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New visual out.
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>there are people who meme how much they pretend to hate Shaft, they actually won't watch this
It really would've made more sense with Brains Base. Can't really see Shaft meshing with the tone of the manga

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Should I read this or watch the 2011 anime and pick up the manga where the anime left off?

I'm rather purist when it comes to reading stuff from its source material but many swear the 2011 anime is not a bad place to start. Is it really that good?
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Read chapter 1 of the manga then watch anime until the end of Yorknew. Read manga greed island then swap back to anime for Chimera ant till end of election. Then back to manga obviously.
And spin 3 times every time you finish an episode/chapter.
Read the manga, then watch the 2011, 1999 is for muh non canon filler fags and retards who think washed out colors, dated music, shittier VAs, and overly drawn scenes somehow makes for better anime content.

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If this baka would have listened to Homura and accepted the seed she would still be alive and ready to help against walpurge but instead she rejects them. Did she not think what will happen in the future like leaving her friend Madoka behind?
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She would've died anyway, dummy.
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It was all the choice of Steins Gate
How? Unless you mean during Walpurgis.

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>Male harem MC's are funnier to see
Post or imagine your best rule 63 content.
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here's a slut for you.jpg
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Great taste OP... Truly this is a godsend.
That being said... the filename says it all.
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ehhh it needs an update probably
You should know plebs. Kyonko is a way of life... Kyonko is a way of love.

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"Will he come?"
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A girl asks you out, what do you do!
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jump out of the window
wake up
tell her I'm gay

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Is she the most NTR'd character in anime?
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keep your meme fetish to yourself

that would be Sakura, newfriend
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How can a literal whore be a stronger and more well-written character than any female in Western media? Is Miura truly the literary auteur of our generation?
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Yep! Luca is my favorite character.
How many miles of dick has she taken?
How many of them were human dick, how many monster dick and how many Griffith dick?
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Hooker with a heart of pure gold, hope she makes a reappearance

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How do you like your steak, /a/?
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so rare it walks to your plate and sits down

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What's your dirty secret /a/?

I have only finished ~20 series after starting hundreds.

Pic related I only saw 2 episodes
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I haven't watched a single show in about a year but I still post here.
>look guyz I'm retarded xD
Once I said I worked in the anime industry
And the faggots believed it!

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So /a/, I just finished the Angel Beats anime.

Did I like this series?
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did you?

If you cried, or felt like crying at any point during the show, then yes.
Of course you didn't. AB is an entry level show. You don't want to be one of them filthy normalfags, right?

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>that one anime that doesn't lose its rewatch value no matter how many times you rewatch it
Kill la Kill has the greatest build-up since Madoka I swear. I always end up noticing details I missed every time I rewatch it.
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What the hell am I even looking at?
I really need to finish that.
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Do you subcribe to the first girl is worst girl theory?
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No, that's retarded.
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/a/ will defend this.

To thing we use to have real heroes.
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/a/ is not a hive and you are a retard.
>To thing we use to have real heroes.

Like Shinji Ikari, that autistic fuck Kamille Bidan and all those beta harem protagonists right?

Fuck off
sorry you don't want your heroes to experience any adversity or drama

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Mate, it was announced ages ago.

It's airing next season. There's a trailer already.
I was on /a/ a couple of months ago.
i just watched the first season and thought it was great, especially the episode with the fox boy

i want to catch up in time for the fifth but i don't know if i have it in me to marathon so many episodes

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