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How did /a/ react to Toradora when it was airing?
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Like this.

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Which Sento is the best?
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Is she the pinnacle of anime girl design? not talking personality just in general is she the hottest anime chick?
This one.
The first one.

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Finished Google translating Chapter 2 and 3.
Will back link to Prologue and Chapter 1 at the end of the dump.

Chapter 2: Tide of Battle
"── Kuu!"
Night. The entrance was wide open and Kotori who came home ran and dove straight to and punched him in the gut.
Shido who was totally shocked was sent flying into the living room.
"What are you doing, Kotori ... ...!"
"That’s what I want to ask! Do you understand? If you lose, you will die!”
"... I understand, but that situation ..."
Kotori made a hun sound with her nose, and irritated scratched her head.
"Oh, I already know that I am forced to take the story of Kurumi, that I can understand with my head, but then my idiot brother as usual who doesn’t think of himself ...!
"Hey, are you ... ...."
And when Shido raises himself with a sweat hanging on his head, Kotori turned her thumb towards him.
"... What ... What the heck"
"Our one return shot ... ... It was a misfire in the support role to where Shido was forced to make a decision because the communications were disrupted "
"Hey hey ... ...."
Shido made a troubled face. Kotori occasionally sometimes puts on her such a serious manly face.
I think that it is one of Kotori’s good point, but I cannot afford to hit anything at all. An older brother is sweet to her sister. However, it was not Kotori’s fault that she could not support me, I felt like I couldn’t leave Kotori in a negative attitude.
Shido took a deep breath and then he stood up on the spot and faced Kotori.
"...... It cannot be helped. It is really nice, Kotori"
"Yes, please come."
Kotori spreads her hands open to show she is unprotected.
Shido breathed quietly ─ ─
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Shido quickly inserted both hands to the side of Kotori, and moved my fingers violently with Kocho Kocchochocho .......
"Wait a minute ... wait ... .... Ahah, ahahahahaha huh!"
Kotori twists and raises laughter with suffering. After a relentless tickle, Kotori who fell down on the sofa, starting tapping the hand with pan pan
"Well, well, let's keep this going."
"That’s not fair Shido...
Shido was acting in a playful manner, Kotori who got tired of laughter, raised a weak voice while gasping for a breath.
"── Shido, I’m coming in!"
The door was instantly opened and all the girls entered the house.
Tohka and Origami, who went to the neighboring apartment and the house for clothes, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Yoshino, Natsumi, who came along with it, and Nia and Miku who live in the city at home, Ratatoskr's inspector, also Mukuro, comes in with a crowd. Perhaps Kotori was calling everyone to talk about today's events.
And, there seems to have seen the appearance of Shido and Kotori in the living room. Everyone was surprised I make my eyes round.
"Well, Kotori is lying on the sofa making her body wiggle with tears eyed!”
"... Well, what was this? What happened?"
"Oh no, this is ... ...."
When turning to that, Shido tried to explain the circumstances to some spirits who started giving him an evil look.
But, Kotori got herself up a moment earlier and she grabbed Yuzuru tightly. By the way it was Miku that stood nearest, but she passed through with brilliant steps.
"Fuah! Everyone ...... Shido is ... ...!"
And while imitating casual crying, she filled her face into Yuzuru’s chest. From seeing Kotori in an unprecedented state, the spirits gazed at Shido with a stunning expression.
"Well then, what did you do for Kotori !?"
"It’s alright, Kotori, it’s okay now."
"Okay, sorry sorry boy, are you bothered somewhere?"
The spirits come up with intriguing reactions. Shido instinctively turned his voice down.
"Wait a moment, it is different! This is ... ...!"
"Suspicion. What is different?"
"No, that's what Kotori says,"
And then, Shido rocked his shoulders. Kotori was only saying "Shido", and nothing was spitting out.
At the moment, Kotori hugging to touch the Yuzuru looked at the direction of Shido and the lady, and gradually makes a grin.
"Wow, you plotted, Kotori!"
"What are you talking about! You are passing on responsibility to Kotori!”
"Is that okay, Kotori-san? ..."
"A~n! Just Kotori-san isn’t fair!"
"So it is sisters. Is it sisters? It was worthwhile preparing documents for adoption. Onii-chan”
"That last part, have you finally become weird?”
In the voice of everyone who was deprived from the mouth, blame and envy with no demand, Shido raised a scream-less voice.

