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Left or Right?
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right of course
Neither. Never stick your dick in crazy.
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first for thief
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Why is she so lewd?
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I want you to know something OP.

I am sexually stimulating myself with that image now.
Thanks for letting us know!!
no lewds of her please

So /a/, which do you prefer?
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Sokihei M.D. Geist (装鬼兵MDガイスト, Sokihei M.D. Gaisuto?) is an anime and manga about a post-apocalyptic world. The series is extremely violent, often depicting graphic scenes of human dismemberment and evisceration.

Geist (the main character) is MD-02, a Most Dangerous Soldier, genetically engineered to function as a killing machine, but every one of the MDS units went homicidally insane. As a result Geist was placed in suspended animation in a stasis pod orbiting the planet Jerra until it crashed several years later, awakening him and bringing him into another war on the planet.

M.D. Geist was originally released in Japan by Nippon Columbia and re-released under the Denon label. It was released in the U.S. by Central Park Media in 1992; two years prior, the company used Geist as the logo for their mainstream anime label U.S. Manga Corps. Curiosity by fans over U.S. Manga Corps' logo boosted domestic sales of the OVA and prompted Central Park Media to collaborate with co-creator Koichi Ohata in producing a sequel. In 1996, Central Park Media released M.D. Geist - Director's Cut, featuring roughly five minutes of additional footage - including a new introduction and epilogue that paved the way for the sequel. Months later, CPM released M.D. Geist II: Death Force. In addition, the company commissioned Ohata and American artist Tim Eldred to illustrate the comic book adaptation.

In the United States, the Sci Fi Channel premiered M.D. Geist I and II during their Ani-Monday block at midnight E.S.T. September 29 and October 6, 2008 respectively. Following the closure of Central Park Media, M.D. Geist was re-licensed by ADV Films and will be re-released on DVD on July 2009. [1]
I should really try watching Jin Roh again. The one time I tried watching it before I fell asleep.
Ghost, the music makes it stand out a little more than the other.

Anyone realize that this scene in love live was fucked up
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Fucking look at this
Anyone realize that Nozomi is fat
Yes but most of /a/ is blind

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I thought those kind of drugs were hard to find in Japan...?
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I can see the source but I can't find it on sadpanda
Are you fucking serious?
This, where the shit is the rest?

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Why can't they just shoot him?
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the system wants his brain
shitty villain sue author self insert.
They do. I mean, Kogami does. Also, Ginodad dies, Gino goes hue-hue, Kogami runs away, Akane becomes Kougami, S2 is bad, and so is the movie.

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What is she doing right now?
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Probably building her shed at Raku's to get ready for her future
Pleasing Shuu for money

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What's a loli's favourite food?
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>one of the finest vanilla artists
>suddenly made full blown guro and scatshit
Don't get me wrong, I am a gurofag by heart. But man, it pains me to see great artists sinking to our level.
Do they not know that this will tarnish their names forever? Should have used a different pseudonym if I were them

Well, at least Rubi-sama still have the decency to avoid ntrshit
Depends on the loli.

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So Cardcaptor Sakura is going full NTR
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Why the fuck is CLAMP still milking this? Don't they have xXxHolic or Tsubasa or some other crap to milk?
If CLAMP breaks up Syaoran and Sakura I'm gonna go fucking nuclear.
>loli NTR

fucking degenerates

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ITT: Manga series that will never end
Hajime no Ippo
pic related if Togashi won't change his release routine
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Detective Conan will be the longest running active manga at some point. It has the perfect foundation to run forever. No endless delays or anything.
wtf all three of those will obviously hit a brick wall 100 chapters later
This shits still runnin, m8? Oh boi. Expected it 2 be over already lel. Via 9gag

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Just finished watching this series (except for the movie because there's no acceptable subs out there).
My verdict:
You have to turn off a couple of cells on your brain, there's some stuff here and there that if you pay too much attention into it you won't enjoy the series. Let it slide.
Animation wise isn't the brightest thing out there, generic.
MC isn't as unbearable as other harem MC.
It's in general easy to follow. It's actually been a while since I watched a whole season in one sitting (S1 one day, S2 next day), so that's saying a lot.
The whole cast is likable, some of them more than the other, but still I won't say there's an actual worst girl (maybe the idol one is a bit annoying with her power, but oh well).

7/10, 8/10 at most, a nice show, but all in all it has its flaws, not that I care.

The clock should've had more screentime, sucks that she only appeared in a few episodes, but I can forgive them only for the clock star festival, I teared a bit
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Kurumi is literally the only reason why this ever got popular.
>Animation wise isn't the brightest thing out there, generic
Season 1 was really good looking. Season 2 was QUALITY all over the place.
>worst selling volume was hers
>Tohka still wins more of the popularity polls
The LN sales didn't even get that much of a boost.

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Tamamo no Oppai
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I need to fuck that fox
>Extra anime isn't going to have her in it
but why

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Anyone prefers flat-chest instead of cowtits?
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>That beyond flat
Why don't you just fuck men, you homosexual?
Hell yeah motherfucker

men don't have vaginas.

Well. most men don't have vaginas.

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What's the best part of an imouto?
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Thighs and pussy, nothin more otherwise kill yourself
3DPD and Facebook filename, fuck off to where you belong.
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Her smiling face when you spoil her of course

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