)Image search: [Google]
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Business card layout is literally shit lol

File: whatever.jpg (148KB, 1418x861px)Image search: [Google]
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Where's a good source of inspiration to get ideas on creating hotel interior signs (Room ID, Back of house, Front of house)? I posted two weeks ago feeling poopy, and there were about 3 links that people shared for inspiration/recommendation and I totally forgot to fucking bookmark them.

But I will also accept some great links on where to get inspiration/ideas on what I said earlier.

Pic related. My shitty thumbnail concepts that the client fucking hated lmao
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I remember your thread, it's been weeks and you haven't gotten a revision to the client?

Dude what the shit, these are legal/technical signs
Was instructed by my project manager to wait on revisions. Got feedback yesterday on what they'd like finally, lol

File: iStock_000009744255Small.jpg (47KB, 570x370px)Image search: [Google]
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I took on more work than I can handle. How do you proceed on 10 clients at the same time?

I might have to pass them off to another designer and take a percentage.

How do you find a local graphic designer willing to do small overflow design jobs?
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find out the subcontract percent in your area
close your browser my friend it's magic
what i need is to a place of my own without roomies.

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