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I share my work.
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An unnecessary Evil.
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Beware of my words.
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vicious camel.jpg
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Vicious camel.

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Anyone know what the name of this type of stonework style is?

Extra points for memes
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The pattern of the stones or the type of stone used?

Square rubble coursed masonry is the effect.

Square - because of the flat sides and top of the stone, Rubble - because of the different sized stones in width and height (unlike a standard brick wall) Coursed - because although they are different heights they go up in even layers and Masonry - because it's a stone wall.

Probably sandstone if you asking about the type of stone

This is an excellent and highly informative post.

I appreciate it immensely. You're a good egg!

I'm looking to build a band website. I've been searching for resources and tutorials for months but I'm coming up with nothing. It really can't be THAT difficult can it?? I'm looking to do something very bare and simple similar to this: http://www.theeohsees.com/.
Any tips? Should I just pay somebody to do it?
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If you've been trying to look into resources and tutorials for months and you can't find anything...yeah you should probably pay someone else to do it.
Private message https://www.reddit.com/user/4chancorrespondence/

They will be interested to know more of what you want to do and could help.

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it's for a cosmetics company..
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As if that sexist fake materialistic representation of a woman wasn't enough you had to go full white supremacist pro KKK let's vote Donald Trump to choose her skin color, it's 20fucking16 you bigoted backward shitlord.
God you /pol/tards disgust me...
Yeah first you need a name, what exactly they sell/do (is it a specific make up? Is it the whole range? Do they just make it, do they sell it etc) and then maybe we can give you some ideas.

no offense, but this is shit. totally common, nothing new, bad design.

try using neutral colors, like grey, white brown and, especially, black. it looks much more professional than using pink and an almost-barbie-clone, because the way you made it, gives off a childish impression.

plus, going minimalistic might be a good idea, since its a nice trend that looks clean + great.

I'd search a nice color pallete with black, whatever it is considered a trend nowadays and try to work with that. Also, I wouldn't go for a woman's illustration, that's old and common. good luck though

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Hey /gd/ I've been working on an idea for an animation and we're now in the Production process of the first episode. I'm going to be doing the backgrounds but I'm not very good at drawing, especially in Photoshop.

I'm looking for any advice that will help me effectively tailor my creativity and productivity in Photoshop. Are there any tutorials you would recommend? Brush packs? Coloring? Layering? Really any advice will do as I'm a writer/audio engineer who is just getting into visual aspects.

Pic slightly unrelated (My first attempt at drawing a head portrait on paper).
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>I'm going to be doing the backgrounds but I'm not very good at drawing
>any advice
Draw every fucking day till you get good at it.
Photoshop is a tool, not sorcery.
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Ever heard of a thousand hours?

Some people are born to fucking draw and others learn to paint masterpieces by drawing and drawing until they reach that stature. I personally think I have a natural talent for drawing but never practiced or tried honing the skill because it was never really my interest growing up. Now that I'm older and want to start animating my ideas I realized how stupid I was. If I took drawing seriously since I was young I feel like I could've been so good.

So just draw op. Art is something creative and not really technical. My opinion on your drawing is that it is not that good but if you keep at it you can be good. Don't give up. It's funny because as I'm giving you this advice I'm subconsciously giving it to myself.
>Just draw.

Got it. This might a stupid question, but where is a good place to start pertaining to settings and backgrounds? As you can see in my drawing I have a hard time with perspective and continuity and it shows even more so when I'm not drawing people. When it comes to writing, this animation is my pride and joy and I'd practice for a million hours to make it look perfect, its just that when I start trying to draw I feel so overwhelmed by it, like every line is a mistake that keeps messing me up more and more and it makes it so hard to finish things like that. Sorry for the rambling if you guys are even still here. I guess I just really don't know where to start.

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Somebody help me. I need this image in highres, thanks!
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Double res
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this little shits won't help you OP.
don't worry, here I am to the rescue.
insane resolution incoming

by the way...
and read the fucking sticky before posting

Sup /gd/

Does anyone have Basis Grotesque, Reader or Value from Colophon? Will dump entire Grilli Type library in return

Pic unrelated
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keep it in the font share thread

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magazine raw.png
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Hey guys Im making a ad to magazine. well its just fun project but I wanna know what do you think about it. its new energy drink I used muscle cars as reference. Not sure about it so I will be glad if you tell me what do you think and if its worthy to put in my portfolio. thanks
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Looks nice, but it's very generic. Advertising is about getting something into people's minds. There is nothing that sticks with me here. Also, it isn't 100% clear that it is an energy drink you're selling. At a glance it looks like an ad for motor oil. It should come across as a refreshing drink, not something that makes you think of exhaust fumes.
maybe some copy/text would help?
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One of the things i keep coming back to gd is to see stuff like this. I've been trying to come up with different ideas to make it better and one thing that's really bothering me is the type/logo "horse-power" it shouldn't really be that big and it shouldn't be touching the right border (also it doesn't need those gradient clean white would make it better).
no because the images aren't that interesting. try to learn better composition & photo-manipulation techniques (that blending look really cheap)

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Need some help asap, /gd/.

