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File: senastapp3.png (342KB, 609x1215px)Image search: [Google]
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Been working on this. How is it? It's the logo and login screen for a swedish site.
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too big. they logo/icon is kinda lame... try reading the specs frrom google's material design they have the best sizes/proportions and free resources with boxes, icons, color palettes etc.
>they logo/icon is kinda lame
how come
the logo is nice, but I think the backgroundcolor is oversaturated (sorry for bad english). Maybe you choose a less bright color like a dark blue

Having issues with Adobe Illustrator. I'm on a Lenovo Edge 2 core i7. I will be working in Illustrator for about ten minutes and it slowly starts to lag more and more and eventually the program freezes and I can't click on anything. I have to end the task every time and restart it. I notice while in the Task Manager that it's using an incredible amount of memory, but nothing that is a strain on my computer. Anyone else have this problem? I have Adobe CC and no other program does this to me. And I use InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Animate, Dreamweaver, Muse, Lightroom, After Effects and even Audition fairly regularly. Any help is appreciated!
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thanks dude bout to see if this helps
No luck it's still fucking up

File: webdesign.jpg (964KB, 6333x3800px)Image search: [Google]
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>Where can I find web devs ONLINE and chat/email to start right now on web deving, other than in 4chan?

If you can web dev and know HTML(5 would be nice), CSS, PHP(not needed but valued) WP(valued), and ecommerces(valued for future work I have)

Then upload your email in picture (so you can remove it after I email you)

>I'll be here the entire day (so you'll get an instant answer)
I'm working on 2 WP templates right now (I can web dev a little, I know the programming methodology but not the languages, so I work with snippets of code - I used to do web dev like 10+ years ago)

I know of fiverr etc, but those seem a little scammy people, who can't fake their own profile comments with positive feedback? lol .
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I will pay for your HTML/CSS work on WP templates. (If you know PHP and know how WP works, that will help in other templates that I have)

Upload pic containing your email (so you can remove after I email you)

I have 2 templates someone to help me with, you don't have to develop/design a full template, it's all done pretty much.

Work level is medium to low. Like I said, it's little work, nothing to design from scratch.

try on >>>/g/ it has way more user than gd.
Send me a message at digitalmediarocks at gmail dot com so we can discuss prices.

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1MB, 3072x1728px
Hello /gd/
I am currently trying to make a logo like this, but I am havin a real hard time finding resembling inspiration.
I know it is a really shitty sketch, but I am messing up sketching it already. It is supposed to be a birdcage with words under it.
Does anyone know logos or artwork where vertical lines transform to letters or even words?
Thanks in advance.
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try the eBook of inspiration logos by Jacob Cass.

File: novella cover.png (264KB, 2441x3148px)Image search: [Google]
novella cover.png
264KB, 2441x3148px
What can I do to improve this? It's a cover for a novella that I'm writing. I used paint for this.

I know it's really bad. I'm very shit at design, as you can see. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, by the way.
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put one big kanji in the center and make the rest very small (but legible) forming a circle around the center. also remove the black line under and research shodo calligraphy. and don't use 100% black or white.
Thanks anon. The black line is to cover up my name.

Sorry anon, I'll male sure to align them.

File: lascauxbulls2.jpg (237KB, 1356x888px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi /gd/
I'm looking for history of illustration books.
Any links/pdf?
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File: gd-history-timeline.jpg (665KB, 4583x1346px)Image search: [Google]
665KB, 4583x1346px
i doubt there's any books since it's a complex subject maybe try on
there's a series of videos on lynda about the history of gd with some examples of the best posters designs.
you can get a torrent for that one on rutracker.org
here's some free ebooks
What do you mean by “illustration books”? I don’t really see what you’re looking for…

File: nextboards current2.png (9KB, 276x119px)Image search: [Google]
nextboards current2.png
9KB, 276x119px
A guy I know has this electric skateboard startup and I think his logo is fukin garbo m8, so do some people I've asked.
What do you guys think about it?
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Yeah it's terrible. No effort to elaborate on something so shitty.
File: g5[1].jpg (60KB, 658x370px)Image search: [Google]
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Is that a joke?
OP here, no it's not a joke, he said himself that's where he got inspo from... ugh

A new card shop opened in my neighborhood recently. This is the new store's logo. What do you think about it?
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really ugly and i also thought it was a video game store
Doesn't convey the correct intent, ugly, unprofessional.

First thought is NINTENDO logo
>start button

totally a retro nintendo rip,

>card shop

I can only assume that OP means like a FLGS, or a comic book/magic the gathering/dungeons and dragons nerd store, and not a business card print shop.

File: vmlogoFINAL22.jpg (40KB, 160x154px)Image search: [Google]
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Evening, /gd/ anon.

To all you freelance designers, how do you brand yourselves? Do you have a nickname/alias? If so, how did you come to that decision? Do you just use your name?

Bonus points for: how do you brand yourself?

I'm in this frustrating situation where I just can not figure out how to brand myself and make those decisions logically. I think everyone here will agree that its easy to design for other people, but when it comes to designing for yourself... you become a paranoid perfectionist and get tired of ideas easily.
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first name and last 2 initials

no abbreviation dots

theres no 'right' answer to branding. you gotta do everything and see what you can sell the best

Thanks for the tip. I find it kinda hard to sell a name though... like it doesn't get the message across.
That logo is literally three dicks

File: Untitled-1.png (8KB, 331x176px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey guys, I have a kind of urgent question so I'd really appreciate your help.

