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1- Re:zero
2- Danganronpa 3
3- New Game!
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>this season.
Anon....You count the anime when the first episode airs not when the last episode airs.

So ReZero is Spring season.
re:zero was last season you do realize that

New game
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Try to keep it civilize, please.

>favorite game
Musical chairs, even though the game before was my second favorite, this game was goat. It was really intense, and I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout it. It was really well made, and I really enjoyed every bit of it. + Yokoya's expressions were hillarious as fuck!

As a whole, the manga was really great until the ending, which was my only big complaint. The games were well written and designed, it really showes that the author knew his shit while writing. He was taking hiatuses to explore the games, so he can make them more realistic, and better, if I'm not mistaken. Solutions weren't ass pulls, but were always well thought out, and always made sense. Author of the manga also knows how to write intelligent people with their virtues and flaws. The games were only getting better and better as the manga went on, and were always intense.

TL;DR - well written games, and a great manga!

My babbling probably is really messy, because I'm typing this post in almost 1 am, and I'm pretty tired from work.
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>ITT: series with shit endings

Good choice OP. Here's another one.
Contribute to the thread or fuck off. Even though it had a shit ending, it was still great up until the ending, and the ending didn't really hurt the series that badly.
It was great before the Musical Chair thing, so basically the first ~100 chapters. After that it was mostly very dull.

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Is Hellsing a prime example of edge done right?
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Not really, Anderson was a significantly more charismatic and entertaining villain without just being evil for evil's sake. The Major's speeches got really tedious.
Funny because the old anime was chill as fuck.

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>expect some neat high-tech countermeasure for the space station's missiles
>they just send out the magical katana chick without a suit to cut them up

How do they come up with this shit?
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They even made fun of it themselves during those comedy shorts. Should've sent the tallking dog.
Some immortal loli throwing a tantrum is below the based cigar smoking golden retriever.
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Toaru Majutsu no Index season 3, when?

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We just had a thread today lad.

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Thoughts on Mahoujin Guruguru/2?
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I watched them when I was a kid, they were on during Summer mornings. Are they known elsewhere though? I've never seen anyone talk about them.
Never seen anyone tlk about them either, that's why I made this thread. I read both the series last month and liked them, but I feel like nobody recognizes their value. Thy're pretty good for a kid's manga.
also Kukuri best loli ever

I think its genuinely kind of weird that people believe that a once evil big green alien is more of a father figure than the biological father who raised, trained, fed, protected, believed in and encouraged Gohan. While its true that Piccolo did train and protect Gohan, this was only for a short while and they developed a close bond, but it was nowhere near the Father/Son bond that people are really forcing to justify.
I think its more of a Uncle/Nephew bond than a full on Father/Son relationship, seriously.
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>gohan's face
The chromatic aberration is grinding away my eyes, holy fuck. Stop this shitty meme filter once and for all.

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Why the fuck does Subaru not just get with Rem. I can't see any reason as to why Emilia is better for him, and Rem is just perfect. She even treats him well even after he brutally rejects her, and yet he still obsesses over Emilia.
Seriously, Rem is best girl.
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why the fuck don't you kill yourself is the question
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Beako is end game
Just wait 2 episodes nigga.

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Will there ever be more moe girls like her?

We need more of her.
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That's not moe
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Fake sluts are the best.
>Tfw season 2 never
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She's not a "fake slut". If you were in any of the other threads we've discussed this.

Her mission was to loosen the morality laws and make sexual education not a taboo topic. She was horrified and depressed that her high school classmates didn't even know where babies came from. They were child like in their understanding of sexuality and sex in general, and she found the censorship laws to be barbaric.

Nothing about her method or mission suggested in the least that she was a slut. She had no interest in having sex and didn't not want to see anyone's dick. That doesn't make her a hypocrite or anything, because her goal with SOX was never to turn the world into a 24/7 fuckfest but instead to simply turn off the censorship and actually educate people about sex and love and what was between their legs.

That's why she fought so hard against that panty guy: Because all he wanted was to jerk off and act like a pervert. SOX was never about encouraging any sort of behavior, but to instead make it okay to talk about sex and love and jerking off.

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Who else misses Yomiko?
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I do.
That oav was the funnest shit ever animated. The music and action set pieces were still blow my mind.
Actually, Imma rewatch it since this season aint git many watchable shows.
Appologie for bad english de gozaru.
I was actually going to rewatch this in a day or two. I remember watching this when I was like twelve on Techtv or something and loving it.

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why is she so perfect /a/?
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>Shizuka Ishigami
Head looks like a fucking orange.

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I'm going to rewatch this show after a long time.
I'm doing it for her.
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I'm proud of you
Is this yuri?

Do you prefer your Otako with the D or without it?
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Is galko yuri?
No futa. Trap only.
>It's the daily bbc thread

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cringy retard.jpg
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b-but I can relate to h-him guy.
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I can't stand those shitty eyebrows
I'm not your guy, buddy.
Subaru is a logical mc.

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So the soundtrack for this got recommended to me on Spotify and holy fuck is it beautiful
Is the movie any good?
God tier OST thread as well I guess
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Bump if that even still works anymore
Yes it's great. Watch it.
Hosoda's best movie so far.

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