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>be me
>Keanu Reeves is sick during filming and throwing up in between takes
>whisper to 1st AD "Guess he shoulda taken the blue pill huh?"
>1st AD is drinking a coke and spits it out laughing
>director overheard and everybody started busting out laughing and have to stop the take
>get promoted

That was a good production
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>be me right now
>look down and see OPs mom suckling my wang

It was a good day
And then Keanu came in and shook my hand
And every woman on set gave me a blowjob
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>be me
>girlfriends kid is turning 5 so she made him a death star pinata for his birthday party
>as he strikes it bohemiam rhapsody starts playing
>say with tears in my eyes 'great shot kid that was one in a million'

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So, whats this movies message?
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Beware of homeschoolers.
It's one of those 'program the goyim' movies
Racial conflict doesn't need to exist but it will never go away

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jurassic park.jpg
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>CGI from 1993 is still the best we have ever seen

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Because that shot barely has any CGI. It's just the legs.
The scene looks good only because of the lighting covering up the 90s CGI.

Compare it to the dinosaurs chasing them in the field and you will find that the CGI is not that great in broad daylight.
Look at the feet.

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>"Finally... after all these years... I have become Sully."

Walked out of my house at this part.
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>make dream sequences only to include cool shit in the trailer
I'm not sure how they got away with so many sequences of planes crashing into buildings.
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>they didn't include the scene were Sully shoots a man then throws him out of the plane

What the fuck!?

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The fact the industry supports a film about "Fish Smelling Vaginas" sickens me. Let's band together and stop this thing from releasing!

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Is this film about btfoing roasties?
What are roasties?
Sluts, whores, party girls, women who have had sex with more than one(1) man and the like. It's what I'm afraid my imouto will become once she hits puberty, wich is why I'm giving her a 3ds in the hopes that she becomes an autistic shut in like me.

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now paint him purple and paste to avangers. Disney can't into villains
Why is he so pale and why are his eyes so blue?
the fragility of the white male

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she was so cute in S1 what the FUCK happened?
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She's English
Eternal anglo genetics
She's cute as fuck now u fggt

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Is there a single good film adaptation of one of his works?
I understand that it's a bit difficult to show something onscreen that has "impossible geometry" or "can't be comprehended by human minds," but why do they just rip off the most basic shit from him instead of going all on and reproducing what he made.

The Dunwich Horror, Shadow over Innsmouth, and The Temple would make great movies.
Don't say Reanimator.
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i think his works are to lovecraftian to be adapted to film
very lovecraftian
This is the truth why we will never have a movie based on Lovecraft

Lovecraft was a white loser writer who wrote for low-quality magazines.

Nothing he wrote can be compared to works by modern authors.

The only fans of this mediocre are edgy and lonely semi-illiterate boys and racist right-wingers.

> He was a beta that in the whole life only managed to have sex with a woman, for pity.

> He was an affected racist, his hatred of...
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>Taxi Driver
Can /tv/ recommend me anymore films within the "socially isolated morally questionable autist who drives a car" genre?
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I'd rate them from best to worst
>1.Baby driver
>2. Drive
>4. A pile of shit
>5. Taxi Driver
>morally questionable
Mad Max

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yeah maybe if you stopped spamming this bullshit i'd forget about sam hyde

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Pitch me a show
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A couple of friends are living in NYC and we are watching their day to day lives and how they navigate their professional and social sides.
A couple of friends are living in NYC and we are watching their day to day lives and how they navigate their professional and social sides.

One of the friends is compulsive murderer who enjoys hiding body parts in just out of sight areas, wacky hi-jinks and shenanigans ensue.
Its a show about a guy pitching tv shows, each episode is the pilot for that show

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What went wrong JLaw Bros?
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>Expecting anyone who enjoys Jlaw to enjoy a movie that isn't lowest common denominator drivel
that's a cool poster, though desu
shitty writing
shitty directing
shitty allegory
shitty acting

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so whats the verdict? is it the drive of our generation?
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But Baby Driver was actually good
>Baby Driver(2017)
>6 years
It's the same generation Anon.

forgotten within months, if not already.

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New Ken Burns doc is airing tonight. Who is watching it?
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Yes sir I will be watching. Seems like tonight starts way back in 1858, that actually has me very hype.
The score is amazing.
>Trent Reznor's rendition of It Ain't Me

I'm hype

I've become very interested in korean films and would like any input from what people here feel is worth while. what are the staples?
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Just know that if anyone recommends I Saw The Devil you should not take anything they say seriously.
'The Host' is good, a surreal creature feature.

'Hansel and Gretel' will get you in the feels.
train to busan

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