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Based tiddies nee-san.
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Why doesn't she wear underwear?
Lyn should have won but all the butthurt is great.

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Only underage don't post nintendo.
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So was the boss of Mirage Saloon transforming/disguising itself as these three, or was it swapping places with them, in a tag-team kinda way?
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>Gets hit
>Heavy Magician transforms back into her original form
I wonder.
>he doesn't know
Post it

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>Recurring boss decides he isn't messing around anymore
>Becomes the hardest boss in the game
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Tomorrow I'll

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Currently maining pic related
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Just started this. I've never been much of a CRPG guy, but my god, I've been missing a lot. BG actually makes you feel like an adventurer. I have to actually prepare for shit, this is great.

CRPG Thread
>What's your favorite CRPG and why?
>What class do you usually play?
>Favorite quests and dungeons
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>TFW you take over the ogre tribe in Dragonspear and you can't forcefully take your new ogre bride
>not purging all non-humans
To be fair Baldur's Gate is best when you're killing everyone like a proper god of murder, but sometimes you want some ogre cummies too you know? Helping the lich earlier in Dragonspear and then turning on him and killing him was a giggle.

Just got this bitch last second how gud is she?
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feed to nowi/loli tiki
Azura is a better dancer.
But dancers are rare, other than Olivia.

Shes not bad and is a dancer, she wont be doing much damage so give her weapon triangle buff skill and put the rest of ur efforts on raising her bulk a bit. Female corrins weapon thst lowers def after attack is a good weapon for her

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>realistic racing game
>doesn't have nurburgring
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Would a Nintendo Switch Pro work out and would you buy it? The CEMU community proved that Breath of the Wild can run at 60 FPS on fairly modest hardware, so why not make a Nintendo Switch version for those who want a bit more eye candy?
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It's inevitable that Switch will get an upgrade in the next 3 years.
There's no point whole point of the Switch is to develop for one platform going forward as soon as the 3DS isn't profitable.

Now you want Nintendo to develop for a 3rd platform one likely without the Switch's main selling point?
It wouldn't be a 3rd platform, it would be like the New 3DS. Fully 3DS-compatible but additional resources to run games even better. They've been rumored to have a GPU-added dock in the works, which might be what we get

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I've been playing this for around 5 hours. I didn't play it when it was released nor i've ever played another star fox game. I'm not even bothered with all the blue fox furry material but somehow the more I play it the more I feel something isn't well made on this game.

What are your thoughts on this title? Does it need some nostalgia factor to truly enjoyed it?
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It was good till they turned it into a faggy Star Fox game.

I loved Rare I loved Starfox games. so I don't know why I never went around to playing this.
It was a shitty fetch quest that made you feel more like an errand boy than anything else.

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Hi there, I'm the worst map in TF2.
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That isn't doomsday
That isn't Goldrush
lolno, Frontier is pretty much never not fun, you just have shit taste

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Find one game that /v/ will unanimously agree is a good game.

>protip: you literally fucking can't
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Megaman X
bad rats
Hotline Miami
Mother 3
Cave Story
Maybe Dragon Quest V

This is it my friends. They completely lost it.
Jade druid has been the strongest deck ever since its creation, and they wanted to address it, but instead they only made it stronger by removing its direct counter.

That's it. They don't even know what they are doing anymore.
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>playing Hearthstone
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>Still playing Hearthstone

Fable Fortune is literally a better version of Hearthstone in every possible way. Sadly it's only on version 0.4 and isn't set to release for awhile.

Literally play any other card game. I wasted hundreds of dollars on Hearth since it started, but it obviously isn't going to get better.

Play anything else, just stop playing Hearthstone. Here are some personal suggestions;

Fable Fortune
Card Monsters
Hex was only broken when tunnel trog was an issue

Innervate change killed the card

They should have never changed murlocs from buffing all murlocs. It was such a stupid dumbing down of the tribe

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Come on /v/, gimme some game recommendations if I want to have a good time with my friends. Any type of game works, just keep it fun.
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>He has friends.
Lost Planet 2
100% Orange Juice

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>Want to play quick game of PUBG
>Boot up to this
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>want to play single player game
>read about an update that basically ruins everything about the game
>avoid downloading update
>game refuses to let me play without updating
this shit ever happen to anyone?
Took me 5 mins to dl

in 2017 that's nothing

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