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Lalatina is too fat.
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I want to do nasty non-gentle things to Lalatina.
Usually I'd call you a faggit but this is Dorkness we are talking
But that's muscle.

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Spoiler out. Looks like the connection between Arthur and Escanor is clear now.

I'll go myself!!
Then I will take Camelot back!!


Are you a fool or what!? There aren't just the demons swarming in the castle… There's also Zeldris of the Ten Commandments!? You know, the most powerful and most wicked executioner of the Demon clan!!?
*Ow ow*
I'll manage if I take even "that" back.

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Holy Sword
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It won't budge…
So it's the magic sword that gives its strength to the ones it chose…
No… this differes from the Demon magic altogether… Then-
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…what did you say? Hundred people got killed?

You're unable to comprehend who beat them yet!?

Honestly, what an incompetent bunch…!!
Alright, move back!!

So the death god whose identity is perfectly unknown has been the one landing a surprise attack on us every day.
Hmpf… What an utterly foolish action… I will be the one teaching them in person…

My representant… my son…

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>Japanese 'comedy'
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DMC is pretty funny yeah.
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That's quite the achievement.

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Would you honestly date Megumi?
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>Would you date this 12 year old
I don't they think I'm allowed.
I would if it wasn't illegal to date 12 year olds.
that's marrying, not dating.

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Thoughts on this? Season 3 literally never?

Can someone explain to a brainlet what Iroha and Hayato actually want?
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Season 3 will happen, Watari is being forced to extend the novels
There is a +100k word analysis that will answer most of your questions.
I'll bet it doesn't.

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This show is a goddamn masterpiece
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I hope the next episode isn't the last one though
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Sayaka is pretty much the only straight man, isn't it? everyone else is some kind of aho
Sayaka is pretty much the only normal person in the show

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So after these three Abortions, will America finally stop trying?
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At least GitS had the casting mostly right

Still not sure how they managed to fuck up the script so badly
Battle Angel Alita next year
Akira has been in development hell so maybe some asshat director will pick it up
I'm going to say that the Netflix version of Death Note should just be considered its own thing because it is pretty much nothing like the original.

Would you raise these kids?
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I want to raise kids of these kids
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I'd "raise" them
I'd raise them into prostitutes.

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>21 years old
>still wearing that kind of outfit
sasuga Rory Mercury

no, wait

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Just so you know, Vanishing Line is actually a Garo series.
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The new PV was cool as fuck. Too bad I wasn't that aware of Vanishing Line in the first place since it would've been a better surprise that it turned out to be a motherfucking new Garo anime.
Nice, thought it would be a movie or something but looks like its a tv series.
I was pretty interested in it before, maybe now I should get around to watching those other two seasons of Garo. And maybe the live action stuff eventually Otherwise I'd probably be lost

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This show has turned into such a fucking waste.

So she runs into Chad from middle school, completely leaves her boyfriend just sitting there while she prattles on endlessly and needlessly to said Chad, and expects Jun to not feel at least a little bit insulted when she finally acknowledges his presence? He finally fucking snaps, a combination of his own inexperience and insecurities and the constant stream of unnecessary bullshit he has to deal with just to be in a relationship with this chick. (Granted, most of it isn't her fault, but this one was. Big time.) Pushed too far, he finally finds the nerve to tell her exactly what's on his mind, and suddenly he's the bad guy. Not only to her, but to her friends, who jump down his throat and blame HIM for the issue - going as far as to call him the selfish one. HE wasn't the one blowing off his girlfriend to go hang with some girl he knew in middle school, without so much as asking her how she felt about it or inviting her along.

I like how Yame always seems wise and observant enough to know exactly what's going on with people at any given time, but can't seem to get the hint when her boyfriend is uncomfortable and might not be anywhere near as worldly as she is. When it's something she wants, suddenly she's a fucking dim bulb without a shred of empathy. She's like the gyaru version of the annoying male MC who just casually drops "nani?" every time he hears something he'd just rather pretend wasn't said.

So what's the big reveal going to be? Shithead Chad has already shown his true colors by the end of the episode. So what now? She was aware of it the whole time? Then why even associate with him? He's actually gay and all that bullshit at the restaurant is just a front because he doesn't want to come out to his friends, but Yame's known for years? C'mon, what's it gonna be? Something that's going to piss me off further, no doubt.
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>Watches this hilariously bad show
>Complains about how bad it is on /a/
What's the problem?
He probably meant "Babbies first MISUNDERSTANDINGS show"

But your right except for the part where you chose to watch the show.

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Season 2 when?
pa ra me e ta

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Who said she can't get cuter?
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>tfw Carol will never slowly die in a fire
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bags under eyes.png
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All that crying did a number on her

>No DVD release. No BD release. Only rare "rental only" VHS exists.
>Anime only covers 1/3 of the manga

What the fuck happened? Why was this show cancelled? Isn't DQ a powerhouse franchise in japan? How come there have been no revivals, OVAs, remakes. NOTHING. It makes no sense to me.
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Based anime.
DQ sells itself.
It's not that unusual for old/new animes to only cover a part of the manga. Also this badly needs some HD release, fansubs only cover 24 out of 46 eps, and the quality is VHS-tier.

>How come there have been no revivals, OVAs, remakes. NOTHING

There was actually a movie and the only release has a fantastic 240p quality.

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I haven't played the VN and I've only seen the last half of UBW bu from threads on /a/ it seems like she really really REALLY hates her sister, but why?
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Coping method. She's not her sister anymore, she's the heir of a rival mage family.
You would be mistaken
Everybody hates ol wormy

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