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Hey, /gd/, what's the trend where a typeface gets crammed into a square or rectangle called?

I want to be able to complain about it when it doesn't work and is a mess, just as this picture...but I don't know how to describe it succinctly.
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slab serif?
I'm not looking for the typeface style, idiot. I'm referring to how the letters of the entire word are split into three diferent lines.
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I can't believe I had to make an example myself, but here; it's like if you broke up the word macchiato like this.

Gif——Ring Design
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Too big, would get caught on shit all the time

Also wood, because you'd be constantly snagging it on stuff and knocking it against stuff it would get dented and beat to shit.

My silver ring is all scratched up and dented and it's a low profile metal ring, that thing would last a day.

Terrible idea.

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is the tiled logo in the background a watermark? Or is it meant to be there?
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If it's just a watermark then that's fine, but if it's meant to be there, remove that shit, it makes it too cluttered.

That top blue splash looks out of place, I feel like the logo should be completely between the white and blue sides and the blue at the top distracts it a little.

The outline of the test needs to be smoothed out, you can see all the hard lines rather than it being a smooth curve.

The dot of the i is a little unclear, looking at the blue negative space it makes it look like the dot of the i isn't there and there is just a blue squiggle where it should be, I see what was meant to have been done there, continuing the cream line from the outside to form the i in one smooth line but I don't think it works.

Other then that I like it, I think the colours work well together and I dig the old milk bar feel to the text used and such.

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So, I have a question . There are other ways to make symbols or letters without being a 3D render or " Bevel & Emboss" ? Could you give me content to study these techniques?
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OP here. Thanks, bro!
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Are there no professionals on this board?
Most (if not all) the work I've seen here looks like stuff made from first year students or people who have no idea how to design.

Anyone care to rebuff my statement by showing their work?
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I've been in the business 8 years now, I make a pittance of 44k on salary and 2-15k from freelance (a year), I am definitively a professional in the definitive sense of the word- that won't stop you or any other anon from tearing my work apart, so no I won't post anything, thanks.

Oh I also really like how the babies get smaller before they are born, totally professional.
It's called a vanishing point, you uneducated asshole. Things appear smaller when they're further away from you, like a fetus slowly spiraling toward being born.

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So I need help figuring out how to make the same background effect this image has. Like, around the edges it has like some sort of faded gradient like effect I can't figure out how to make. Any ideas?
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Comp 1_00000.png
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>make a radial gradient, white in the center and black at the edges (pic related)
>put it on top and change the blending mode to multiply
I know how to make a radial gradient, it's the somewhat vintage/faded effect I'm looking for.

So, I have to do a PowerPoint for a class, and I want to do something more interesting than the default themes.

I just have a total block on what direction I want to go in.

I'm obviously not looking for anybody to walk me through it, I just want some ideas about where I could take it.

The presentation is about a study about homeless mothers and parenting while homeless at a shelter. I dunno, I want it to look sharp, but also reflect the theme. But I also don't want to do anything hackneyed, like fill it with stock photos of sad hobos and worn typefaces.

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Do you know where I can find thodr original photos on your picture?
It's from the opening pages of the first issue of a comic called Annihilator, written by Grant Morrison and with art by Frazer Irving (two of my favorite creators).

Irving is great. If you like this, check out his other work.

I'm sure you can find a bigger version of this page if you find a torrent of the comic or something.
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try after effects+power point/keynote. also retouch every photo on photoshop.

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how do i create this 3d effect from a flat image?
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delete system34
(probably) it could be done in after effects using the 2.5D effect (parallax) and displacement maps with a camera targeting a null object (on the face) along with a smooth puppet/pin tool animation and also a camera rotation+wiggle expression movement simulating a circle loop.
go nuts

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My university had a logo contest for the art history and archaeology department

it was supposed to be "fashionable", discreet, to have a strong personnality, to evoke a place where the quality is a priority, where the teachings are modern and a cosy feeling

pic related the currently most liked "logo"
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I like it
>logo contest

First wrong move.

>If logo design contests are allegedly bad, then why famous corporations have been opting for them? After witnessing such legendary cases of corporate identities, do you still believe that logo design contests warrant the cynicism they get? Don’t you think ”logo design contests” have been playing an important role in providing memorable logo designs to the industry?

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Anyone know anything about proofing/prototyping printers?

I want to invest in my own printer to use for making hard copy proofs and packaging prototypes. I've never used anything beyond a photo printer, but I'm at the point where i think i need to make the jump into this realm for my clients.

I need one that can print white ink and varnishes, also be ables to print on various types of material including film.
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Protip - process printers will yield different results depending on profiles and substrate selection. There are also numerous additional factors, like relative colormetric and absolute settings. This can go on and on.

Unless your project is important enough to support spot printing you will have to supply the pantone matches and hope your printer knows how to on the fly calibrate.

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This is a professor making a video lesson. Behind him there is someone that you should replace with Jack Nicholson or something like that. Let your imagination fly with this picture
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I can't actually tell if the seemingly massive influx of PS requests are trolls or legitimately dumb / new people. "Let your imagination fly" seems like bait, imo.

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Thoughts on the new logo?
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This article is pretty bad. I don't understand people's obsession with "The" needing to be half the size (or significantly smaller) than "Met". I think there is a wonky balance happening between the two words but I would think that had more to do with the line width than the size of the words.

Sucks Egyptian dick. Really bad. Did the CEO of Yahoo cobble that together in her spare time?

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I own a foundry and business is slow. Learned design but not business. What does the font world need right now?
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A serif Comic Sans
more top shelf fonts designed for screens
a bitmap monospace font that supports ligatures

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WARP logo.png.jpg
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How sweet in the Warp records website? I haven't come across a website like theirs and was wondering what you guys think about it. Warp's logo is also pretty sweet imo
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the logo placement is extremely awkward

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View links 4 motion graphics


I know some use of magic select wand is present. Thinking if this is done in gimp/Photoshop that there are about 10-20 frames individually made and compiled Into video to present the motion effect ++ the 3D filter or the green/red layers for that effect. Perhaps AE after effects is used ? I became more confused to the methods after seeing the 3rd link with the roses because it incorporates actual motion video , , ,

Artist is not replying to emails about process involved. Your thoughts ?.?
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Those vids were made in after effects.
Keylite or some other color keying effect, and the original video is layered on a glitch layer. I can't tell if glitch layer is stock from YouTube or what. Front layer color separation is a chromatic aberration effect usually found in the magic bullet plug-ins.
Thank you for your input !

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