I'm temporarily limited to a PC with the Adobe CS3 suite, and as far as I can tell Photoshop can't handle anything more than 3.2 gigs of ram.
Is this due to the antiquity of the version, which in turn means that updating to a newer version will allow me to utilize at least 8gb of ram? Or is the only solution setting a new scratch disk with plenty of free space?

Thanks in advance.
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I believe that is standard for software in 32bit windows.
I'm working on 64bit Windows 7.
Photoshop itself is 32bit, but I don't think that would affect RAM management, since that's the OS' job.

Do the more recent suites also come in 64bit?

looks like it's actually 4gb limit, but adobe had limited it to 3.2 for some reason.

But yes, a 64bit version of photoshop will allow more ram usage. I think 64bit didn't come until CS4 or CS5.

Why do you need more than that anyway? Unless you are doing Billboards or Tradeshow graphics everyday, there really isn't much of a need for that much ram. Even then, there are many ways around that when working on graphics that size...I used to do that stuff with computers when 1gb was top of the line.

Guys I need help, Im having an issue with illustrator, Im trying to do some inking and every time I go to make a stroke a dot appears at the start, The screen shot is what is happening, have any ideas? ive reinstalled drivers, restarted the program and computer and tried in other programs with no problems, I'm lost...
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are you using a wacom tablet for pressure by chance?

have you checked your stroke profile?

are you retarded?

File: e5909c34115744.56c49a23d1eab.jpg (574KB, 900x900px)Image search: [Google]
574KB, 900x900px
how does one go about making stuff like that?
I'm assuming illustrator/photoshop but I'm having trouble starting up
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1. Draw a triangle
2. Color gradient your triangle
3. Add a different color to your triangle
4. Your stupid hipster art is done.
I don't know

maybe using photoshop's brush or illustrator's gradient mesh + some really good texture work

saved for inspo btw
check out James White, its called the NeoWave series

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Hi, I'm an illustrator and I'm going to Poland this summer to take some graphic design classes. I'm doing this because I want to be able to understand more about design and understand what makes for good and bad design. Graphic design seems really intimidating because everyone who's in it already knows what's good and has very strong opinions and I feel like a dingo dongo dingus.

How do I get into design in a way that I can incorporate it into my life as an illustrator?
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File: 1339454530085.jpg (310KB, 1100x4677px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi. If you're a beginner looking to improve and do bigger things, you'll have to look about the basics of art : color theory and perspective.
GD is something creative, so there is no rule, only guidelines that are proved to work on all thing.

>How do I get into design in a way that I can incorporate it into my life as an illustrator?
General knowledge is REALLY important, the more you know, the more you are sensible to a graphic style, the representation of an object, a foreign culture, how people will read your work, how far you can stretch your mind to find the inspiration.

4chan has a board dedicated to drawing, >>>/ic/
File: PARTNSPADE_PRO_POSTER_1l.jpg (155KB, 480x720px)Image search: [Google]
155KB, 480x720px

A quick note to hopefully help you feel better. Good and bad are really subjective within any creative field; graphic design is no different. You shouldn’t feel bad/worried about liking something, even if everyone else seems to hate it, don’t ignore other people but don’t just accept that things are good or bad because someone else says so. Have taste, ask questions and learn how to express why you like something.

Answering your question though. I don’t know much about the ethos of an illustrator but incorporating the mindset of a graphic designer into your work might not be that difficult. The key will be to consider why you’re making what you’re making, what reactions you want your work to create and what ideas it will represent. Don’t be suckered into believing that there is a ‘look’ to graphic design or a certain type of work you should be creating. Graphic design is more like a way of thinking rather than a style, or format. Use the skills you already have and apply them to the design tasks you’ll be given. (i.e. you don’t ‘have’ to create swiss-posters, to be a graphic designer)

I hope that helped, not sure if it answered your question or not. It’d be nice to see some of the illustrations you’ve already created; or did you draw the picture you posted with?

P.s. With my post I’ve linked a poster created as a collaboration between David Carson and the illustrators George Bates, Michael Lotenero and Justin Kauffman. Looking up who David Carson is (if you don’t know already) could be an eye opener. Love him or hate him it’s good to know his name and what he’s created.

File: License-Registration.jpg (581KB, 2222x2189px)Image search: [Google]
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My company sells products (5-10/y) that come with special software. I am currently working on the GUI and was wondering what type of licensing I would need for fonts. Can we buy a font once and include it into all our software, or do we need a web-font like license? How would that work?

I can't really find an answer anywhere, whenever I search for the terms 'software' and 'licensing' together all I get is some debate over whether fonts are software or not.
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you can email the owner of the font and ask him or maybe just use an 'open type font' (e.g. gandhi sans, droid sans, roboto, noto sans, fira sans, source & source code pro)

File: 5qtHsgj.png (100KB, 796x390px)Image search: [Google]
100KB, 796x390px

There are three modes I made for this editor "compose", "review" and "distribute". They're more like workspaces in photoshop. Tools specific to that option will be brought up front.
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File: ZchMI.png (16KB, 611x167px)Image search: [Google]
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i don't think there's a need for those icons (the colors make them really ugly and childish).
on a side note i wonder how the ux of a text editor make by adobe or autodesk would look like.

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