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Are there any examples of exceptionally good dub? Or at least a good one?
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Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
Ghost Stories
Black Lagoon

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All Discussions and Fights of Ichiruki and Renruki here please
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Ichigo ends up with Riruka

Cap this post
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>ichigo cucks renji at the last minute

it would be true kubokino

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>I had such high hopes for this series, but it just gets worse and worse with every new episode

Handa-kun was a mistake.
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It's unsettling how different it is to Barakamon.
Episode 2 was great. 1 was alright, others have been really hit or miss. It is not even half as good as barakamon though.
You must have been delusional if you didn't realize that this series is utter shit tier after you finished the first episode.

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How is it even possible to fuck up so hard?
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They got rid of some dead weight buffbitch. Hime and Imouto are bests

That retarded death is not even the main problem with the show.
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Fuck up what? They didn't care in the beginning (anime staff). Production is rushed as fuck and that's why animation is full of QUALITY.
They (production commitee) only wanted commercial for spin-off novels. Trio of writers were surprised about anime proposition.

Will they cover Book 3 as well? Will they be more faithful this time around?
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>we decided to turn everyone into a lesbian
Bravo Kyoani
>Will they be more faithful this time around?
You mean will they be 100% faithful instead of 95%? Probably.
How about all the important Shoe scenes they removed in season 1?

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Which time traveler is stuck in the most painful loop?
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Future Trunks

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Best girl thread
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Anal thread ?
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There is nothing wrong with oppai loli
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How does that not break her spine?
They are inferior to regular loli, but good for varieties sake.
And damn fine in Rondo Duo.
Because she isn't real

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Remember Dragon Ball?
That was pretty cool, if I remember right. Oolong kept showing up and stealing wishes, wishing for pantsu. Goku was going to resurrect some kids dad, but Oolong came by and won
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I'm currently watching through it for my first time. On episode 30.
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The first arc was establishing the characters and some goofy adventures with mystical creatures, no humans died in it, at least around Goku. Goku wished back the dad of the native kid in the second arc though. The panties wish was a funny way to wrap up the first part though.
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Dragon Ball is great, much better than Z.

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Hao wannabe that failed.
What should happen if Mogami succeed in his arc.

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Draw your waifu in Paint.

Previous thread >>144773120
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Well this didn't take off.
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Is that Fa Yuiry from Z Gundam

Are you hyped /a/?

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The new teams
Is this a new Inazuma movie or anime series?

Also I'm pretty hyped, even more if it brings another game.

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Now that all the circlejerking and anti circlejerking about this show has stopped,

Is it a meme show or is it actually good?
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>meme show
So you're just gonna stick 'meme' to anything controversial now? What's even the point of this thread? Either you watch it or you don't
It's 12 episodes you lazy cunt, just fucking watch it, or forget about it.

The fact that you can be bothered to even ask shows that you at least have a minimal amount of interest.
Hello, reddit.

Why don't they make intelligent and challenging anime anymore?
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They already made K-On!!, the most challenging and intelligent anime there is so they can take it easy nowadays.
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>intelligent and challenging

Let me guess, you're one of those pretentious anime snobs who take chinese cartoons too seriously. You like LoGH, Serial Experiments Lain, Hunter x Hunter and think you're a special intelligent snowflake because of it. Unaware that you're just in your chuuni phase and is just pretending to like boring shit to fit in.
How will KinoAni ever be able to compete with their puny sameface-anime against the sameface-idols of Sunrise?

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What did she mean by this?
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It means that the translator is a retard who mistakes kiddytongue for memespeak.
It means she is ovulating
Where's this fucking kids mother?

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