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"wow that last made in abyss episode was so shocking i'm gonna have nightmares tonight"
Seriously? Why is the anime community full of fags?
There's no horror anime, anime can't and will never be scary.
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not anime but here's the obligatory webtoon comics:
I've seen worse, but I'm just a complete pussy when it comes to seeing characters suffer that way.

Oddly enough I've see people with mangled limbs in real life and it didn't bother me.

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Going to be translating from mobile because I can't get out of bed. May take slightly longer than usual.
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>It's hot~
>Hey, Takagi-san
>Since it's so warm out
>how about we go down to the river?
>Should we?
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>Thinking of facing off against me using rock skipping or something?
>I don't have a single clue what you're talking about...
>If you want to win against me so bad
>Then how about we say you win if you can hold my hand?

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So now that the dust has stteled, I think we can all agree that Naruto was a fun time. But, who is /yourguy/

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>I think we can all agree that Naruto was a fun time
Speak for yourself.
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>I think we can all agree that Naruto was a fun time

Fair enough, if you didn't enjoy it I can't make ya. It was good though, you missed out if you skipped it because it was hated by loud mouths.

What's your favourite show that will never get the recognition it deserves?

Mine is Samurai Flamenco. Fuck you if you haven't seen it.
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SF killed manglobe. Sasuga.
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This was a great buddy cop series with the best bromance I've seen in a long time. The anime didn't do well since the nips have shit taste, but at least the LN is consistently putting out hype as fuck volumes that sell decently.
Medaka Box
We never got to properly see the two super meta characters in the anime. I like to imagine that Ajimu would have taken the plot for a wild deviation from the manga due to having already read the manga and wanting something new to happen

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If, and this is talking purely hypothetically, by some absolute miracle a Tsukihime remake were to come into exist, what would you want to see out of it?

Of course, it'll never happen, but we all like "what-ifs" around here, right?
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FGO tie in which actually will happen since Nasu said there will be a minor subplot in the Tsukihime that connects to FGO in time for the crossover
Well it was already hinted at in the recent Melty Blood manga. The Lev of Tsukihime's world committed suicide before his Flauros personality fully awakened, thus saving that world from the fate of the others.

It seems that Archetype:Earth may play some sort of role in as well, as well as the Twenty-Seven Dead Apostles whose roles are "those who oppose human history" and stand opposite of the Heroic Spirits.
I kinda want a map of the mansion. Apparently, Takeuchi actually made a 3D model of the building.

There's not a single good thing about this studio.
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Animation and quality control is top tier, no creativity at all though.
Their animation is some of the best youll find on TV. I hate the studio, but even I have to give them 90/100+ on animation every time I score one of their shows. So saying that they have nothing to offer is retarded. Their writing and audio direction are absolute bin tier, though. At least for 80% of the shit they made.

Your picture also isnt accurate at all. Its the subtle details that make those characters look different. That doesnt look like Yui at all, for example.
Mirai and Rikka are cute.

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2017 had/will have many great movies, but you're looking at the MOTY right now.
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This is the anime equivalent of Oscarbait.
Is that Hitagi?
A flick.

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ITT: Anime with narrow appeal that contrarians pretend to like
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Unnecessarily convoluted but good
There isn't a better example for this than Angel's Egg
True story every single person I've ever known who loved Lain was a tranny.

I don't know what this means.

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>that one time a studio stopped giving a fuck and used geometrical shapes for enemy designs
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shut up nerd
What you see of Remiel is pretty much a ship/machine for the actual angel inside it, it has remains and they are all mechanical.
It's someone masturbating with basic geometrical formulas.

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>Most of /a/ in 2017 hasn't even seen 100 shows
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I haven't seen more than 30 animes and I still know how to talk about it better than most of you.
What constitutes as a show? Why would I watch a thousand shows if shows are at least 12eps long?
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i only have 55

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ITT: underrated asspulls
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How was it an asspull?
I don't understand how people like this mangaka. I read his shit and they're all "AND NOW I SUDDENLY HAVE A NEW POWER!". People get mad at asspulls but love this guy for some reason.

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Will Akari ever realize that she isn't living with a vampire?
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Wait for the anime adaption.
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More what?
And when is it?

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Tauburn, is that you?

I guess it's okay since no one watched Star Driver anyway.
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>no one watched Star Driver
What the literal fuck are you saying? KIRABOSHI was all over the place.
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Current general opinion is that it sucked
The sexiest

Why the fuck is the "camera" in this show always at a 45 degree angle? Is it the optimal angle for religious worship?
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muh Dutch angles
It's to prepare you visually for all the wackiness that this show entails.
Names keep being wrong.

DomEnica, not DomInica.

Giovanni Baffi, not Giuvanni Buffi.

Also, what kind of surname is Venninuanvi?
Teresa and Carlo having the same surname while not being related is actually relatively common, though-

What happened to elves? They used to be good.
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The cock happened.
They never recovered.
no one ever does
Instead of people viewing them as forest elves they became cock sleeves
What happened to noses? They used to be good.

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