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what the fuck
how did a japanese animation company get a swiss claymation
is pingu that popular in japan?
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Maybe its to bait nostalgia
The "this gaijin show has Japanese fans" started pack

South Park
Powerpuff Girls
Happy Tree Friends
is pingu really so well known in japan

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Why was this show so great?
And why is it never talked about anymore?
Tanya best girl from 2017
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Dropped it after a few episodes and just fapped to the doujins instead
it attract shitposters from unwanted boards.
Because every time a thread was made, nobody put the shows name in threads first post.

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Love Live Sunshine Season 2
[email protected] Cinderella Girls Theater Days
[email protected] SideM
Aikatsu Stars

Idol Time PriPara
Wake Up Girls Season 2 (Season 3 if you count the movie duology as S2)


This will be the First Season when all three of the Big 3 have assembled their Main Shows.

Which Idol Anime will you be watching in the 9th Idol War?
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Love live as always.

Tried [email protected] many times but the characters are just not for me.
[email protected] SideM.
Hoping it will be better than Cinderella Girls.
Aikatsu and PriPara. Same as every season.
Sunshine was shit, and I've just never got around to [email protected]

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Make your choice, /a/.
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>severe case of brocon
>haughty attitude
>you are the housewife
Those aren't cons at alll. Horikita is perfect.
Honestly it's either Ichinose or living the bachelor life.

All the other girls seem either high maintenance, bitchy, or helpless. Too much hassle for the 50% life.
I dunno, anyone of them is fine with me. Karuizawa is a bit of a normie cunt, at least from what I have watched, but yeah, I'd fuck her.

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And it keeps getting sexier
does that even count as a skirt
No. Her "dress" is now just a shirt.

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Worst girls all eating a shit buffet, how appropriate.
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Vol2 Cover.jpg
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Here's the cover of the second volume.
Is this any good?
Haven't watched it yet
>know how much Koala likes poop
>still get in the car regardless
They brought it on themselves.

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kill me.jpg
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Shit show is shit.

EX episodes?

also is it legal if they somehow make it anime end after story as a hook for season 2?
Regardless of how you feel about it, you cannot deny the impact it has had on the industry.

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New KyoAni anime.
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>generic moe face
>high school
>oversaturated lighting
Yup, it's KyoAni all right.
Another highschool moe filled with stock footage and filters

Call me when they had some actual writting
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Gyarus are girls!
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Tomo-chan wa gyaru
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Tomo please!
Is tomo sad because Carol kissed Jun before her ?

Is she asking the gyarus for love advice ?

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Is this the single best episode of the year? I mean, it had incredible animation, and amazing OST, very well paced, had the right amount of epicness and emotion into it, it's crazy.
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Meme all you want about the show, but Shingeki no Kyojjin season 2's 6th episode was easily the best episode of the year.
Episode 7 was better because it was hype from start to finish, not only in the last scene
Ep 7 was brilliant but it had a weaker usage of OST in comparison to 6. 6 had the best direction, usage of music and one of the most fantastically executed reveals I've seen in anime to date. This is coming from someone who thought season 1 was overrated to fucking bits too.

The amount of times I rewatched that scene alone for the music, god damn.

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Saving one turns the other into a witch. There is no Godmode Madoka so no redemption. Pick
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>Not posting the superior animated versiom
Save Madoka, if you chose Homura she'd just kill herself right after because no Madoka.
Madoka; it's what Homura would want.

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does anyone here ironically likes SAO?

What's your opinion on it?
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I unironically like it. All these faggots screaming "muh plot" and "muh gary sue" just can't appreciate a fun show in an interesting world
It's first half and GGO were good.
Only YouTube hate bandwagoners think it's genuinely bad. (Digibro is cancer)
FUCK THIS JESUS CHRIST,NARUTO COMPARED TO THIS IS A SHAKESPEARE,my nipa this shit it´s so boring,tedious,repetitive,hentai,romance edgy teen,sword tedious,nobody dies,forced powers,friendship not detailed and all others problems.

>episode 9 of Hajimete no gyaru

Did Yukana really just flirt with Chad in front of MC? Did she really just give MC the cold shoulders the whole day? Did she really get caught on her date with Chad when she said she was hanging out with her old classmates? Did every girl in this series just made him feel like more shit and saying its his fault when really it wasn't?

Why is 3DPD shit in my anime? I was told this was a good harem series but all I got was bullshit women do in real life.
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>gals are shit
More news at 11.
It's his fault for being unable to trust his girlfriend
Spoken like a true cuck.

What order am I supposed to watch this shit in?
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I watched it in chronological and then the movie and it was fine
the other orders seem convoluted and you'll be confused as shit for the first several episodes
The movie is the best part of the whole series btw definitely watch that after
In the order it aired
in 2009
The answer is always release order.

Which Bakuon would you ride?
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The Suzuki
the old hag
>have ducatti representative
>still no KTM nee-san


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