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How many characters in the Naruto universe can actually fight on par or defeat Itachi?

I don't mean sick and weakened Itachi but a version of him that's healthy and not on deaths door from ninja aids or nearly blind.

Keep in mind he his Sausano is probably the strongest one we've seen with all of the spiritual weapons and armor it's equipped with. And Itachi has full mastery of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Izanami, and Izanagi. He is also so fast even other skilled sharingan users can not detect his hand seals.
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wasn't Kimimaru really strong too? imagine if he also didn't have aids and teamed up with Itachi.
Didn't he get beat by rock Lee?

He was sandbagging.

I just wanted to understand Lee's fighting style more before stomping him.

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Is she a biggest slut in the [email protected] series?
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Yes. This sementoilet.
She's gonna fuck them horses, right?
Welcome to /mlp/

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Chapter 68
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>character looks at his open palm and makes a fist
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Can't handle cliches, huh`?
>has villain character ominously grinning in the background

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Does Astolfo has a canon boyfriend?
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Yeah, pretty sure it's me.

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The final arc in the anime is the last saving grace of this show.

Do you guys think it's going to be good?
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This show is shit and I can't wait for it to be over so you fags can fuck off with your shitty threads.
50% he puts his hands on the girls, what will happen at 51%?

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The raws are out here:
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End of omake.
So, Koala asks the question "Do you have someone you like?"
Sloth is a dyke for wolf? Wait what?

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Who is the most feminine Urara?
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You just posted her. Kon is perfect.
P-perfect? I don't know about that, anon...
She might be feminine and all, but she can't even awoo properly.

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Why is he so perfect?
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Mind of Steel.
tomoe was less autistic
Yeah, we getting that in HF.

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I'll go with this first since it's a combo of both and I really miss this show.
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I don't think a cgdct show can be a harem.
The male character kinda ruins the idea.
>first post is a tripfag that doesn't even understand basic english
Wew nice thread you got going here.
I'll bite though, this has potential.
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I can see where OP is going with the CGDCT part of Seitokai no Ichizon because there are many parts like that in the show. Pretty sure it's also it's either or both.
In any case this show.

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IIT: The moment before disaster strikes
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What happen
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Fucking thot.

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Mom pls.
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I don't see what is wrong with perving at your mother whilst she prays at your father's shrine!
Sex scene flashback when
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Share yours!

> More Black Lagoon material & soon. More Balalaika screen time & fan service would be nice.
> A new Guyver series preferably with a new story, prehaps a sequel to the 2005 series.
> A new live action Guyver film, seems like a obvious fit in the age of the superhero film & it would not be as easy to fuck up like the more in depth franchises like GITS.
> For the Battle Angel Alita movie to be great & be what GITS17 apparently failed to be in terms of a adaption. For RobRod to be let the film be cheap looking like his usual work whatsoever.
> A new 6-8 episode Evangelion show set between 2.22 & 3.33.
> For the Godzilla anime's animation to not be as horribly stiff & jerky as it looks in the trailers.
> For some Dragonball Z movies to get released (not necessarily theatrically) with...
>>> A story entirely focused on side characters (vegeta, piccolo)
>>> A more serious/mysterious tone in line with the early DBZ movies.
>>> Not set in the DBS era. Set earlier & out of exact continuity like the previous films but you can still get a basic idea of the time framing
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I just want lucky star s2 man.
>For RobRod to be let the film be cheap looking like his usual work whatsoever.
NOT to let the film be cheap looking...
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Best girl.
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that's not uomi
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Her voice is pure sex.
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Whoever was in charge of the Battle SFXs for this show deserves to be fucking fired. Every fight in this show sounds like old CRT television static. And it's a shame, because the anime is a pretty good adaptation of the LN.
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>he cant appreciate BLAST sound effects
I know this is bait, but honestly, who the fuck thought these distorted-ass explosions sounded good? Did no one at A1 proof watch this series? Was the sound engineer in charge of this the studio head's personal mistress or something? It just sounds like pure white noise played at max volume and literally ruins every battle in the show.

So what's Vlad's NP?

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