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I feel like I'm wearing too much red. Do I look good? Tips? I just got these shoes and they're air jordan 1 retro ultra
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hmm maybe
try taking the shirt off then posting a pic, then go from there
we need to see how the fit looks without the shirt in order to give you some good advice
fucking pufters

Is minimal fashion the way to go in our days?People lose their shit over minimal anything,from home design to clothes,so you could say that minimalism is really "in" in 2017 and has been in 2016

So let's post some minimal fits fashy goys
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It's been "in" since like 2012. And, judging by how some of the people in WAYWT are dressing, they're better off doing that rather than the wacky fits they come up with.
minimalism has been in since early '10s. the height of celine
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Why aren't you all solely buying clothes second hand?

you should try it out for a while

2nd hand clothing is
>cheaper (unless it's some really old rare thing)
>environmentally friendly
>looks more relaxed, faded and worn in
>can get older looks
>usually good quality if they've lasted through a lot of use

try making the change guys, I literally buy all my clothes second hand now apart from socks and underwear, was definitely a good decision. in my experience none of the clothing is really damaged other than a some minor things and nothing that wouldn't happen anyway if you bought it new and wore if for a while. if you're worried about hygiene which is rarely an issue all you have to do is wash it

if you're against making this change, what are your reasons?
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Where does your second hand clothing come from? Who sorts it?
charity shops, ebay and vintage clothing shops, in order of cheapest to most expensive
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>Why aren't you all solely buying clothes second hand?

Because i am not a poorfag.

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Sup /fa/gs.
R8 my new hat.
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Fitting numbers.
Hat looks like shit insofar that it's clearly not made of sturdy wool but some kind of cotton canvas shit.
Buy a better one.

It's an officer variant.
post a pic of you wearing it

if you look like shit it's meaningless

My perception of /fa/:

- White
- Male
- 16-20
- Wears basic-ass fits (Vans and Uniqlo) and is concerned with being "safe" not being criticized
-Is a follower
-Thinks fashion exists in a vacuum
- Can't designers besides Raf and Rick and Yohji
- Uses vacuous lowest common denominator labels like "trash" "hypebeast" and feels smug and self-satisfied after doing so
-not actually, really into fashion
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this true
Speak 4 ur self normie
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Is this the weekly complaint thread?

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most /fa/ dog breeds?
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Literally any breed that doesn't resemble a rat or a failed genetic experiment.
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I want one of these beasts

I just want the largest wild looking dog I can get hat isn't a fattie

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>I wanna make America great again
>But I don't wanna wear a shitty trucker hat
I kinda dress like a hipster soo the typical trump merch doesn't really match my style.
I typically wear a slouch beanie, but most all of the MAGA beanies are south park puffball shit.

Can you help me /fa/?
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I can imagine a trump supporter wouldn't dream of calling them self a hipster
me on the left
>Make anti-fa triggered with this edgy piece.

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Is this endgame streetwear?
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but my girlfriend isn't a lesbian... why would i hide her?
He sucked my girlfriend's penis. Can't say I wasn't warned.
My gf better be hidden cuz i dont want her seeing me slamming that sweet boipucci

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I'm going to stop browsing this board after this thread. I'll dump some of my favorite pictures from here
Thanks /fa/
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Is there anything more depressing than balding in your early 20s/late teens?
>up until I was 18 I had a mane of hair
>a little after I turned 20, friend's mom points out a "hole" in my mane on both sides of forehead
>I've known for a couple months now but this was the first time anyone pointed it out
>didn't even say anything just kinda pretended like I didn't hear
>year later pretty much everyone points it out or "what happened to your hair?"
>22 and I have a jason statham hairline
>its now painfully obvious that Im balding
>make a thread every couple of weeks
>always the same 2 answers
>people with full head of hair will tell you that people don't care or "just shave it bro"
>shave my head every other morning before I shower
>look in the mirror and feel like I just got robbed of my youth
>girls used to approach me
>can't sleep at night anymore
>put on a shit ton of weight
>winters have become bittersweet
>I've never worn a hat in my life before but during the winter I wear a hat every single day sometimes into the early days of spring "out of habit"
>talk to girls, sometimes bring them home
>we bang once and I never get a call back or anything afterwards
this fucking sucks /fa/ it came out of no where
no one in my family is bald or even receding and all I get are pity-fucks for 1 season every year
I haven't had a real relationship in almost 3 years
pic somewhat related, the style of hat I wear during the winter, looks good with my beard
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>eat right
>get fit
>dress well
>own it (whatever you end up doing with your bald head)

And shut the fuck up. Being bald isn't a death sentence anon there are plenty of bald men who are able to own the lookand move on. Look at dwayne Johnson or whatever he's the "sexiest man alive" and is bald as fuck
I knew a guy from my school who started balding at 14/15 I guess thats more depressing
>early 20s/late teens?

That's when Male Pattern Baldness usually starts, dude. That it starts when you're 35, or something, is mostly just a myth propagated by movies and TV.
If you get on Finasteride and Minoxodil ASAP you can probably hold it off from getting worse for a long time.

Minoxodil will kill your cats. Don't use minoxodil with cats in the house.
Finasteride may break your dick forever. But probably not.
There are other things too but I don't know how much they'll really do. Like saw palmetto, caffeine shampoo, cardio.
One time I saw a guy claiming male pattern baldness is your body trying to get more Vitamin D. Since if your scalp was bare more sun would shine down on it. He cited Scandinavians having higher rates of baldness and claimed someone with a shaved head getting lots of sun would never go bald. (aside from the artificial baldness of shaving their head)

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What are some redpilled choices for wristwatches?
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not le hipster vintage casio, that's for sure
if by redpilled you mean pol approved then get a seiko or similar if you're poor or an omega or similar if you're rich

don't buy meme brands like movado, hublot, etc

patek if you're pseudo nobility
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Do not listen to >>12435535

Casio is the only way to go.
File: obama_casio.jpg (122KB, 960x550px)Image search: [Google]
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This is now a casio inspo thread.

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Good general summer shoes? Im thinking white or mostly white w a good amount of comfort
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thoughts on pic related btw
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images (10).jpg
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chucks look dope but not great for walking in my experience and not best for people that arent skinnytall

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Grid thread
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There's already another one, but whatever.

Same speech : bbq season is back, with it it's share of Corona and the occasionnal cigaret
I don't think so
w2c shirt & shoes ?

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>born in black neighborhood
>can't afford Gucci, polo, trasher, Jordan, supreme etc

What are some cheaper clothes that I can afford to fit in with the blacks at around 30-50 a hoodie instead of 100-150. Something close to the cost of hollister maybe a little more expensive but more grown up

Some that came to mine were Nike, brand name replicas, maybe shitty rapper brand names, idk just anything but some Jc penny super savers collections or some shit
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>being poorer than blacks
>looking up to blacks

just kill yourself
it sounds like you just want cheap clothes for the sake of covering your body...
Cop some gildan and make a stencil and spray paint or bleach your own design.

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Hello, I've posted some of my work here before and gotten some suggestions. I applied those and worked on my color schemes and used much higher quality shirts. Results.
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I like this one. It looks really organic and not in your face like most other tiedye
I like it but mostly because its DIY, wouldn't buy it though.

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