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This is what kirinofags want their son to look like.

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no it doesn't
I'm so tired of this picture.
Maybe after 3 generations of exclusively breeding with their own family for a proper retardation.

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I can't be the only one who genuinely likes this
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You are, the rest of us are being ironic.
Who could genuinely like cute girls in tanks? Apparently only OP.
I liked the show and movie for how silly it is but I couldn't in good concious call it a genuinely good show. I couldn't tell you a single characters name besides Anchovie and Katyusha

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> Prince of three people
> Manlet
> Can blow up planets in muh filler
> Throws energy out willy-nilly
> Sugar momma
> Noble manners
> Was at the mercy of a bald manlet more than once
> Slaved under an alien real estate mogul
> Beaten up by teenage girl
> Fights for muh honor
> Widow's peak

> Never heard of his own royalty
> Hope of the universe
> Never seen a planet in his life
> Every energy attack matters
> Universe willingly gives him its energy
> Self-sufficient and lives off the land
> Transcends society's rules everywhere he goes
> Gives the perfect fighter a senzu bean for sport
> Made the Demon King (and his son) his bitch to the point that the latter raised his son for him
> Fights for kicks
> Glorious full hair
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But who is the best husband and father?
Vegeta can't make up for nearly a decade of neglect and abuse

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So are we getting a second season? Did it do well enough to get one?
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No fuck off
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Thought it was very generic and did a bad job at giving each character their time to shine, but it was still enjoyable to watch. Sagiri is a wonder of the universe.
Honestly I wish it cut back on the harem and focused more on the "siblings". That was the most interesting part of the show after all.

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Would she be a good isekai protagonist?
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probably better than self-insert-kun

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In this weeks episode, Ippo fucking murders a guy.
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Nah, another bait and switch like always, I lost count of how many times "Ippo let it go of his old self, he finally became strong!".

This insanity has got to end, I wonder how Ippo even fares in manga sales nowadays.
I want to bless Ippo with long-range-jab immunity. Chapters take too long to come out to have time for these back and forths with no-name characters.
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For chrissake, it marches on

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Gatchaman Crowds Rui.jpg
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What if X turns evil and turns down Rui?
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Well then he'll have to resort to selling his boypussy on the streets then. Oh well.
What social issue/technology will they fight next?
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Why is she so sexy?
I want to sniff her ass and lick her sexy legs!!

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Are there no archives of older chapters live Tls? Are they gone forever? Will we experience softness ever again?
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Helvetica is already doing it. Do you live under a rock?
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Its all been translated though, also one of the best romcons i ever read in my top 5 fav manga
It was fully TLed a while ago anon
the original scanlator dropped it because some other guy picked it up and stole his epeen by getting doing faster, lower-quality scalations
though the low-quality chapters are all being redone by a new TL group now

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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What are they going to do with fish-sama?
File: 1482014164221.jpg (91KB, 699x710px)Image search: [Google]
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I hate fairies

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As arisuchan's first collaborative project, we are seeking audio engineers and other volunteers from the SEL community to participate in the creation of a fan edit of Serial Experiments Lain in which we replace all of the music with scene appropriate ambient, IDM, and glitch music including artists such as Autechre, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin.
Please introduce yourself on arisuchan.jp/remix or in #sel-remix on Freenode if you are interested.
examples of artists we might like to feature:
Access to Arasaka, Aes Dana, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Apparat, Arovane, Autechre, Boards of Canada, CONNECT.OHM, edIT, Helios, Jega, KiloWatts, Lone, Miyuki, Moderat, Nautilis, Ochre, Oneohtrix Point Never, Phonem, Polygon Window, Proem, Swod, Tycho, Venetian Snares
examples of some tracks we might like to feature:
other links:
You can also get a feel for what we're going for by listening to the https://somafm.com/cliqhop/ or https://glitched.xyz/ radio stations.
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thanks for the heads up
File: Lain tubes.jpg (283KB, 1280x1024px)Image search: [Google]
Lain tubes.jpg
283KB, 1280x1024px
Why would you want to do this, the music in the show was fine?
I wonder where to even look for people that could help with this? It's such as specific search.

a) SEL fans AND b) IDM fans AND c) can do audio

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How hard would you Rin?
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Hard enough that it would take the King of England to get me out.
File: 020-27.jpg (361KB, 1280x1816px)Image search: [Google]
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>How hard would you Rin?
That was a good series.

>when he kept plowing saber over and over because Rin wouldn't ask him to nut inside her, but he kept her on edge the entire time too.

What a guy.

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When was the last time an anime really made you laugh?
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I find it weird how this question keeps getting raised along with mentions of KonoSuba. It's almost like KonoSuba fans hate anime in general.
Are you a crossboarder, or does anyone in your family have a crossboarder history?
When KonoSuba S2 aired.

>only ever visiting /a/

What an awful existence.

Well, /a/?
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Is this good (well besides op by angela)?
It features a stupid protagonist.
So does like every anime nowadays.

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>I'm done making anime guys
>watches Twin Peaks: The Return
>say no more senpai
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what does this mean? is her working on something new?
Did she announce something?
The return was shit

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When are nips going to start censoring armpits?
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Why is Komi-san so sexy?
>Censoring armpits
What are you? Sandnigger?
Does any other character pull the ero-kawaii better than her?

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