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Hair General thread. Ask any and all questions about hair here.

Unless you're asking 'How do I ask the barber for this haircut'

Show him the fucking picture you autist
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Will the french crop be the next undercut? If not, what's the next trendy style getting ready for mass adoption?
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I'm gonna be growing my hair out as long as I can. The back and sides are way shorter than the top, as I had them kept short, but I'm gonna be growing it all out.

I'm gonna be taking Biotin, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Saw Palmetto, and I'm washing my hair with Caffeine and Keratin shampoo.

Any tips for keeping care of my hair, or anything else I should know?
Pic related is where it's out now.
Are there any decent cuts for straight thick hair that don't involve a fucking faggy fade? Shit is played out as hell

No fashion watch shitter questions edition

This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-autism and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch.

>Required Viewing For Newbies:

>Strap Guide:

Previous thread:
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just posting to say nomos/tag/fossil/movado all suck
any swatch-owned company and IWC

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Cop or not?
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I want them as well and I found a place in Toronto that sells them locally.

My only problem is what fits I would put this into. I don't have much techwear shit if any

Cop if cheap
Second this. They're nice enough, but they seem very niche. wait for a sale

uncommon tats edition
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Would look cool?

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Hello, dunno where else to post this but I need advice.

I have been scouted by 2 modelling agencies, but I have to do a modelling workshop with whatever one I choose which costs $$$.

The first one has guaranteed me representation, and they want me on board now - but their reputation is very questionable among other agencies, it is small, and the work is more commercial.

The other is a leading agency in my country, who represent international models (Saint Laurent etc etc). The owner said I have the height, the right looks, and the proportions, but before they can sign me they will have to see how i walk/look in digis.

They will both ultimately cost me money initially before I get work - but I am struggling which one to choose: a guaranteed signing, or a potential signing with a high end agency.

Which should I go for /fa/?
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Can you go for the potential signing and then go for the guaranteed signing if you fail?

I could - my only reservation is that the potential one wont start the workshop for me until ~august which is some time away, whereas the guaranteed one wants me now.

I guess if they want me bad enough, they can wait a few months?


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How the fuck do you dress effay in the summer when it's too hot to wear most things?
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By having a good body and letting it do the work.
I plan on getting a champion sweater and cutting it so it its right at my waist so it's like half a crop top. I see Summer as a good time to wear cropped pants or wear flannels or dress shirts unbuttoned (As long as you're not fat)
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this is the only thing I wear durnig summer

Any cheap version on ebay or ali, of this furoshiki shoes?
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these are terrible op
idk they look good
do they really

Thoughts on this hoodie?
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Actually know the guy who designs this stuff, hes a friend
Hes a little autistic but managed to set up a pretty succesful brand at age 18

Pic related is another classmate

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What kind of trousers does mac demarco wear?
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They seem comfy af

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Hi /fa/

First time here so bear with me.

I wanna buy one of these CP Company goggle jackets - don't ask me why or criticize my choice; it just needs to be done. However, I am worried that I'll drop some obscene amount of money on the thing and it'll turn up and simply not fit. Does anyone have any experience with the sizing of these things, or any experience with these jackets at all? Alternatively if anybody knows anywhere in Sydney where they stock them, so I can get a feel, I'd love to know. Or just any particularly good shops in Sydney.
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>I wanna buy [...] CP
Hi, yes they stock these in stanwick st down near harbour. Saw these there couple of weeks ago, shop is Eton or something like that
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>/fa/ "humour"

Katy Perry and Galliano need to die.
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damn that looks fucking bad.
Galliano's always been shite
better than last year

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Im aware theres a manlet thread going but what about /fit manlet /fa/? I have no idea what to wear pls halp
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why do your feet looking like fucking potatoes
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get lower body fat
get a tan
get rid of your body hair
fat thighs

Is there any better feeling?
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Bussin' a FAT nut
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>he thinks Australia post actually delivers on time
yes... when it says DELIVERED

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Catalogue is going to shit again. Let's have a milspo thread.

Old school milspo (read: World war era) and more modern ones are equally welcome.
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Any denim aficionados here?

I want to go full denim... I NEED TO GO FULL DENIM!
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back to /r/rawdenim you vile pos
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onitsuka tiger.jpg
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You also need some denim Onitsukas to go with those socks
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