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Let's see those manga collections, anons!

Here's my shit corner I just cleaned up.
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>hello kitty
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Need to take new pictures, any year now.

Read the Meduka Rebellion Movie manga, made a little more sense than the movie.

Also read the first half of Servant×Service, nothing to write home about except Lucy a cute.

Reading the latest part of Railgun.

Waiting for the necroed Maria+Holic, and Kinmoza.

Picking up Anne Happy as it goes on.
Holy shit, are you a faggot? Or a girl?

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When and where did female character design go wrong?

Compare this with any girl of the current season, i dare you...
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it went wrong after Evangelion
>new season never
Is that Galaxy fucking Rangers?

That's not even anime. At least use one of borrowed and butchered shows like Sabre Riders.

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Well sure, you'd overrate something you've been following for decades as well.
The reason it's discussed so often is because the series has remained consistently good while managing to keep things fresh.
That and animeonly fags get to finally enjoy it.
Nah I think it's Bretty gud
Shonenshit should be banned from /a/.

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is this pokemon
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Best girl.
CGI in this was pretty amazing.

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What was the biggest dropped scene/episode you ever witnessed?
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Thats fake ice cream
When Sawako didn't give Sparkles the chocolate in episode 1 of KnT 2.
Was pretty amazing to see /a/'s reaction.

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Did you fap to Sakura Trick?

be honest
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Can't fap the heartboner away.
2 lewd
I've only seen Fist of the Northstar, I don't think I'd like this anime

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God-tier tsunderes
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Also, great taste.

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ch.78 is out, looks like a last one

what does /a/ think about "Inside Mari"?
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78 could not be the last one, at least another chapter to conclude her returning to whatever she wants too and I dont think her mother returned yet right?
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Isn't that autogynephilia?

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Aren't they yellow or orangish?
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There's pink between red and yellow
Source: I've seen a peach before.
Can confirm.

I too, have seen a peach before.
No way

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Is she the most overrated girl of the season?
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More like underrated.
Decided to finally watch this after all the threads.

This anime is absolute shit. The story, the characters, the forced drama, even the designs. She's the most generic fucking anime maid of all time. And on top of that, it somehow manages to be boring. what the fuck is wrong with /a/

Umaru gets a Hollywood live action adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson as Umaru
Lets have an Umaru thread to commemorate.
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Must hug a nug
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>it isn't an april fools joke
>black man playing L
We must murder [EVERYONE].
I want to destroy that creature with my dick.

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Are Christmas cakes doomed to be lonely forever?
Is there a Christmas cake gene that predetermines a girl to die alone?
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Everyone dies alone, anon.
More cake for me
Once you hit that 30+ range, you are used goods and your market value is almost worthless.

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ITT: best moments of all time in anime
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Truly we have become Re Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu by White Fox.
Jesus Christ, really?
I'm not Jesus

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Why not? That's where he belongs.
Because Toriyama hates every DB character he's created except Goku.

will never be happy



goku's bitch and punching bag (figuratively and literally)

gohan 2.0

wage slave

>tien, yamcha, pretty much the rest of the z fighters
borderline cheerleaders

Super is garbage and I cannot wait for the day that Toriyama realizes how much he's trashed his own work and ends up sodokuing.
they really hate vegeta

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Anyone remember this demented story?
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It was a decent story, nothing wrong happened. Only moralfaggots and tumblrinas hated it.
It's a boring, forgettable story with un-interesting characters.
yes you do. It's about a fully grown man raising a little girl so she could receive his seed when older.

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