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What went wrong?

Hint: it wasn't the ending
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Posting best Seacat.
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She truly is the best.
Beatrice shitty VA

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I can't believe that is a real thing.
i just remember it exist today, weird huh
I unironically liked the tv show until the seventh season

Am I the only one who likes Ram more than Rem?
Or to be more specific, more than the other girls in the show?
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yes u are bc no one wants to get with the girl that was taking clown dick
Re:Zero girls are shit though.

I watch it for my main man Subaru.

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It aired on Toonami.
because it's LOLSORANDUM!!!!!!
Because it was fun and then people realized it was also genius

Can someone tell me how the hell someone's supposed to buy tickets for this damn movie? Or are tickets just not out for sale yet?
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Reminder that Canada is getting Pt. 1 in August.
I can get you a ticket anon

How's ¥2000000 sound?
Are you in Japan?

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Made this looking to build a k-on folder, Yui especially. Maybe a little unconventional.

>year ago
>friend shows me k-on
>laugh at him for liking it
year later
>getting over obsession with 3d girl
>friend convinces me to give k-on another shot
>yui reminds me of her strongly
>feel sad, but in a good way
>marathon-watching on my own

slowly the emptiness that the girl whose influence I thought I would never be able to overcome, blossomed into a new love for the idealized purity and loveliness of a girl who I felt I knew intimately.

Anyone else familiar with this? Having trouble comprehending these feelings.
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once you go 2d, say goodbye to booty
atm, it feels like a positive change in my life.

sometimes when I get a little anxious, I imagine yui giving me words of encouragement.
And then you'll be crushed when the show ends.

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what does this pose mean?
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V for vendetta
Something along the lines of "Fuck my slutty pussy, daddy."
Need of D

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what the fuck was her problem
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not sitting on my face
Nothing she's perfect as the autist savant she is.

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Let's have a thread about series that never get discussed on here

What did you guys think about the shift in tone and genre that happened about halfway through Negima? It seems like the moe/fanservice stuff was rapidly phased out after the school festival arc in favor of an action/adventure type plot with the occasional crotch shot.

Apart from the ending I think the entire series was entertaining and engaging, if a little offbeat. Don't know a thing about the anime and don't care to know.
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>mfw I realized Asuna is Negi's aunt
>It seems like the moe/fanservice stuff was rapidly phased out after the school festival arc in favor of an action/adventure type plot with the occasional crotch shot.
What I heard was that after the success of Love Hina, Ken Akamatsu wanted to branch out and do a shounen battle manga. However, his publish insisted that he do another harem, since Love Hina sold so well. And so, Akamatsu made the most ridiculous harem ever: 30 girls. Then, once the series was starting to get popular he converted it into what he wanted in the first place: a shounen battle manga.

I liked the balance of comedy harem hijinks and occasional combat before they went to Mars.

The festival was the most combat I wanted, and afterwards, it was more than my preference.

With combat there was little time for characters to be enjoyably entertaining, as it'd either be too bogged down in one long fight, or the typical training to power up crap that tends to slow down so many action shounen manga.

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Post your role models
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I want to be cute
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Sephiroth has been the greatest source of inspiration for me.
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saw kizu a few hours ago, reaffirmed my long standing belief that he is my spirit animal

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These BDs keep getting more and more ridiculous with how much shit they can get away with.
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They need to go farther!
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too far
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japanese dick.png
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Spoilers soon.

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The main girl is Rukia right? How can Ichigo be with a girl who is dead?

The correct answer is Oriheme.
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rememeber to vote in the poll
No way. Fuck this thread. Stop posting that stupid shit.

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>kills jojo's dog
>jojo does nothing about it
what a fucking cuck
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did you even watch/read the series? Jonathan beats the shit out of him and makes him cry like a bitch
>Dio tries to mess with Jojo's girl
>Jojo beats him so hard he draws blood and leaves Dio crying.
Dio had to become a supernatural being to be able to take Jonathan on.
>I didn't read jojo: the thread

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>wow your fantasy is to get beaten up by a loli? that's seriously weird, dude

How do you even respond to that?
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How's your dad?
>"Please step on my dick"
By not ending up in the position in the first place.

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Dr. Myuu, I'm Red Ribbon Army
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I'm RP.
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>Literal furry army

Yeah the Time Breakers suddenly don't seem as cool anymore.

Monster girls on the other hand are welcome.

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