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Where do you guys find your stock photos (that are free of charge without registering)?

I only know of Pexels (that is somewhat decent), but there are not many photos there.
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I am a broke artist and I am looking for one of you talented individuals to make my cover art. Please help.

Please don't hate just upload the original file.
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"if you're going to go retarded go full retarded." - me

If you need inspiration please ask.
i don't think many artists use that. troll me by drawing some dick or something.

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I know this is no request, but can someone tell me, how i can improve my work ??
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There's no real advice to give other than to try and make something most days, even if it's small and not really worth showing to the world.

Look up tutorials and try new things. Fuck around with stuff in whatever program you use never considered messing around with before.
You can start off first by learning how to compress images you fucking pleb
Wrong board, go to:

>draw from life
>try hard

Am I good at photohshop yet?
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I need this font, if you know or can help me find it i would be so happy
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modern no. 20 with shit cut out of it

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WTF is this shit? Why did he sell to Japan?
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That's a fantastic banner, the fuck's your problem with it?
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I like this one
Its a spinoff of the mythic Cowboy Bebop poster you newfag.

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Does anyone know if there is a standard type of floor plan software?

One which architects always use to communicate floor plans to each other?
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ask /3
this, or Revit if you're looking at bigger projects

But the adoption rate of Revit is low because architects like to be stuck in the past when it comes to software. So your best bet is AutoCAD or ArchiCAD

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>windows media player

freezes every few seconds without fail

Takes minutes to open
Stays on screen when it crashes, has to be manually taken down

Doesn't even install

Tried a few other and they all had very specific, glaring problems. I usually use my smart tv for any kind of video so I never really used video players.
Is there any player thank can perform the simple task of smoothly playing videos and occasionally show subtitles?
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wrong board, but I think its your computer not the player
Sorry, meant to post on /g/.
It's most definitely not my computer, the vlc freeze problem is well known.

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How do you deal with the near-constant anxiety and depression that comes with being a professional designer?
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I see the taller tree dog'ing the orange tree as the night sky deals with it and utters 'noice'
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>How do you deal with the near-constant anxiety and depression that comes with being a professional designer?
The real question is:
>How do you deal with the near-constant anxiety and depression that comes with life?
In that case the answer should be found round
You look at your nice paycheck, use it to buy liquor, and realize you could have it way worse because people genuinely act impressed when you say you're a designer/artist.

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How do you go about finding a small industrial space the size of a bedroom to make your office for under $500? I'm in south Texas.
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Do the colors look good together?
(and is it maybe a little too offenisve/cynical?)
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File: 1435624637.jpg (49KB, 500x669px)Image search: [Google]
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What they mean is, no.

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Hey /gd/

I found myself in love with the style old american wildlife and park pictures/paintings/sign/adverts. First of all: Do you have any tips or website for getting inspo on those paintings?
Secondly, any tips on how do actually achieve that "painted"-like effect? I know CorelDraw should probably be the best tool, but could I achieve the same effect with a tablet, "nice" brushes and PS/AI?

Thanks in advance
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Is this b8
>I know CorelDraw should probably be the best tool
Nah anon, PS is waaay better. You could easily recreate that effect using the default brushes and a medium/low Flow setting.
>>>/ic/ will be more helpful than gd for painting.
i guess you could just start playing with a wacom and ps (or the software you are the most comfy with) and see where that leads. i do have a few of those posters along with some /ic/ tutorials/infographics i could post them if you want. but it could take me a while.

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Last thread ded

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Body and Soul.jpg
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first one

be gentle pls
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Paradise I luciferi.jpg
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File: main-image-foxsox-kickstarter.png (132KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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Please help me save this trainwreck of a Kickstarter header image. Excuse the furries, but it's who I'm marketing to.

I'm trying to display the fact that I'm selling cutesy socks, and I have the following suggestions:

">Shitty serif font

You're trying to appeal to people based on cute socks. Use a cute, friendly font.

>Shit composition

Either have the characters be accents for the name and put them behind or make them the focus and actually show off the socks. They should be showing off the paw pads under the socks.

>Banding in background

Learn how to into dithering, faggot. Again, the background should emphasise the cuteness angle. Muted generic blue doesn't help. Try something like paw pad pattern background with pastel colours.


At least try to make it look like you spent more than 30 seconds on it."

Anything to add to that?
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If you already have those suggestions, why didn't you implement them? Come back once you're done...
I'm looking for anything else they might've missed so that I can make as many corrections as possible all at once. Suggestions for an appropriate font, for example, would be appreciated.
Redraw furries

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LOGO New.jpg
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General Critique Thread, I'll dump my first and only works and I want your most brutal opinion on them.
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File: Fiction.jpg (75KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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Dumping and shamelessly self-bumping
Also by all I should have said the only 2 I've made.
I like both of them. What program do you use?

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