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Would you be happy with a Kazakh Steppe waifu?
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I recognize this thread.
>inb4 that pasta
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Kazakh waifu

Could you love an anime rock? She is in 3d.
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Probably, she's a very cute rock.
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>not being a rockfag

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reminder this is the only real relationship that came out of kill la kill all yuri ships are false and misbegotten
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Scissor Sisters is still possible.
>this is what hetshitters actually believe
This meme is cancer.

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Kagura loli.jpg
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What will Sorachi do after he finishes Gintama?
It's clear he really likes emotional rich stories and probably samurai themes. I just feel it's a bit shame he has disregarded comedy so much in the past few years.
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New comedy
Second Gintama
Gintama: Gaiden

I can't believe Kaguya is dying.
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good, time for Ishigami to be the heroine.

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Are the /misunderstandings/ finally over?
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I want to fuck Chiaki in the ass
Chad has way too much fun for someone who thinks he is getting NTR'd by the biggest dweeb around.

Also I don't get why Tendou gets bent out of shape because Amano had two online friends. Who is that quick to jealousy and feels that insecure that he communicates with another living being?
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Chiaki a best. A BEST.

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Now that the dust has settled, who was in the right here?
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Obviously Kira, are you blind?
Light is right, L is left
this was the last time they spoke as friends

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Aside from Jotaro, who could potentially defeat Dio?
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Kars, Kira, Diavolo, Giorno, Polnareff, Pucci, Gyro, Johnny, Valentine, Ringo, etc
Giorno. Gold Experience Requiem is broken as fuck.

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Just got done watching this, loved it. What did /a/ think?

Also, can we all finally agree that Ougi was best girl?
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it was fine
ougi is the cutest, by far.
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Since Kenshin was revived, I thought maybe we could talk about his other works, specifically Buso Renkin because it's the only one that seemed to last any real amount of time.

I don't remember BR being bad or having any reason to stop watchin, but honestly I can't remember too many details about the show itself. I once heard that the manga played with cliches/tropes found in shonen works but I didn't see it at the time.
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/a/ enjoyed it, but like most things /a/ enjoys, we don't talk about it.

It's fun.
The OP is one of the hypest things ever.
this show was pretty mediocre. butterfly bro was great though.

Is this the greatest ED of all time?
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No this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydLVnwhMvL0
Not even close
>we'll never have great OP and EDs like we had in 2014 and 2015
Why live lads

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Which one does /a/ prefer?

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Mob Psycho isn't complete dogcrap so that.

It's still partially dogcrap though.
At least Mob Psycho has solid animation and an actual conflict.
>Mob Psycho 100 is what u say u want from a super power anime

My Hero Academia is what you cant articulate you want

Woop woop
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Ready for some woop
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[Title is 'Escape route']

To be honest,
When I graduate from high school,
I'm thinking about studying overseas.

But there's nobody to talk to about this.
Seems like going overseas is hard.
[Side] How'd it go?
[Side] Y...yeaaahhh
It'll be embarrassing if I ever fail,
So I can't tell other people.

Moreover, with my grades,
I can't even tell my parents.
I gotta study some more,
or Patricia's...

"Let's go out and have some fun!!"
i want to arm wrestle with sushi

>sushi will never say sushi in the anime

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One week to go!

Irohasu ready for the war!
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why do so many people like this haremshit in particular?

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stop being curious, you moe fuck.
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why do you want her to stop being curious?

I'm curious!
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is there an episode where she isn't curious? I've yet to see one.
why is she so fuckable?

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