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Why is this allowed?
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Only a real man like Handa can perform incestuous lewd act in front of a school in broad view of everyone.
What is allowed?

A bad spin-off of a good SoL?
A bad adaption of a medicore comedy?
Bad animation quality?
The change of his mother's VA?
That edgy OP?
Pornographic content isn't allowed in the OP
Enjoy being b&

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Has there ever been better character development?
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>tfw you cannot be a multiple kurono to fuck different girls
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Best character development of all time.

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what are friends.png
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What did she mean by this?

also, Amaama to Inazuma thread
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maybe he seemed like the no friends type
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He's a lonely fucker who basically devotes all his time to his kid, it's pretty natural to think he's friendless.

Now post Kotori boobs.
She's jelly that there's someone else he spends time with.

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died alone in hospital
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>yfw Y-san won the Marikabowl
A shit.

Was that legit?

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So did Griffith consider Guts a friend or was he just using him as a soldier?
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He considered guts as a lover
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The manga outright tells you that "h-he was just using him" theory is bullshit.
An unwilling Lover

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Why would you buy it?
You could always just pirate it.
Why the hell not I have been waiting for years!

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Will any of his work gets an adaptation?
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I think he has some vendetta against anime studios so he doesn't want them
Yup. Source my lightly fuzz covered bleached ass.

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Is fansubbing dead?
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animes is ded
As the main way to get subs of new stuff? Yes.
Completely? No.

Just this season, Macross Delta and Kuromukuro have to be subbed the old fashioned way.
Fansubbing was a mistake.

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Name something two girls are forbidden to do with each other.
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Uh, me.

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So /a/, do you seriously believe that a show or manga having a large fanbase negatively affects the quality of the product?

In that the large fanbase somehow magnifies the lesser qualities and flaws of said product or erode the good qualities?
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Nobody actually hates things because they are popular. The real reason people here generally have an aversion to popular series is that popularity is generally contained in the scope of normalfags. What this means is that a large amount of normalfags with no desire or ability to remain objective in their judgement of a series will flock to anime such as SAO or Mirai Nikki and hail it as the second coming of Christ with no real basis for their obsession aside from "hype" or ambiguous non-reasons like "it's just good."

Popularity is normally an indicator of shit, not a factor in a series' worth.
No, but more people liking it makes me more likely to look at it from a different perspective in order to be contrarian, so I would notice shortcomings that i would normally not, thereby reducing my ability to enjoy it. Also ur a faggot op
Well stated, and witnessed.

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Is it ok to have a dorky waifu?
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of course
She's a lesbian.
Yes, in fact, dorks are actual waifu material

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Who's that Pokémon?
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It's Gulpin!
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Based Araragi

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>Harem shit gets an anime

Which episode will have the Truck?

looks good desu although I know whats going to happen

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Sophia is really mad.jpg
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Why are angry milfs so hot?
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oh her spurs go jiggle jangle jiggle, as she goes bouncing merrily along
They're not
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ITT: Characters you can't stand to look at

because your eyes bleed rainbow from the cuteness
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Repetition is a sign of autism.
Four Leaf Lover is DOAT
Enjoy your ban

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