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But a bitch aint one?
But our logo ain't one

It's spec work that cheapens the industry.

With that being said, I participated in 99 design contests while in school and shortly after graduation. It was one of the few ways that I could get some experience working with clients and progressing my skills in corporate branding since most businesses weren't willing to hire a recent college grad without a job history. I made some money from the site but ultimately moved on to other things since the payout vs. the work put in sucked.

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Anyone else here played the not-being-an-ugly-fuck game with photoshop?
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No, because I am not ugly as fuck.

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trump man ➧ tromp.gif
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Which software does it to people???

Which open-source software???

Does it even qualify as /gd/???
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Also: how to cure it???
My best bet is After Effects. Track the left eye's relation to the right eye, bind that to a null object and bind a copy of the video to that very null object. Fine-tune the position and mask shit out.
Thank you. I’d love to be able to do it with Blender.

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/gd/, I'm doing a menu. I'm hellbent on doing it myself because I've found the hard way that there are no competent designers in my town (which is in Mexico).
I know my way around photoshop enough to be able to do whatever comes to my mind, and I have enough sense of what looks shitty and what doesn't not to completely fuck up doing this.
I'm just wondering if there are some rules to follow or key fuck ups to avoid for menus.
Pic related, my restaurant's also a casual dining establishment, so I thought of Applebee's.
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OP here, pic also related.
It's something I did for a St Valentine's contest we held. I know it's not perfect, but it's honestly easier for me to just do what I want to do because I can't communicate what I have in mind to the designers.
Nobody likes crowded menus. The focus should be on either pictures of the food, or the text. Take HopCat's menu for example (a bar and burger joint in my city) [ Menu Link: http://www.underconsideration.com/artofthemenu/project_images/hopcat_lansing_PDF_03.gif]

They have no pictures, and the yellow one white (shockingly) isn't painful to read, then again it's a pale yellow, not a strong one. Their menu is simple, and of all the restaurants I've dined at, it was the best designed.

Then again, I'm biased with a strong love for minimalism and simple things, so take from this what you will.
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ignore the link, that was a dick move I pulled. Pic is the menu.

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Be me
>Runs a small business called KSupply
>14 y/o brother makes this for me
>He thinks its shit since its the only gd hes ever made
Rates and suggestions plz (to help my nube brother out.)

Also general rate and suggestion thread for any graphic designers or "critics" who want to give or need suggestions or rates.
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kevorkian base.png
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Shameless self-bump.
pic related (first draft)
I'm going to be very honest. Ready?

Terrible logo. Tacky font choice. Crappy rendering of a scroll. Go on upwork or fiverr and hire an Indian to make a better logo worth a days worth of food in the US (which is quite a bargain).

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I don't pay for commercial fonts. Ever.

I use them for commercial purposes.

I feel somewhat guilty.
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Let the customer pay.
use open type or learn how to make them yourself. sometimes you can buy fonts really cheap if you don't buy the whole set (things like extra-condensed, extra black italic, extra light italic, etc).
>or learn how to make them yourself

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Exactly what the fuck is this?
catastrophic designs thread?
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I found that thing truly inspiring
Its genius really. Brilliant in the sense that every time you go back to it, you find something else that you missed the previous times.

Yep, this has trancended good and bad to become something truly spectacular.

Has to be the official poster, no redesigns.
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let's not forget
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I always liked this one
Get to friends a few

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i like extremely soft gradients so its enough you dont notice it but it also doesnt look extremely plain.
Flat is superior
This, flat just generally looks better.

Where do I learn to make a very basic personal logo? I'm not a graphic designer but I just want one to put on my website and use as my favicon. Or where can I pay to get one done by someone who IS a GD? Don't need a complicated one, just something with my initials that looks decent.

I looked at fiverr but it ends up costing $7 (CAD) and I'm a jew.

Thanks friends
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If you're just learning the program to design this one Logo I'd pay the money dude.

From a monetary standpoint, this is going to cost you a lot of time which you could use to earn money instead.
do you think it'd even be worth it to get a personal logo done if it's just for my personal website which hosts my resume (and i'm not even in the gd industry)

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not a designer, but I like it.
I don't know, just looks like some serif font to me. a lot of serif logos have been getting rid of the thin lines but I don't think it would work with your's, but maybe.

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The flares with the blue tint.

Gotta be a better way, other than with brushes and layers of Overlays and Soft Light as options...
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Another example.

Or what is the technical term for it? I can Google it myself.

Thanks for any help or legitimate link to a tutorial.
This was probably made with that AFX lens flare plugin the name of which I don't remember, then exported desu.
video copilot's optical flares

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What the fuck adobe!
Why would they remove a useful feature for no fucking reason.

Still no official answer from them:
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why would you ever want to anchor point arms to snap to a grid? do you hate smooth lines?

I do agree that CC is the worst thing adobe has ever done. Rolling updates are the worst, especially when you are paying a subscription fee and they don't really add useful features, but break others.

At least other industry leading software companies (protools, etc) allow customers to do Subscription based or buy their latest version for full price.
In some cases it's really convenient to have snapping to grid since you can be 100% sure what you're drawing is aligned properly instead of having to eyeball it, at least that's why it's so important to me
I've used this before when working with assemetrical objects.

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99designs rebranding...thoughts?
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looks clean but it looks like it doesn't really serve a purpose.

where's the logo? I just see a font
Not everything needs a logo, Google, Pintrest are examples. It is clean, good spacing. I dont know what it looked like previously so cant really comment on how well it works as a rebrand, that aside its decent. I'd make the purpose of the site more apparent at a glance probably. Also, is it too clean?... maybe.

Hey /gd/

I am looking for a (non-apple) cheap lightweight laptop that I could carry everywhere for working with emails, indesign, illustrator and photoshop. Any advices? Thanks!
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literally just walk into your local computer store and buy something cheap

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