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Why did it flop?
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It's not a good show.
It was a good show.
Unfunny shite

This thread is for oldy amvs that you like even today, weather for quality or for nostalgia

ill start
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this one fills me with nostalgia every time
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mashiro witch.gif
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the fact that a slice of life managed to fit this theme so well is disturbing

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Salamat pagi, /a/
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yeah fuck you too
It's "selamat" you dolt

I don't even speak Bahasa
>selamat malam

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Slowpoke here, just finished this.

I don't know how I feel. A lot of the plot points were pretty fucked, and it basically turned into a poor man's darker than black.

The feels are still hitting me from that last episode though. Should have expected this from the same people who made angel beats.

What did you guys think?
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I didn't like it, pacing and writing went to hell towards the end because of mediocre episodic stories early on.
None of the characters were interesting, only the main girl was hot.

But I don't like anything Key or made by Key people, so there's that.
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Flawed as hell and the pacing was messed up after time travel, but I still enjoyed the fuck out of it. If the show was two cours long to fix the pacing and better explain events then it would have been some really amazing.

Also, Nao is love.
It had problems, a lot even, and a couple of really dumb parts. Even almost dropped it at some point.
As always with 13 episode KEY series, the ending was too rushed, this should have been a 22 episode series.
That said, the end episodes kind of hit me, to see him keep on doing what he needs to do even on the brink of madness, and after forgetting why he even does what he does.

This could be a much better series. too bad.

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Test of courage time. Also, Ninja is on Volume 2.
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How is this show meant to reflect on actual weeb losers since we die when we are killed?
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>since we die when we are killed
You don't know that for sure.
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Let's get the easy ones out of the way first so we can have a good thread.
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Are you retarded? Did you miss the point of the original version?
>Best girls on the left
>Inferior girls on the right.
That's perfect.

Hey guys I just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion and straight afterwards watching End of Evangelion. I have never watched anything as big of a head fuck as this , but don't get me wrong it was an experience and I think it was quite clever but seriously I almost feel like I need to see a psychologist after all that.

I don't know why I didn't get round to watching it till now and I'm glad I did watch it I liked it but I really do feel uneasy and a little fucked in the head now.

I've seen some shit but dam this one got to me.
Am I the only one who really felt genuinely rattled after this ?
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Obligatory daily "what the fuck did I just watch" shitpost.
I wish I didn't understand it , that's what did my head in so badly.
waah I'm so deeply affected by Eva waah read my blog

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>girl confesses to a guy because her friends dare her to do a test of courage
>the guy falls hard in love with her
>they date for 5 months
>the girl ends up telling him they never were going out in the first place
>she says she only confessed because her friends told her to >and that she has been using him to get over her fear of men and basically tells him to take a fucking hike

I think i have found something even worse than NTR
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Holy shit that's hilarious.
Pick this shit up.
Thanks OP.
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You also forgot the part where
>during those 5 months, she genuinely fell in love with him
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How can something like that even remotely make sense? I'm pretty sure within 5 months you can feel that her love is nothing but a semblance of it.

Fucking hilarious though.

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Pic related sums up the entire show.
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To be honest, if it's nothing no one can hate it.
>too pleb to get Glasslip
People like you are ruining the industry.
>defending this reddit-tier garbage
I'd appreciate it more if it were a book.

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What is the most underrated show this season? And why is it Qualidea Code?
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>What is the most underrated show this season?
How come when I see the number of posters at QC threads it's never as high as other threads?
It's certainly comedy gold

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Nonon is so underappreciated here on /a/
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Not really, I still fap to her sometimes.
She was best girl in a garbage show.
Hated her voice, sounded like a tranny.

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Was this good?
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Nope. Movie was okay though.
great, but heavily overshadowed by kanon and clannad.

The OVAs(air in summer) are 2 of my favorite anime episodes ever
First anime to make me cry bitch tears. Looking back, shit was actually cringe

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I have 1 chapter left for volume 3 then 3 magazine chapters. I'm just gonna try to get up and finish it again.
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Chapter 27
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"What's wrong?"

"Is there something you're worrying about?"
"No uhh..."

"If you're alright with me, I'll give you some advice"

"I don't know though whether my old age can be of use though"
"No, that's not it at all"

"Uhh... okay. Could I ask you something then?"
"What is it?"
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"How on earth can I do bad things!?"

"What was that now... do bad things!?"
"Did I mishear her!?"

"I... can't do anything bad no matter what I do..."
"I didn't mishear her"

"I wonder if there's a trick to it or something..."
"A trick to doing bad things!!"

"Uhh... well"
"Don't you think it's better not to do bad things often...?"

"That can't happen!!"

It's too bad that I was rejected by Ichijou for literally the worst tsundere of all time and one of my best friends.

It's truly a shame that she has to leave for 4 years right after confessing to the man that I shared a mutual love with for like, 13 years straight.

It's quite the tragedy that Ichijou and I didn't get together despite all those perfect reasons such as me being the promise girl which the whole plot was based on.

It's such a disappointment that Ichijou's beta dumbass couldn't make a move on me through 3 years of great opportunities.

It's really depressing that he realises that he loves gorilla bitch more than me because they fucking went to the arcade of some shit.

Maybe I can make a comeback in the next chapter?
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Nisekoi is sure fizzling out like a wet fart.
Maybe, just maybe, realize that he is a dumb person and realize that there are more and possibly better candidates who wish to be with you?
I dunno, maybe have a life beyond MC?
Fuck off RP fag.

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