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Yo, can I get a fit check?
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10/10 really good my man!
This is the most subtle meme of /fa/
can I see it from the back

why is everybody into fashion now?
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Because it's easy and cheap
Low self esteem and high self consciousness
Bitch you seen the videoclips of the songs.



mura masa is /fa/ as fuck

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> Balding
> in 20's or 30's
> has a beard
> big beta eyes
> lack of brow ridge
> wears shitty glasses to cover up their beta eyes
> shitty sense of fashion (either /r/malefashionadvice core or baggy clothes with graphic tees le nerd core)
> double chin
> orbits women
> skinnyfat
> narrow shoulders

Can anyone explain why they all look and dress the same? Feel free to share anecdotes, or explanations why
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Jfc who cares. People that constantly make anti numales threads are as annoying as nu males.
Nah that is just the average male, seems like you're projecting a bit OP post yourself or fuck off. On a serious note a numale probably gets more action than a prettyboy
Uhohhh OP you made some of them mad

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Keeping the faggotry car running.

Am I more /fa/ now?
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2/10 could be a 4 without the haircut

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Thoughts on this guy? /fa/ or just plain cringeworthy?
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Definitely /fa/. Like, 12.6 years ahead of the majority of the planet. Probably the only guy who actually knows how to wear clothes instead of just wearing clothes.
Pretty much this.
He's definitely ahead of the curve.
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Denim jacket inspo because why not
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Gay as fuck lad.
Also, W2c acid wash denim jacket that isn't garbage quality, eg pull and bear, asos etc?
Your dad m8

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How faggy is this hairstyle?
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If you're going for a more effeminate look, it's perfect
very faggy but if you look good with it just do it
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Amazing hair, I wish I had your hair. It would work very well with a more upscale style like YSL or pic related.

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i need a new slimmer and better looking concealed carry handgun handgun that can be considered more "/fa/" (pic is the current gun i have now) p.s live in vermont so nobody gives a fuck
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this is how i carry mine currently
(not me tho)
You wildwest LARPing autists are embarrassing.

t. gun owner who hunts

The average /fa/ user
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Lol girl he looks good.
What's your point?
No one who browses /fa/ looks this good.

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Any cool belts? Not really looking for Gucci/Fendi or shit like that. Designer is nice but i dont really like it logo-heavy.

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ann d
for how nice his leather products in general are, rick does some weak fucking belts
bump in need of a leather belt thats not like 200£
real shit +1

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What does /fa/ use and stand behind as far as having white teeth and even those of us who drink coffee.
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White teeth is good

t. Yellow teeth
Crest 3D stretch strips
I feel like there are better products out there that are better and competing against other ones vs quality and price and I don't want to walk in and drop money on big name company shit that won't work as well

adIIIIdas or adidAAAS?
ny-kee or nyke?
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bit posh don't you think?
That's what I thought. But that's how the company name it's supposed to sound like, it is German after all.

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Hey /fa/, I have a question for you.

What would you like to see new in terms of shirts or hoodies? Everything from material, fit, color or graphics.

What would you buy? What do you think the market is missing right now?
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>design my brand for me
I'm trying to do this for the customer, aka you.

Is there anything you are looking for but can't find? It could also be price related. Some pieces of clothing you would like to acquire, but too overpriced?
anime titties on long sleeve slightly longer fit shirts

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ITT smiles you want to protect
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what happened to my sensei!?
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is yamamoto-san gay? asking for a friend
he had two kids so probably not

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I know that there is already a watch thread up but I kinda need a fast response. What do you guys think of watches like pic related. It's around £100 and is pretty much what I've been searching for.
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cop it, wear it, take a pic, post it, and let us laugh at you
I will post a pic if I get it.

What don't you guys like about it? Is it the strap? I quite like the strap, one of the many reasons why I am thinking of going for it. If the brand is the reason then I'm not really all that bothered. I am quite well off so I can afford to buy an expensive watch if I wanted to but I don't really value watches that much. Also don't want something that looks too flashy so I didn't go for a bracelet, although some may argue that the bright colours contradict this -.-

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