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Shieldbro chapter 36!

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Its time for another shieldbro chapter!
In other news: Spear hero gaiden: Yari no yuusha no yarinaoshi vol 1 is releasing this 25th in japan.
Manga chapter one released in comic walker past august 21. Hopefully someone will pick it up!
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Itsuki you fucking KSer
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i messed up. this page comes after >>162116574
but before >>162116616
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behind that smile you can feel he's still hung up about it.
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And here's everyone's favorite FUEEEEE, Rishia!
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She's cute even if she's basically treated as a slave.
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From the fields to the bar in one page flat.
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Raphtalia Stronk
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oh damn i fucked up
HA! bump
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And here's a difference between the manga and the LN, the trio of idiots should have been nearby but they arent. And guess who is getting a bad case of alcohol poisoning
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And this is the last page. Unfortunately there will be no chapter
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No chapter next month i mean. There wasn't a chapter in this months comic flapper issue. However, that means the mangaka is drawing the hot springs extra chapter for the release of volujme 9.
based shieldbro
Since we're here, what do you guys think of the story so far? Be it the manga or the LN, what are some changes you liked or didn't like compared to the original version in the WN? For example, calmira island has been mostly re-done, compared to the wn.
I don't know shit about the LN or WN but i really hope the scythe bro and his waifu don't betray shield bro or something like that. This needs more characters that are not retarded or complete assholes. I really enjoy this manga when is not about the other 3 faggots doing retarded shit.
You'll prolly want to read on the LN in that case.
So is everyone that isn't shieldbro and his companions a back stabbing dumbass then? Feel free to spoil some of it if necessary
L'Arc and Therese were sent from another world to kill the holy heroes for the sake of that world. Ironically they had made friends with the shield hero without knowing his identity but they figure it out at the end. They turn on him at the end of the calmira wave but naofumi and the others manage to hold them off for a bit, until glass reappears from the other side of the wave and assists L'Arc and Therese. This ends up again in a stalemate and retreat back to their world. Those three appear in vol 7 to assist naofumi and the others against the perpetrator behind the Spirit Turtle's rampage.

I mean it's not like they were traitorous scumbags, everyone is a victim of tragical irony.
they're going to die aren't they
>Hopefully someone will pick it up!
Be the hero we need, but not the one we deserve.
>everyone is a victim of the Goddess thats the real form of Bitch.

Lets assign blame where its due.
I only read the WN and the manga how far is this down the LN?
And legends about the worlds that have little sense.
>summon heroes to defend the world
>if they die during the waves the world dies too
Bit counterproductive to put the heroes in danger don't you think?

We're a bit past the middle of vol 5.
Out of? Because if we are at the half way mark, I might drop the manga. The constant betrayal shit and everyone that's not shieldbro and pals being a dumbass is getting repetitive
About 2 or 3 chaoter more before vol 5 os fully adapted.
I wish it keeps up until volume 9 gets adapted though. it'd be a nice place to end it.
>. The constant betrayal shit and everyone that's not shieldbro and pals being a dumbass is getting repetitive
This is the entire series up until the point where people grow a brain, and then NotHajime from not Arifureta shows up and becomes the antagonist.
You mean Tact or Kyou?
I swear to god, the author or the illustrator played too much GGXrd
Also Tact isn't at all like hajime if you ask me.
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Well it was a nice thread guys, see you in two months or something.
>monthly mangas taking a hiatus
Come on now
Like i said, we'll be getting the shot springs chapter in manga vol 9 as a compensation, but still. a bummer
It's just annoying having to wait 2 months for 1 chapter.
If it's any consolation, October is the release of Vol 9 of the LN. We can discuss that instead i guess.
Not him, but I could probably dump chapter summaries for this upcoming book when I'm done with it like I've occasionally done. Should theoretically arrive early like usual due to Amazon.
That'd be the bees knees, thanks anon. I'd wish to know when you'd be down for it so we could make a thread and bump for discussion.
Amazon says October 17th, but I can't give an exact date, since they may or may not ship it early. I suppose I'll keep my eyes peeled for LN threads early to mid October and try calling you out if I get it.
Do you happen to have discord or something? we could use that. It's not like i browse for threads like this so often.
Yeah, but I'm unsure of posting it due to it actually being the one I use for myself. I will if I need to, but I'm uneasy.
I understand, it's not like there's an easy and safe way to share one, specially on a site like this.
Most likely, but I hope not
why can't I hold all these death flags.jpg
I would invite you to read vol 5 if you wish to find out what happens.
Now lets see if the thread can stay dead now.
Huh weird I didnt picture him like some random Chad dude, what with him supposedly being a standard reincarnated/transported isekai guy, Chad arent really standard in those stories though I guess Bitch happened
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Well, the bitch goddess did kinda hand-pick him to reincarnate and probably gave him some "cheats". It's not impossible for him to end up a chad with his memories and shit.
And there's this shitstain here, who isn't too bad on that front himself.
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Last bump. Or is it?
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