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Rem and Rei.jpg
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Which one's better?
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>inhuman object
>a cuck
tough choice
The blue haired one who's name is 3 letters and starts with re
Rem never got fucked by Gendo, it's an easy choice.

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3x3 for sending.jpg
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Prove that you have objectively the best taste.
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I wish underaged learned what that words means already.
>"3x3 threads became a fucking nightmare after I posted that [VIDEO]" -Dickbro 2016
What did he mean by this?
Hello friends. Pray tell OP how one would be capable of objectively assessing 3x3s without being subjective? Next time just put 3x3 thread in the subject box, write something vague like "post and rate" instead of dicking around and posting bait for shitposters.


Why do tsunderes ALWAYS fucking win? Is this some sort of fetish the entire nation of Japan has? It's so goddamn frustrating as well since they are worst girl 95% of the time.
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It's also funny that every girl on in that pic are the worst in their series.
>samefagging your thread
THK pls.
They don't always win, it's just that they happened to be the main girl most of the time.

See here, the problem isn't Japan, but it's you by having shit taste.

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Hey, you. Yes, I'm talking to you, pathetic losers. Do you know how much time you're spending on this stupid internet board?

Monogatari thread
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Sengoku Nadeko is highly cute
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who /spooky/ here?
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What is the point of showcasing heroine's attractive mother in anime?

More doujinshi material?
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Why not show them? Heroines have mothers.
To pleasure the people with patrician taste.
She should've raped the MC while Ako was playing videogames. Anime mothers are needy because their husbands are working all the time.

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Why are best girls always stuck as side characters? Also Amagami thread
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where my brothers at?
Ai was a main character though.

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Let's have a short Show by Rock thread to celebrate the announcement of Arcareafact and their VAs.

Titan - Yusuke Kobayashi
Orion - Taku Yashiro
Selen - Eishin Fudemura
Argon - Chiharu Sawashiro

Also the next Short episode is delayed.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWo09LNWiHI [Embed]

>The Original Animation begins.

>『All memories exist with “I-Machines”.』

>Director:Goro Taniguchi
>Animation Production:SANZIGEN
>Produced by World Cosplay Sumitt
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The mech designs look like absolute garbage, but I have faith in Taniguchi, since he did direct the fuckfest that was Geass.
>no name studio
>shitty 3dcg
>crappy mecha design

No thanks.
>no name studio

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>Tfw your waifu isn't very popular so you don't have to share her
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What makes you think you're so special?
Unless your waifu is a literal background character from some shitty 2000s era low budget high school SoL trash, someone else on the planet has already fapped to her.
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>tfw she is very popular so she continues to be celebrated years after she debuted and receives a steady flow of wonderful art
On the other hand,
>your waifu isn't very popular so there is no fanart or doujinshi

'''91 Days''': first impressions?
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The Vanetti must die.
I'm really liking it. I want the mysteries to be answered and I hope the payoff is big
more like 30 days because I dropped it before it had even been airing for a month

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/OPT/ Go
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Hizashi [GWR]-057.png
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Post a better harem

protip: you can't.
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probably cant, too bad the MC makes that show unwatchable
>too bad the MC makes that show unwatchable
Are there any harems where the MC isn't complete garbage?

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post Japanese which you learned from anime
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arigatoh means "sorry"
"Itadakimasu" means "Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub!".
Wow great thread you kisama

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Is it just me or has this been getting worse every year? S1 was so good.
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Just you. 2wei was amazing.

Completely just you. Every season is getting better and better.

They didn't even give Miyu a real personality until season two.
3rei is the best season.

What was her fucking problem?
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No, what is your fucking problem?
extreme homolust mixed with selfhate

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