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Would you rather have a Taiga route where you play as Shirou or where you play as Kiritsugu?
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Who the fuck cares about Kiritsugu?
Taiga, probably. I can't help but feel she'd be thinking about him while fucking Shirou.
I would rather play as Taiga.

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Chi no Wadachi: what will Mommy do?
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depends on what is in the letter
moms gonna freak
I think she'll at least try to kill Fukiishi. She'll play the "nice auntie" role to win her trust, but I don't think Fukiishi will fall for it.

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Remember me?
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>none of them ever fuck the MC
whats the point of harem genre?
I read this last week and I must say To Love Ru Darkness>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To love Ru
Mikan best girl
ive never heard of it. is it interesting?

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stardust crusaders stands.jpg.png
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>series changes genres halfway through
>never visits the old genre ever again
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>people think the entire series is good
>only the first and third parts of the series are decent at best
Parts 1 and 2 are the only ones with substance outside a couple scenes of 3 and 7. 2 is the only really creative one while the rest are only creative due to stands. Towards the end of Part 4 had the best artstyle in the series. Like the manga, only parts 1 and 2 of the anime are actually good
Fight me.

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ITT: improve a show by removing a main character
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Literally every show with a male lead
Afro Samurai
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Why does this show look like it was animated by ten people in a small apartment?
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Because it is, that's what makes it perfect.
Because it was animated by ten people in a small apartment.
Because the five people who worked on it worked twice as hard as normal animators.

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>both /co/ and /a/ are rejecting this trash already.
Will it be RWBY 2.0? Or will one of the boards actually acknowledge this shit?
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Yes, go to /trash/ where it belongs.
Try /jp/. All rejected trash belongs in there.
try /tv/, since its netflix

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Give me a reason to hate this film.
Of course nothing can top the original air and EoE but tell me why this right here it's supposedly "shit".
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It created more questions then what the preview promised to answer.
Eh, it's ok, at least anno tried something "different"
I could give you several, but regardless of how you criticize the lack of quality and believability in the flick, one major problem remains that's good enough reason for anyone to hate it:

It was never a serious attempt at film-making in the first place. I don't mean that it's commercial or simplistic, like e.g Marvel's super-hero movies. I mean that it's a series made for one reason and one reason only, to get the viewer to idolize the director's favorite characters from the original, and think less of those the director has a grudge against. It's otaku propaganda.

In my eyes, it doesn't even qualify as being a film, it's the lowest of the low in moving pictures. It's like porn that pretends it isn't porn, if you understand.

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How would you punish Homura for her sins?
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Homu did nothing wrong. She deserves to be loved tenderly.
Not buy the DVDs/ Blu rays.
Not much else you can do to a fucking cartoon.
What sins? Homura did nothing wrong.

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Why do people think he's black? Not only is he green, but he has a fuggin turban!
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Americans see the rest of the cast as white and are so conditioned to token negros in media that the implication seems very obvious to them.
>why do stupid people exist
I dunno maybe its the fluoride in the water
Mr. Satan is half black.

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watamote had a crossover with nico tanigawa New manga Trash, Four-Eyes, and Lit Chick (Fake).
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This is Real.
Hello anyone ?

>taking pictures of food
Absolute millennial cancer. I thought Aoba was better than this.
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Asians were doing that before it was trendy
You're a millennial you retard.
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You sound frustrated

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Overrated shit.
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ITT: Gay Op
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It wasn't until they learn that the author is actually a male.
Agreed, this piece of shit series is so overrated. Anime adaptation isn't even that good. All the characters faces looks the same except the hair.
Copy Paste Copy Paste Copy Paste Copy Paste they all look like shit.

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ITT: Just the stupidest shit
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why wouldn't he have died? the old man's plan wasn't based on medical reasoning. the obvious outcome is him dying from some untested procedure. i'm actually surprised the author had the gall to go with the obvious outcome
>Translator adding their own asinine comments on the page
I'm livid
>Translator treating the page as their personal chat room/blog post
How can anyone think this is a good idea is beyond me

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>Yugi almost die in a fire
>that same day he decided to use a chain for his puzzle
what a lucky day
Back when it wasn't about a children's card game

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