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WCW 11 Cover.jpg
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It's that time of the month, for some witchy activity. Alcina starts to put her plans into motion and we get tidbits of plot.

Still, my biggest complaint remains that Mizunagi-sensei is writing a monthly series with the pacing of a weekly series, and has been for years now.
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-[Witch Craft Works]
-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-I'm ever so sorry for roping you into helping me move.
-You can say that again! I'm the Head of the Workshop in this city! I don't work for some moving company...
-I simply must finish setting up my boudoir.
-As you well know, I'm the type that can't get to sleep if I'm not using my own pillows.....
-I don't know anything about that, or you for that matter!
-But anyway, this luggage of yours...
-...it's practically filling the room, isn't it? What on earth are you--
-That is not for you to know.
-Come now, if you're done carrying my things, then hurry up and leave at once!
- --Geez! Treat your workers a little rudely, don't you! Don't expect me to come help out next time!
-[The big-shot Witch is an arrogant tyrant.]


Alcina is look Megumi from Shokugeki, she literally never moves her arms from the pose of curling/flipping her hair, ever.
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WCW 65-1.jpg
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WCW 65-2.jpg
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-[The latest volume, #11, has it's long-awaited release!!]
-Ah, yes, just as I thought. THIS is what I need to relax......
-[Witch Craft Works]

-[Chapter 65: Takamiya-kun and the Mysterious Transfer Student]

-[Mizunagi Ryuu]
-::Furniture in the background:: ((OoooOOOOooo...))


Given what we later learn, there are several things way creepier about this then even initially appears.

out of all the Servants in Zero, he had the most boring set of Noble Phantasms
if Gil wasn't a participant and his redhead waifu didn't accompany fastwheels to the HGW, could they have won?
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> in his legend he used one spear and one sword at the same time
> Servant class system just fucks it up and gives him two spears

poor guy was screwed
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> E rank Luck
> D rank MGI

he should consider himself lucky that he wasn't summoned in the 5th war.
even the resident jobbers would've rekt him there

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Trigger saving anime?
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Based trigger
She looks pretty femdom.

"Get in my robot shinji"
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The femdom doujins are already writing themselves.

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>call show "Gamers"
>95% of it has nothing to do with gaming
why do nips like to lie?
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It's about gamers not gaming, retard
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Tendou a best.
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this guy.png
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it's about people who like games i.e. gamers

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Weekend scanlation thread. What are you working on, /a/?
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What's the best store to get digitals from? Does anyone take requests?

EBJ, then Rakuten, and maybe Kindle if those two don't work out.
EBJ, depends what you want though.

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3MB, 532x300px
You know the anime industry is fucked when a Naruto sequel has better animation then any other show currently airing.
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>You know the anime industry is fucked
Thank Americans and internet streaming.
What's so good about this webm?
>That smooth as fuck CQC where Shin steals the kunai
>All that crazy sliding and the pipes and running and the walls and ceiling

Its pure sakuga porn.


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baka, this nigga should've one shotted Shishio, his helmet is some straight bullshit t b h desu
literal plot armor

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Why aren't long running romantic eromanga a thing? like having a shoujo but you get a explicit sex scene to jerk off from time to time. Or a battle manga where after a fight they mc blows some steams off by buttfucking his gf.
The closest I can think of is Cheers, but that's more of a harem.
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Would spanning a hundred+ chapters count as long running?

The reason you don't see more long running eromanga is because they are halfassed. They can't have much plot because you need to fit in the next sex scene. You can't get too erotic because it isn't published in a hentai magazine. This makes it unappealing to people that want plot and people that want porn. Cheers is an exception. I'm not sure how, but it managed to get a big enough fanbase to keep it alive for 15 years and 18 volumes.
> like having a shoujo but you get a explicit sex scene to jerk off from time to time
>from time to time
That's not porn.

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"It wasn't incest"
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But it will be in about 2 minutes.
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You're just trying to push something that wasn't there.
I love that he still draws them. .

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Why do the Japanese suck at drama?
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Little nip dicks
Okay, I'll bite. What do you think is a good dark drama series? Western or eastern media; whatever. You shitheels throw around "edgy" and "edgelord" way too easily.
The Wire?

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what went wrong.jpg
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Women took over Kyoani.
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kyoani face.png
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It's easier for them to just make one thing that sells decently I guess
I'd say that's a step forward, Hibike was beautiful.

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>Repetitive stories.
>Plot armor.
>Mostly retarded/incompetent villains.
>Plot conveniences.
>Cop outs.
>Offpaneling all the good stuff.
>Running became the climax of every story arc.
>Fights are straightforward and generic.
>No developments for the main crew after the timeskip.
>Each Strawhat has an IQ below 70.
>Armament haki is a literal deus ex machina to nerf logia.
>Dragging each story arc to the point where you don't give a shit anymore.
>Oda doesn't give a shit about fights.
>Big Mom and Kaido are terrible and generic villains.
>Many characters are introduced each arc that amount to nothing.
>Retarded fanbase that thinks Oda is a god.
>Nobody dies outside flashbacks. (inb4 wb and ace)
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Literally this.

Shittiest most overrated series out there. By hacks for hacks.
Odafags gonna defend this
>By hacks for hacks

Is this the greatest monologue in the history of anime?
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No idea what that is but probably not.

Anime has a lot of good monologues and some random cute girl screaming about how here life sucks is hardly enough to differentiate it.
Hatoko a best.

Tomoyo a shit.
caring about the normalfag

What is your dream, anon?
Is it a sad dream?
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I dream for the day anime dies. I want to be here when everyone spergs out including me. I want studios to fall week after week with people worrying who will be next. I want animator crying on their twitters that they are homeless snow. I want an anime genocide.
File: the-claw-gun-x-sword-3.31.jpg (14KB, 210x240px)Image search: [Google]
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So we share the same dream? Subarashii!
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I want YKK to get the localisation it deserves.

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bitch taking what she wants.png
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New chapter soon, are you ready?
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Cant fucking wait
I would actually like bitch more if she really did this.
There's a korean translation in the archive.

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