── It was around ten minutes after the incident.
Kotori who could not bear it anymore ended up laughing and explained the circumstances to everyone.
Incidentally, by the way, during that incident, some of the clothing worn by Shido was missing somehow, but in the end the criminal was not caught. To be exact, there were three suspects, but no tails on them were found.
It is later discovered that all suspects at this time were conspiring, and it will be called 1, 2, 9 incident ... but that is another story.
"... That's why"

Saying, Kotori who finished the explanation looks around the spirits who have settled down in the living room. Yoshino and Natsumi turned out to be throbbing with a little nervousness. However, that wasn’t unreasonable. Kotori talked about not only the trouble of Shido and Kotori. The fact that the Tokisaki Kurumi called the worst spirit appeared in school. And that ─ ─ Kurumi has challenged Shido to a game.
Of course, Tohka, Origami, Yamai sisters were at school and the sound was also heard from <Fraxinus>, so I knew the detailed circumstances, but other people who do not attend Raizen High School did not. Thinking of the future and think that you should explain the circumstances to everyone.
"Please be careful for a moment, because the purpose of Kurumi is the spiritual power of the spirit, the possibility of appearing before everyone cannot be called zero."
"Yes, ... ...."
".... OK, I will not leave home."
Kotori smiles wryly at Natsumi holding a knee with a scary appearance.
"No, I will not say that much ... but for the moment, <Ratatoskr> but keep on guard."
Then the little girl sitting next to it - Mukuro cried a small voice like a groan.
"Hmm ... ... but I do not understand"
Says Mukuro while tilting her little head with a cute gesture. Her long blond hair covered the surface of the sofa. At one time, Shido was lightly cutting the tip of the hair the other day, but still the brilliant hair boasted the longest among the spirits.
"Request the spiritual power of the spirit ... Well, that is good, what is it that you are trying to do with that spiritual power, but what is that Kurumi’s purpose of having spiritual power itself?"
"That is……"
As I was told, Shido made a growl.

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Is it ok to have bath with your oneesan?
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Why wouldn't it be?
Is it really a normal thing in Japan? What a fucked up country.
You wish you could bathe with you're oneesan. Don't lie.

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Did /a/ forget about this show already?

Demon Guri is way better than cupid Guri. She should have stayed in her demon form.
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Good taste anon. For once OP is not a fag.
I want her to sit on my face

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Is Saitama a Marty Stu/Mary Sue Archetype?
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Only if you don't know what that means.
Nah, he's a gag character.
You don't even know what that means.

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Why don't anime ever have subtitles for the english dub? It's really jarring when trying to watch a dub with subs (for hearing impaired purposes) and the subs don't match up with the words the characters are saying.
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>watching dubs
Fuck off.
>watching dubs at all
>being deaf and watching anime
Fuck off

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It collapsed under the animation.
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Okay plebs, it's time to whip em out.
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not rating you
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Gomen gomen
Goddamn, this one gets uglier with each update.
This one's pretty spicy.

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What went so right?
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is this chuunishit? i saw a bit of the beginning and it read like badly written overly sentimental chuunishit.
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It's philosophyshit. It's good even if it goes over your head though.
One of the best VNs out there, so happy it finally got translated. Unfortunately, this is a title that starts off pretty weak. The whole entire first chapter is pretty much a waste of time, and is only interesting after you have read the whole VN and then reread it. There are lots of cool cryptic clues in CH1 but they only have value in a rereading. They were designed to go over the players head in a first reading.

CH 2 (Down the Rabbit Hole 2) is where things start to get really interesting. What makes Suba Hibi so great, is the way it expands on perspectives. With each new perspective you unlock (Every chapter after CH 2 is played from a unique character's perspective), you understand the significance of things you neglected in previous character perspectives. And then it gets to the point where the plot twist in Jabberwocky is genuinely one of the best executed plot twists I have seen, as it completely warps your understanding of the situation of everything thus far. And after Jabberwocky things just get more and more interesting, culminating in the End Sky 2 (the final ending), which will just completely shatter your understanding of everything.

After End Sky 2, you will then return to CH 1 and actually find a lot of useful answers in that chapter.

Unfortunately, the VN does have problems with pacing. CH 1, while quite rewarding in a second reading, is boring AF the first time around. Ch3 drags on too long, CH 4 felt a little unimportant but thankfully was short. If you give SubaHibi an honest chance (and I can understand the temptation to drop it all too well), it will truly not disappoint.

Anyway, I'm just really happy that this is finally translated. It has been one of those VNs that I wanted to recommend to people, but couldn't unless on the off chance they new Japanese.

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Um so... if you don't mind my asking, why do you keep checking your watch?
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my feet hurt and im hungry
Man I just watched Death not for the first time. Really went downhill after L died. Also she was a great character and deserved more screen time
I'm trying to politely show you that I don't have time for your shit. I have better things to do than talk with girls.

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Hey /a/, your favorite stand is Diver Down,
Whats yours?
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Diver Down
Diver Down, apparently.
Diver Down

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How does it feel knowing that this ordinary 16 year old girl is physically stronger than you?
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But no. I lift and I run.
How does it feel having scat taste?
Letting myself beaten by her =/= physically stronger than me.

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What did you think of kara no kyoukai /a/?
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i want a piece of dat boipucci
I love Shiki.
Haven't read/seen her but I hear she's even more of a fucking Mary Sue than her cousin is

Nasu-verse is so fucked he really needs to chill out on fucking OP mc's

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Chapter out
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