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Am I the only Symphogear fan attracted to Yukine Chris?
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>There are people who don't like Chris
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Chris has always been sexy as fuck.

Mimiko cleans up nicely.
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I haven't seen the episode yet, but after her last couple of episodes she's one of my favorite idle times.
Ramen car.
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Is this /u/?

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She needs a shower.
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Loli sweat smells like cotton candy
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>Madara's Katon Goka Mekyaku that nearly killed half the alliance is a B-rank technique
>Kakashi's Lightning Cutter which can't kill anyone properly is an S-rank technique

nice logic
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shit is like power levels in DBZ
best to not even mention it
The technique itself is not so advanced, it's just power of user here matters
well it depends on how much chakra you put on it

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Get in
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Would you /a/?
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Is this a homestuck
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Only if she doesn't melt my dick

What's the most useful Quirk shown if used in bed?

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Selamat pagi
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And a allahu akbar to you young lady
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anak anak
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everyone has shit taste edition
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theres no lain, logh, berserk, mushishi, tatami galaxy and nhk in my 3x3 faggot
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excellent taste patrician brother

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Chinese-made anime as about to get really interesting

>A scientist couple has been arrested for conducting illegal studies, allegedly for performing genetic modification on five of their children. The youngest child Dannis is the only one who grew up as a normal human and now has to tend to the rest of his family while trying to find a medicine to turn them into normal humans again.

>Dog human, plant gene, spiderweb gene, and mind reading–how will these family members who grew up in a laboratory survive in the outside world?!

Japanese DUBS when???
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>Japanese DUBS when???

If it will be there I could try this. Otherwise it's not a good listening experience
Hot damn, watched some Chinese anime, and every-time a character spoke I would cringe. Chinese does not lend itself well to animation.
>By the way sweetie we made you a dog hybrid freak because we're wacky scientists!
Literally asking for a columbine with this sort of premise

I bet it's a comedy too, Chinese genocide fucking when?

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How many episodes of anime do you watch daily?
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Roughly 0.5
7 on average but it's either watchigng an entire show in one sitting or watching new episodes seasonal anime

3, every night. usually airing stuff, filling in with backlog if there's not enough out that day.

would like to do more, but not enough time.

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>You're in the student council room when suddenly, this girl walks up to your waifu, slaps her ass and whispers 'KAKEGURUI MASHOU' in her ear
What would you do in this situation?
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Transfer to a good school like cromartie high
Is this show any good
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What if Yumeko is my waifu?

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she loves both equally i think.png
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do you prefer popsi or cock, /a/?
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Just coffee and tea and carbonated water on a hot day.
I prefer her saliva in my mouth

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>Worked with Kerry for his entire life
>Saved by him and his best assistant
>Has sexual relationship with Kerry and loves him
>Actually normal human being and not homunculus

Why the fuck didn't Kiritsugu just marry Maya after he saved her and live a normal life? They could've even found her rape baby and raised him like an actual competent son and not have to had dealt with Shirou's bullshit.
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Maybe that was his plan. Who knows?
He didn't love her though, he only had a physical relationship with her as "training" for killing Iri.
She was basically his way of reliving his days with Natalia, and she was a sort of proto-Shirou as well. It makes it even sadder, because he was the world to her, but to him, she was a way of redeeming himself.
Kiritsugu never recovered after Shirley died.

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>no thread

Cute Kukuri deserve lots of threads you baka.
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I think that every anime should have a background dancer at all times
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I think that no one anime should have a background dancer at any time

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How many of you primarily listen too anime/japanese music?
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animators ngaf.gif
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Pretty much exclusively.
82.38% of the 2945 people polled in the JCE Poll 48206.733 seconds ago primarily listen to anime/Japanese music.
If japanese music includes game music made by japs then 90% of the time. Western Game music has no melody it's just instruments playing. It's so boring.

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