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So far which are the worst shows of the season in your opinion?
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Koi to uso and kakegurui, though fate might still be the worst this season.

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New page. This girl wants to get wed immediately. She's not a student anymore but I hope this dude doesnt get fired.
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That's just mean of her, frankly.
This guy is fucked. Even if he doesn't get fired he'll always be known as the teacher that fucked a student.
"Sensei You forgot this"
Maegami-chan is a pure angel.

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Three hurrahs for Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Lizardshire!

And get your body ready and pure for livewatch of episode 9
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>a royal princess turns out to be a lesbian

Imagine the magnitude of shitstorm it'd stir
Not as big as the shitstorm Princess unleashes on Ange.

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Thoughts on YKK? Why hasn't there been a full Anime yet? The Laserdisc OVAs are nice & all, but I wanted something more substantial.
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Go ask the producers or directors if want an answer.

I tried & they blocked me from their twitters.
>Thoughts on YKK
suffers too heavily from its very short format, only people who think of it as exceptional are vivid fans of the manga whose opinion shouldnt really matter

>Why hasn't there been a full Anime yet
its a niche genre and an even more niche title that requires traditionally drawn backgrounds to properly sell its atmosphere and aesthetic. now take a guess whats expensive nowadays and why it might not be financially feasible/profitable to turn this into a 1-2 cour show.

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How did they build thousands of warships, supply cities and fleets of billions of people and construct huge satellites with economy that is based on peasant labor using muscle.

The notion that Alliance wasnt the strongest force in the setting was childish and retarded. Why do people take this show seriously?
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To be fair the empire also controlled most of the known universe.They have more than enough resources to do so. Not all planets were inhabited by pilgrim looking fuckers, I'm sure there were some more technologically advanced ones out there.
Scale. Most of those planets are basically agricultural and other kind of land, with few planets being industrial and economic centers. Like how the American midwest is a large swaths of nothing but actually produces alot of things, only to have the coastals process everything into finished goods, making it seem the coastals "produce" the wealth.

Or maybe the same way medieval domains have mostly farmland but have a small officer class that only raise levies from the peasantry during war time.


It was really really big with a few economic centers.
I forgot that transfer of wealth is also mostly in the coastals, so they give the impression of being "richer" states. To prove my point: They'll starve to death in a few days the moment the midwest refuses to give them food.

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Say goodbye to the Prince of all Jobbers
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Why is Cuckgeta so pathetic?
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I think what will happen is Frost and Freeza will end up working together, and make a trap that actually eliminates Vegeta. This probably kicks in how serious it would be to Goku since he would literally have to carry the team now, with one of his strongest allies getting cheapshotted and the other one going rogue.
Magetta will melt and form a coat around frost?

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What kind of audience would accept such nonsense writing? I mean that both ways
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I'm only watching this for her at this point.
My new wife Altair's new look is so cute.
>not only watching this for her from episode 4 onwards
What is wrong with you?

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there's been a lot of talk lately about someone relevant to izuki becoming nomu'd.

who'd be the best candidate for it?
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I really hope that this isn't an efit
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Im pretty sure it'll be KacHAN, or Kacchan will probably lose his quirk and Deku will give him AFO in the real ultimate act of heroism

"The spirit of self sacrifice"

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Episode 20 in 3 minutes
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I'm ready.
Rui is shit
soda a shit

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Don't ever talk to me or your daughter ever again
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Mirio seems like a nightmare to fight desu. You could be feeling smug with you aoe or homing quirk and then guy ignores everything to sock you in the fucking face while playing tricks to ruse you. Seems like the only way to take him out is being a hand to hand pro and that's only if this faggot doesn't go ranged with a gun or whatever
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dont you mean girlfriend?
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Get lost she's mine

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I miss the old days
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What does job mean.
I wanna participate.
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I want to impregnate Sorrel

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Why Is Marley so cruel against Eldians? Why they treat them like trash when they are the reason they rule the modern world? Why they want to delete them on spot? Are mods Marleyans?
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>asking why the mighty and powerful oppress the weak
They're literally man-eating demons conspiring to subjugate the continent again.
Eldians are literal demons that enslaved humanity for thousands of years.

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Railgun manga resumes this month, what would you like to see in the new arc?
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A longer chapter, for starters.

Honestly, I would recommend that you don't pick this up solely for one character. Especially one that isn't a main character. If you can get into it for many characters and the plot/setting, then go for it. But too many people get into it for one character then bitch because that character doesn't get the screentime they want.

The anime has only covered at most 25% of the content and the end isn't in sight.
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Mikoto actually being the main character was neat. Maybe keeping that up?

Best girls.
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why is this drawn so badly
Looks unfinished
Why is the official art always so shitty?

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bring it on down rock rock rock~
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Will Altair get a good ending after everything she's done?
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She deserves to be forgiven no matter what she's done, because she's cute

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