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This week comes with a free announcement
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[TN: Title is 'Chance']

Ubukata Shinji

Year 3 Class 2 Light Music Club president

Is favorite music is 'Rockin' On'

There is someone who's on my mind
"What is it pig"

Of course, I mean it in the unpleasant way, okay?
It's not like I'm cute, but I'm not a pig. ...probably
Thanks to him, I can't concentrate on studying either

It'll be fine if he apologizes/
Why won't he call me

Or maybe I should try.
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Studying's so tedious
I wanna play my guitar

But I gotta go to college
Even though I wanna do music in the future
I don't know if I can make a living on that after all.

"Be a good proper exam student, okay?? I envy the fact you play guitar all day...!!"

In the future
Will that girl also continue playing music...?

[Text] Hello there
How is your summer break going?
How are you studies? If there's something you don't understand, don't hold back from

This looks like I want to speak to him!!
I must demand an apology from Ubukata-san to the bitter end...!!

[Text] So tomorrow 1 o'clock at the station
bleh this couple

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How are these kind of girls called?
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I want to lay and reast my head on Kotomi's breasts.
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Why did Kotomi keep scratching her face?

She had an Ichinose
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That's a good one.

Do you prefer 90s or new anime aesthetic?
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The dust hasn't settled yet - how can I possibly answer this?
From HxH or in general? 90's in both cases.
90s for realistic, but what matters is not so much the style as the creativity of the artist and how they play with it.

However more than I like either I like baiting hxh fans about it.

Like Death Note?

Looks like they're keeping the Ryuk character in.


Ryuk won't be CG in this version of the movie. Very intrigued now.
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I don't have any problem with this news.
I imagined Christopher Walken would be better though
I have problems with this news

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What was your first anime, /a/?
Pic related when I was a kid, I didn't even know what anime was, but my parents did get me almost every Miyazaki film after I watched it.
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For like 95 percent of the people on here, and the anime-viewing world, it'll be shit like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and for girls maybe Sailor Moon
Heidi was my first

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What the fuck is all this BLACKED and cuck shit I keep seeing on here? I can't go a few threads without some retard spamming this shit.
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Kill yourself, cuck
It's cancer.

Does Dragonballz have the best anime action sequences?
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No, too many of them quickly turn into the same frames being looped for a few seconds.
What is One Punch Man?
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E-Esdeath? Can I be your suckle slave?
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Did everyone already forget about anime of the season because it all aired at once?
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No but I forgot all of their names.
Why did it air all at once anyway?

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Anon translations for 76 and 77 are at >>144833569 and >>144931800
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You told me it was good, it fucking sucked
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It was shit, but still better than the pile of crap elevens release now.
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This bait or are you just retarded?
Either way, go fuck yourself.

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you can neatly understand japanese life culture?
you have beencomprehending it correctly on viewing through anime?
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what you say
anime does not reflect japanese life culture.

NEVER do this in Japan. You only make yourself a fool and embarrass yourself in great way.

It is much more accepted that you behave like the typical obnoxious tourist than to attempt to become Ken-sama.
That only makes my desire to be Ken-sama even greater.

How do I get from here to there?
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Read some Inuboshi or something
That SOB of an artist got me. He fooled me by drawing very sexy, beautiful women but threw in NTR that i didn't know it existed. He really got me and now I will fap later with this doujin.
But tachibana is a story about love and ultimate sacrifice, not cheating ntr.

The fuck man.......... i was expecting light heart slice of life ;_;
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Fuck off and lurk more. Alternatively, kill yourself.
>hurrr durr do i fit in yet?

I expect you to lead the way on that matter.
That's why I dropped it on the first episode.

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