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What is the best time loop?
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t. child
jojo part 4
>no Endless Eight
>no Rebuilds

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Just a few hours until the penultimate episode of AOTS. What do you expect for the last episode?
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>What do you expect for the last episode?
An episode that can top episode 8 but that might be too much to ask.
what was that again
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NTR the episode

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There is nothing wrong for wanting to be on top if the hierarchy. But if your going to do it while making the people around you you're enemies while they are the ones you also need to get there, that's a big problem.

I hope she gets her face punched in by the upcoming episodes. At least Chad was honest that he doesn't care. She's just bringing the class down because of her stupid pride.
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First for Kushida best girl.
is this anime any good? or even the LN which i will never read. but its good overall?
Whorikita a shit

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UBW 24 B.jpg
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You looking at him (her)
You already posted him. Shirou is best boy and best (house)husbando.

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I cannot lie. I was deeply irritated. I was staring at my screen for about 5 minutes frozen.
Also the ending was shit.
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So, something happened eventually?
I dropped it somewhere around Chapter 12 (I think) because so little happened.
The whole thing felt like this borderline autobiographical story written with way to little distance from the Author.
Without knowing anything about him i would bet money on it that he hadn't finish HS yet when he made it.
Ending was good, retard.
is it more like koe no katachi or oyasumi punpun or aku no hana irritation?

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People who claim they dislike anime are the same people who watched Pokémon or another mainstream anime on TV for 5 minutes, which gave them their decision.

Can /a/ prove me wrong?
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if you said "most people" I'd agree but the way you are wording is it's untrue
same for animey fans who dislike mechas nowadays
something along these lines could be said about people here who dislike 3d women despite not having any experience with them

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The Love Live killer is here
Starts airing in winter
Studio Troyca are in charge of production
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Director: Makoto Bessho(Shangri-La)
Supervisor: Ei Aoki
Series Composition: Ayumi Sekine
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>The Love Live killer is here
Fantastic way to start the thread.
>Side M starting in October then this in January.
It's a good time to be an idolfag.

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war and peace.jpg
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Why isn't there an anime adptation of pic related? It has lots of elements that the anime community love.

>beta MC
>loli princess
>retarded long plot
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Dont forget the action war scenes
>beta MC
Pierre only officially becomes MC after Andrei dies. Before that Andrei is MC and he's a total chad.
Yeah, especially considering Les Miserables had anime adaptation and that book is way less appropriate for children-oriented medium.

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What qualifies as good taste and why is it pick related? I think we can all agree that this is the state of mind that everybody should strive to reach.
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Good taste is watching despite "flaws" like not being popular, looking weird or silly, and not being an adaption of something.
I don't think that 3x3 is ideal.
I doubt, is there even any difference between OVAs from the 80s and 90s? I feel like it's too much of the same.
Your image also shows no iyashikei representation. I think you should add a slot for one of those. If you can't appreciate slow anime without comedy or action, you can't truly be said to have the highest taste.
>that pic
>this op
How many layers of irony are happening in front of me right now? I think I'm dying.

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...... squish

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>they call it Grand Blue Dreaming

What the fuck?

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Dreaming about the grand blue ocean
How romantic
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You make it sound like such a wholesome series.
File: grand_blue_helvetica32-33.png (1MB, 2248x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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for easy comparison from the last thread

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>Zero sold over 50k
>UBW sold over 30k
>meanwhile Aposhit got adapted by A-1 and is projected to sell at fucking 4k
What the fuck happened /a/? It feels like Apocrypha anime is just a throwaway Fate to advertise FGO.
How much Extra anime will sell at this rate?
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Well it's Shaft and Extra is actually liked
I tried Apo and dropped it at ep 2.
God, it was just so awful
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I'm glad. I hope neo-TM fails, despite how futile that hope is since people are fucking retarded and keep feeding into mobage.

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10 days left
Are you guys ready for the biggest shitstorm of the year?
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It'll be over after this, i wonder if i can move on and find something to fill the void.
Yui will win. They are made for each other.
If this is a troll I will find and kill you anon.

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thats right he let his love go with someone else
this was the past but welcome to the present a new breed of man who is passive and doesn't reproduce
>MC gets cucked in a kids show
Different times
It's just a fucking crush. Christ.

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I wanted to get into watching these series seeing that it's quite popular with getting 3 seasons. Is it actually good /a/? I liked Ushio and Tora, is this something alike?
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Same old Takahashi low budget comedy format as Ranma. Not bad actually. Will probably get 200+ episodes since there's so much source material.
that doesn't sound very appealing
Not like Ushio and Tora. The episodes for this are very one shot-y. If you like rumiko takahashi stuff you'll like it, but otherwise nah

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