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does your waifu or husbando do well in school?
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>having a waifu that's still in school
It's tough having a neet for a waifu, I know that feeling too anon.
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I have multiple waifus per show. I have no shame

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>Oh yeah these girls are totally straight
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Straight adolescents.
Kill yourself.
There's literally nothing wrong with that.
That's just two straight girls showing a lot of skinship you deluded yurifag.

What am I in for?
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A pace as slow as a river of shit followed by forced edge.
A good time if you like bad choices having consequences.
Some really cool worldbuilding and fun adventures in a not-so-fun place. At first everything is kinda bright and cheery but things always seem sort of "off" and then at one point things start going terribly wrong.

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Because Sunday must be occupied.
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Hello friends. My Sunday is occupied with being sick in bed.

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How about a manga 3x3
>the "I'm a millennial who was introduced to anime by Adult Swim but still pretends my taste is superior" starter pack

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ITT Characters that are literally you
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Me in the middle
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This anime is a disgrace.
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Chiaki > Konoha > Aguri > Nina >>> Karen
one of the best anime of the year desu

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>Bodyguard with weapons skills
>Pure virgin
>Actually treats Raku like a friend and not some sex doll

Why couldn't best girl tomboy win?
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Because she was actually worst girl and you have shit taste.
because she was unfortunately written to always be second girl no matter what. it would have been too out of character to have her 'betray' shitoge

at least she's got best doujin
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>Say you want to kiss
>Go for the kiss
>Chicken out at the last possible moment
What's the point?
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To drag out the story in the most pathetic way possible.
Why does a company like viz, who's done manga and shit for years, still use JPEGs to save pages? I downloaded the last few chapters from goddess and they make fucking Jamini's Box's release look good.

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Its time for another shieldbro chapter!
In other news: Spear hero gaiden: Yari no yuusha no yarinaoshi vol 1 is releasing this 25th in japan.
Manga chapter one released in comic walker past august 21. Hopefully someone will pick it up!
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>Nanachi is generally presumed to be female, but her gender and sex are never explicitly stated, and when talking about herself Nanachi uses the gender-neutral pronoun "oira."

What would you do if the fluffy bunny was a boy all along?
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fuck it
Absolutely nothing.
There's pretty much no way she'd be a boy. Fuck off.

Why can't normalfags into tanks?
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Actually planes are the most normie thing ever.

Now trebuchets - this is what truly great and unique.
Who /submarines/ here?
>can shoot down planes but the planes can't shoot back
>can blow up a boat without being spotted
>immune to tanks
Truly the pinnacle of military vehicles
because normals are normal and not autistic

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Could this have been better if it was made into a series and actually had time to develop the characters/plot?
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Nope, the whole concept was fucked up and there's no time in the world that can fix a project that was fucked in the early development stages.
>netflix original series.

The modern equivalent of "straight to DVD" Anime fans didn't want this shit, DN fans didn't want this shit, and neither did mainstream television.
The west really just needs to keep their fucking stupid paws off anime in general when it comes to adaptations(similar to how we don't need horror remakes because they're all shit but they get made anyway.)

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>The only senior member with a basic education is the smartest one and the only voice of reason
>The adults are either spineless pussies or completely ignored when they point out how retarded the uneducated urchins are acting

As soon as Biscuit died, they were pretty much fucked, because Orga is mentally retarded and completely incapable of understanding the very simple concept of quitting while ahead. By the end of season 1, they literally had everything they could have wanted. All they fucking had to do was take it slow and grow their business naturally for a few years.

Instead, Orga had to throw a bunch of shit fits and get overly ambitious because he's high on winning.
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Its quite fucking sad that you care so much about this piece of shit long after people stopped caring.
Biscuit was based you shitlord. Kill yourself..
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haha, what an ingenious tsukkomi my friend


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Stories where a vengeance goes too far.
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Someone post the radio show about the guy and the bully's mom.
Based Roba-chan is /ourguy/.

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It's out and it's coming for you.
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