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She did everything wrong. You can't prove me wrong.
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Homu did nothing wrong. You can't prove me wrong.

Homura is a washed up hag.
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me on the left

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D-Do you remember me /a/ ...?
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yes you're the autistic girl from that shit mobage anime
This was the worst show I have ever watched
I remembered the one dude that looked like a lady.

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Its true faggots
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Go to sleep Tomino, nobody liked G-Reco.
Look, I like G-Reco too but I wouldn't go that far

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Never really see /a/ discuss this anime despite it being one of the best

I feel it makes a lot of sense in the cultural context of Japan where depression and suicide rates are the highest I'm the world along with Japans strict and overbearing pressures to succeed.
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Loved most of the standalone episodes, but the overarching plot just go really dumb by the end. Suicide ep is inarguably the best episode of the series.
I don't think its meant to be taken literally, I feel the overarching plot is a lot more symbolic
Wasn't too keen on it. Production was slick and the OP is amazing, but it really loses steam quick. If it were longer it'd be easier to forgive, but I demand concision from my one cour shows.

So on top of deconstruction of the super robot genre(Eva) and magical girl genre(Madoka), now we have the deconstruction of Isekai genre (Re:Zero).

What other deconstruction do you think will be made?
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Was the deconstruction of harem battle anime? IS? DxD?
We need a deconstruction of SJ/fighting shonen/Big 3 and the like type animu. Badly.
A deconstruction of a battle harem somehow would end up everything wrong with School Days, Akuma no Riddle, and grimdark shit people dropped immediately like Isuca

Medaka Box and OPM exist. Former went full Alka-Seltzer and the latter's pacing fell off a cliff

Thoughts on the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi?
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No one gives a shit anymore
And it was highly overrated in retrospect
Yuki means snow.
Overrated shit. Seen it all and was not impressed in the least.

Though I have to give it massive props for it's influence.

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With the Olympics around the corner, what are some good sports anime to watch?
My personal favorite is Ping Pong the Animation.
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Ace of the Diamond
Yowamushi Pedal
Chihayafuru (?)
Battery (not really about baseball though)
Hajime no Ippo
I can't even think of another good sport anime, hell, I can't even think about another anime that is as good as Ping Pong either.

Could always watch Hajjime no Ippo and Slam Dunk I guess.

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Dear haters,

If she was 6 instead of 16, would you like her more? I get that she's selfish/bratty etc, but that's supposed to be cute. It would make more sense if she wasn't a teenager.
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nug is for ___
>Dear haters,

Stopped reading there. Kill yourself nigger.
Why? I didn't mean in the black people sense, just in the "I hate Umaru" sense.

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One Piece shits on every light novel.
>my name is futsuuni koukousei. I'm a regular high school student.
Light novel isn't a genre.

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Who's the best Kyoani girl?
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The original, of course.
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Fuck, I admit mine lost already.
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Why the fuck was this allowed?

Why was this allowed to happen to my poor, precious Nagisa?

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Why do Japanese women have such a goddamn hard time eating ice cream normally without making a mess? This shit is ridiculous.
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What's wrong with her hand?
Their tongues are too small they can't lick it fast enough

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Here again dumping chapters 8 and 9
chapter 1-4:
chapters 5-7:
>manlet edition
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the jojo chuuni again
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Incoming best character
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Will anyone remember her anime in even two years?
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The only way it would be remembered is if it had /ss/
Fuck theprick that translated the description for this show incorrectly. I was promised /ss/.

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>MD Geist has bad animation
Why did this meme begin?
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What old anime on BD should I be looking forward to?
It's an elaborate ruse to keep MD Geist a hipster classic.
Did he really save /a/?

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Not counting actual yuri and shonen-ai titles, what's the gayest anime in existence?
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Your favorite.
hunter x hunter
boku no pico

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