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Ah, I see. I was simply having a pretty dream as well.
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Gurren Lagann is the Madoka of Evangelion
I cri. Every single tim.
Sometime have a family is best thing in life.

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Was it autism, /a/?
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it was homolust
it was the burden of how shitty the universe really was
if being autistic makes you a fucking emperor then why is autism a bad thing?

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Is this the greatest expression in the history of anime?
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With griffith building a kingdom keeping the people safe from monsters and also taking down the kushan's is griffith really a villain when you think about it?
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Did he brutally sacrifice his friends and followers to a bunch of demons to fulfill his ambitions?
building a reich keeping the people safe from commies and also taking down jews was hitler really a villain when you think about it?

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best Mahouka
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She sounds stupid.
Second best to Miyuki.
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Thats not Honoka

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Rem is a shit tier girl.
Blatant bait personality.
Rem-fags are truly the worst.
Almost as bad as rei-fags.
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People who actually like REM are actually shit

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This is a slut.
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I wanna hug that slut
I wanna bring flowers to her grave.
RIP in peace.

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Just finished chapter 119 online. Is there a place where i could find more which i dont know about?
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Our manga archive stash, do NOT share it outside of /a/:

Backup archive, don't share this either:
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kissmanga should have most of the other chapters, though you can try mangahere too if you want to see really dumb comments.
You can also try Nyaa torrents if you're one of those chaps with a pathalogical aversion to online readers
>You can also try Nyaa torrents
Not OP, but I used to use Nyaa but the uploader stopped doing Fuuka apparently.
Can't be fucked to stay up to date now with the manga. It fucking sucks.

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Is this the proper way to keep your waifu's feet looking soft and smooth, /a/?
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>try to google reverse search
no result on reverse search

source ?

That's actually best for her cute little face. It's best just to rub her feet diligently anon.

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Am I watching the Madoka of shonen?
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Boruto the movie = the Rebellion of shounen
An overrated piece of work that casuals and normalfags vastly overhype due to their lack of taste and culture? Yes.
Except good.

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80% of global population think 2d=3d.
How can we stop this meme.
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My wife Chino is so cute.
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>80% of global population think 2d=3d

Let the peasants do as they will.
I want to sexually fuck Chino

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So I've made it to chapter 276 of Berserk and all I can say is i'm thoroughly disappointed at how light-hearted the manga has become.

Puck has lost his role in the manga and is permanently onion-puck only used for comedic relief.

Guts has a harem?

Loli magic girl and RPG type power ups?

What happened to the dark atmosphere of this anime? Conviction and Black swordsman was great...I thought with the return of Griffith things would start to get even crazier but it's just a bunch of fluff.
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Berserk is now shounen.

Which means it's in the same genre as One Piece and Hunter x Hunter which are both infinitely superior.
Yes it becomes shit, stop reading and back to /v/ with you.
>Cuckold x Cuckold
>better than anything


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You cannot rape guys if you are a girl unless pegging is involved.
I want to wrestle with her on the bed.
I don't know, it sounds like it could have.


Who's the best anime/manga character?
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It's me.
Johnny or Dio

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