X-posted from somewhere else:

This is a class project with a real client. The company is geared towards senior executive women in the business field. They obviously have money: They go on resorts, and are primarily in this year program to improve their skills in the business world and in their personal life.

My design intent was to have a mandala like appearance; to have pattern and repetition feel to it. When the client's husband was speaking, he was expressing that it's somewhat a "spiritual" journey. "A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds."

I wanted to challenge myself by using blue, since the client seemed to not want that in her logo unless we could influence her to like it. Evidently, I changed the colors but I'm open to anything. At this point I'm starting to get frustrated and not give a shit anymore. I'm also stuck on the text since my professor + his pal really hate Trajan (old logo). Any input would really help, because I'd like to finalize the design by tonight and work on the branding applications to present tomorrow night.
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lol, oops I saved it the wrong color doc. Here's a file of the old logo.

Bottom left is what was supposed to be shown above.
What's the help you want?

Your shit is basically a clone of the original, what should we tell you?
Need help deciding if I should keep the business name horizontally (#1) or stacked like number 3 or 4. Also want input if the fonts are okay. The colors are starting to seem like a hotel to me now.

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>started getting into Photoshop
>few months later get an iPad for my birthday

What is the optimal way to connect the two? I've tried Adobe Draw but I imagine there is something better? Should I get a stylus?
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Yeah, use a desktop.
I run Photoshop on my laptop. Im asking if there is any app that basically let's me "draw" on my iPad instead of my laptop because free hand is better than my wireless mouse or at least I assume so

Its a tatto of nyarlathotep from lovecraft in my forearm, purple color, something like the picture
haha people will make laugh of my draw but plz if someone can take the time to do it; i would be glad
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by the way its something like in this picture
1. draw it bigger
2. adobe wololo
3. ???
4. tattoo

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>What is this?
There's a tournament called the 4CC (Four Chan Cup, other variations of the name are spamfiltered so watch out), which has AI versions of each 4chan board compete in simulated football (soccer) matches. The teams themselves are representations of each individual board's culture. /gd/ is one of the teams competing in it.

/gd/ is one of the boards renown for having a small, but loyal following. We already have a few posters over at the /vg/ thread, however we always try to keep the actual board informed and involved, as well as alert any new people to the concept of the cup, cause it's just fun times and they might like it.

>I'm not interested / fuck off with this thread / this isn't /gd/ / etc
If you're not interested, that's perfectly fine. The cup itself isn't a real e-sports event and is just something done between friends that people can be a part of. Threads on /gd/ related to the cup will always be called "#333 thread" in that exact spelling fashion, so just add that to your spam filter and they'll never show up again.

>I'm interested
Links to the channel where the games are streamed live is in the OP image along with the dates for the games which you can find in the link below:

>Recent events
/gd/ are on a 4 win streak going into the final day, looking for glory after their win vs /mlp/.
Twitter account is locked out, so will be inactive until that issue is resolved

Janitor pls be kind
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cheeki kerning.jpg
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Final Day begins now with /an/ vs /u/.
/gd/ will be up in the 4th game vs /out/, and if we win we'll also have the Semi-Finals and 3rd Place Match/Final depending on if we win or lose.

If the thread is deleted again, feel free to migrate to the latest /4ccg/ thread on /vg/.
>If the thread is deleted again
..and if it is, its also last time I'm here, srs.

One fucking thread, one day, bit of /gd/ community spirit, bit of fun, FFS, already. Oh, and, G'luck, BTW!
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Thanks as always for the support, hopefully /gd/ can find a way today

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i have this insane idea for indie game. i never saw anything like what i have in mind. but i need somebody who will do code for me.

i would do art/animation and pretty much everything else

i need advice where to find code dude.
there are no fucking conventions or indie game developer meet-ups in my country/city (as far as i know)

pls halp

pic unrelated
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there's a software called GameMaker Studio aimed at people who want to make a game but don't know/care about learning programming which is not that difficult nowadays... another good one is called spine 2d. (you don't need to know programming)
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You can check out reddit.com/r/INAT or reddit.com/r/gamedevclassifieds. However, without describing what you have and what you need in greater detail, you'll likely not find anyone interested. People try to pitch their "insanely awesome" ideas all the time, and 99% it's just a waste of time, so people are wary.

Show some of your art. There are also several coders on this board (e.g. me), so feel free to post here as well.

pic unrelated
that spider only has six legs dude

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Last week this pic has been posted as a reply to another thread.
I googled for tutorials and tried a couples of solution by myself but I'm still struggling getting the same grainy effect. If I apply film grain, dots are too small and they get lost.
If I apply texture grain, I get grainy coloured texture even if I use b/w gradient.
Any tips?
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Inner light > Add noise?
Looks like a black gradient over some noise with additional light from the lines.
probelm is what if my gradient does not go to black? I end up with noise over the gradient

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Best no 1 cn beat it!!!!!1!1!!1!
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ur a gey mom dad

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