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Well, anon? How is it going along?
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Didn't have much time last week, barely managed 36 episodes (not including current season)
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I finally managed to progress and finish a couple of stuff on my backlog. Unfortunately my backlog is still a towering beast, and I doubt I will finish it any time soon.
I'm done

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Is Midoriya going to end up in anyway similar to Shirou Emiya?
Will Deku's struggle with his ideals drag him down the same path as Archer, and leave him just as broken?
Midoriya's desire to be a hero is as shallow as Shirou's, both only adopted the desire to be one from someone they admired, instead of a rooted sense of justice, and don't have any drive for anything other than being a "Hero"
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Don't know much about Emiya, but bump for interest
Deku wasn't completely broken by almost dying and adopted that sense of justice because he in a desperate way wanted to be happy and though that was the only way to do it, misunderstanding what Kiritsugu was going through,

In other words, Deku just genuinely admires All Might, Shirou is just a crazy broken machine who thinks that's the only way he can be human.
Deku's a shounen MC. He's as deep as a bird bath.

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Me and my kids
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Why was Bulma such a fucking slut in DB? She was basically naked and let herself be groped the entire series.
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Because Toriyama is sexist and perverted.
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You're saying that like it's a bad thing.
She spent her summer alone in the wilderness looking for a boyfriend.

She is canonically a slut.

Tell me about Bondrewd, why does he wear the mask?
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Is he the guy from Dead Space?
Because he’s a monster I guess.
No one cared who he was until he put it on.

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>Show starts off with standard subtext
>Ends with it going full yuri
Why doesn't more anime do this?
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It's in the title, not the filename.
Thanks anon, I guess I'll have to pick it up
I need to see luck and logic first to understand?

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Happy Birthday Kotori.
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I love Burd!
Its still early in my timezone but Happy birthday anyway
>Happy Birthday
>Not Happy Burdday
You had one job anon

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In what order should I watch the Monogatari series if I've only ever seen Bakemonogatari S1?
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Release order, this is literally the only way things should be watched.
Novel release order, it's the same as the anime release order only with Kizu before Nise.
Thanks, anon, will make a list!

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Have you ever fallen in love with an anime girl? be honest
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That would be a bit autistic, don't you think?
Get fucked you betafag. It's just a matter of time until anime becomes real - we'll see who's laughing then.
Define love

i mean i know its something about every human being becoming one in a sea of LCL (whatever that is)...
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All humans stop thinking as individuals and become one thing
so they dissolve into LCL, which is what exactly?
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The dissolved base components of biomatter.

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>Leave that fatal finisher aimed at Gohan to me guys
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father's day.png
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>Trunks ended up dooming his entire timeline, thinking he was saving the world
>All the humans rooting for Trunks ended up deleted

I still think that was a weird ending to that arc.
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Really makes me think Toriyama is the one who convinced Kato to go full grimdumbshit with Chrono Cross. It's evident that he does not seem to like happy ends for time travel stories.

Chapter is out http://readms.net/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/234/4554/1

Praise the King.
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I thought the cat was going to be excalibur.
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Real talk. If it's so bad why is it so popular? It must be doing something right. And don't give me that 'fanservice' crap. There's 100s of anime with similar levels of service and they're all obscure.
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Interesting premise
'Real life MMO' + self-insert gary stu.
Had a nice premise/has some unironically tolerable moments

Hype trains ruin everything. Still bad though

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Is this too much, or isn't it?
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Those are way beyond the point of being sexy and into the completely ridiculous and comical range.
>Watching anime for sexy.

>Not watching anime for comedy.

You disgust me.

I'd drink it

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What is her master plan?
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And what's with the fucking voice?
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Why'd she fucking snap so muc
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Voice changer. Though why Kirari made Ririka use one when she's apparently never said a word to the council before I don't know.

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