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Shaft is getting overloaded

3-gatsu no Lion 2 (22eps)
Fate/Extra (January
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Have them create an anime version of La Dolce Vita.
Teach them how to schedule.
>Fate/Extra (January

Did Shaft's hitmen get you in the middle of your post, or what?

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Which one, /a/?
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the one whose not ashamed to have her breeding body on display
Far Right, like my favorite men.

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ITT: """Villain""" who unironically did nothing wrong
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He killed two innocent people and knowingly put others in danger though?
>It's supernatural and there are no laws which clearly define murder via supernatural means so it's completely fine
If this logic worked, anime literally couldn't have criminals. Also he's a kidnapper.
He got caught

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>Ep 10: 29m

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Well shit, it's only airing right now? HS's schedule made me fear for the worst.
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It's airing now.
New OP visuals yet or no?

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How is he gonna write himself out of this one?
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He won't. This will get axed soon and he'll make that IB remake that he wants so much. I mean it's pretty obvious he lost interest in this series already.
Dropped if nothing happens
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>This will get axed soon
Hahaa. I've got to bad news for you sunshine.
Please please please

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>Se~ no!
>Ichi nii san Hai!
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how the fuck did you know i was jamming to yuru yuru season 3 ed just now?

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She exists as a fictional character beyond fiction and controls events just as a creator would.

If something tries to attack her, she just deletes any chance that it would ever harm her. She is simultaneously the author and protagonist and anything that she believes the audience won't accept is eliminated. She wields the power of a creator in a world of creations.

And not even other creators can stop her, a near exact copy was made of her by illustrators and light novel authors and she simply absorbed it, making herself unimaginably more powerful.

Will anything short of Miyazaki descending from the heavens stop Altair?
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The cock.
>a near exact copy was made of her by illustrators and light novel authors and she simply absorbed it

They failed because they didn't really think things through and that fucked them up.
I believe in the power of the Holopsicon.

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I watched the OVA the other day and thought it was CUTE. Should I read the manga or watch the animu?

Also, best girl? Mero would probably be my choice, but for some strange reason I really like Rachnee. Even though I can't stand spiders IRL. She's just so pretty. Also snek is cute too. Shit everyone is cute. I want Suu to molest me, and Papi to pamper me.
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>Should I read the manga or watch the animu?
Yes. It's a fun read, and a decent adaptation, as long as you grab the BD versions.
Doesn't really matter which. You can just watch it uncensored and start reading the manga where the anime left.
Also am I not paying attention or have there been next to no threads for this series for the past few months?

>snail will never step on your face
Why live?

Gatari thread
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Gaen did nothing wrong
Can't argue with that.
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snail pantsu.jpg
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>she will never sit on your face

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He's right here
Man, Adlet's fighting style in the first episode was fucking interesting. I wish they hadn't immediately left all of society to be around a cast of 7 characters with all plot occuring around that.

I also wish Passione would do this kind of genre adaption again instead of what they've been doing recently.
I just wish the nips had actually watched this so it might have had a chance at a second season.

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Everyone's favorite set of thighs is back
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>covering up nipples with moonrunes
Is there a greater injustice?
Anon I have bad news for you
>no thigh gap, just inner thighs rubbing up against each other

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Does any other anime even come close?
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I hope the remake doesn't kill Kircheis
after reading the novels up to the part where he died, Kircheis dying made perfect since

he was too much of a gary stu. Reinhard has mental issues and Yang has no sense of the word "proactive" but Kirchies has high charisma, strategic and tactical genius, stronger than his peers, and was basically Reinhard's moral compass. It made sense why, despite winning everything everyone said "if only Kirchies was here we would win everything moreso"

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Whose breasts did Shinji wish for right before instrumentality began?
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His mom's.
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The breasts in the image are framed by long hair.
Yui's hair was short.
Although I guess it's possible that in her soul's opinion it 'grew' while she was inside 01.
I don't think so though. It's someone else's breasts.
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Also, it's interesting that Yui's hair is red in this scene.

In the middle of the series, a discussion happens on the car radio where someone talks about a dependency disorder in which a male requires of his partner that she functions as a mother as well.

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Did you already forget about this show, /a/?
Also, Kirukiru a best
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Saaaaatori and her sex voice is best
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Never, show of spring 2k17 if we forget about re creators
Regina della farfalla!

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We've seen NHK best anime poll which covered the japanese popular vote.
Now in celebration of 100 years of anime, shinchosha prepared a poll with 30 Japanese anime critics, each voted for what they consider the best anime of the last 100 years.
This is the result:

1- / 14 votes
Neon Genesis Evangelion(1995)

2- / 11 votes
Mobile Suit Gundam(1979)

3- / 9 votes
Space Battleship Yamato(1974)

4- / 8 votes

5- / 7 votes
Kumo to Tulip(1943)
Astro Boy(1963)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica(2011)
In This Corner of the World(2016)

6- / 6 votes
Castle in the Sky(1986)

7- / 5 votes
Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer(1984)
Grave of the Fireflies(1988)
Your Name(2016)

8 / 4 votes
Legend of the White Snake(1958)
Space Runaway Ideon(1982)
Revolutionary Girl Utena(1997)
The End of Evangelion(1997)
Spirited Away(2001)
Voices of a Distant Star(2002)

9 / 3 votes
Wanpaku Ōji no Orochi Taiji(1963)
The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots(1969)
Heidi, Girl of the Alps(1974)
Future Boy Conan(1978)
My Neighbor Totoro(1988)
Patlabor 2: The Movie (1993)
Mind Game(2004)
The Tale of the Princess Kaguya(2013)

So, /a/ do you think this is a better ranking than the NHK one?
Did you're favorite anime made it to the list?

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Nips have shit taste, as per usual
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>no kyoanus anywhere to be seen

will they ever recover?
Its better than the last poll posted.

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