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fucking burgers.jpg
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Can this rightly be considered skeletal?
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>Raitas that aren't this

What is even
Raita plz.
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I hope there's going to be at least another girl in the book, or some plot development.
If not 16.0 is just going to be another 9.0, Misa and Erica each wearing similar outfits and not much else, that would be quite boring.

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I started reading it last week, and I've caught up in 2-3 days. How much longer will this arc take? How much longer will Meiko stay a crying pussy? And why is Hana best girl?
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you should have stopped after they escape for the first time
Nice dubs.

Why? I like the humor and wanted to read something to just have fun, because last thing I've watched was Lain and Texhnolyze, so Prison School fulfilled it's purpose.
the chapter 223 is out. no one knows when will this be over, but it can't end before wet t contest.

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What did she do right?
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She got shot in the face.
being a cute.
Stayed a virgin. Did anyone ever sub the movie?

/a/ says that Japan has shit taste, yet pic related is popular in the west and almost unknown in Japan.

I'm pretty sure the west has shittier taste than Japan
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are you actually implying that elfen lied is bad? get out!
>implying elfen lied is good
>implying popular=good
>Gaijin trash like tripe like Watamote and Monmusu more than Japan

Yeah westerners are shit

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Thoughts on 20th Century Boys? I'm currently reading it and absolutely loving it!
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Tried reading a few chapters of it and got bored. Might come back to it once I'm done my anime backlog.

You should. Not OP, I did the same thing because it is kind of a slow start, but once you get into it it is a pretty riveting thriller.
It has its moments. 2nd half is fucking boring though imo.

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Say Light knew the name of every single anime character in existence. Could anyone possibly have a hope of beating him?
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When you say every does that include the future

If he can kill OP characters that don't even exist yet then we can't create one specifically to combat him

There's most likely an existing one that would end his shit though

There was a X-Men anime so that counts. He is canon immortal have fun writing his name in a death note while he shrugs it off and claws u to death

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At what age did you grow out of moe anime with cute girls doing cute things?
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>someone makes a thread explicitly baiting JoJofags
>suddenly a bait thread with a JoJo image appears
You guys are way too thin-skinned
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17-18. Seriously moe anime is for kids.

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MURENASE! omeke 7.png
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Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Omake 7.1 is out

MC being cunt as always
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Sloth a best.
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Lanka 15.png
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ITT: That one ED you never skip

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When this aired, the transition between the last secons of the episodes to the ending was always perfect and sentimental that I just couldn't skip it

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under arrest.jpg
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Was SPL just an excuse for Trigger to meme the shit out of their shows?
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trigger just circlejerk over their own shit
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It was an excuse for giving us a fun show.
Luluco is the representation of Trigger itself. The headquarters wanted tthe studio to be a more "normal" studio, that's why they created Kiznaiver and they prepared tons of other shows like it.

But Imaishi and co were not so happy about that, that's why they created Luluco, a show about a girl who is Trigger itself, struggling to be normal, to have a normal life with normal friends, but that's not the case, that won't be the case ever, what makes the appeal of Luluco and her life, she has her own way of being normal, not the society one but the one she decided. Trigger doesn't want to make normal anime, they want to make original and different anime like they always did.

That's why she becomes the Trigger girl at the end and that's why there's so much Trigger cameos into that show.

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Does narutard still have his TSB and six paths abilities after his fight with sasuke or is his strongest form now just Kyuubi Mode in the last and boruto?
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who the fuck cares
fuck off narutards
And here I was thinking /b/ was the only board with unhelpful niggers that comment useless shit, go watch one punch man faggot

I liked it
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How much did you back?
I watch it For Free
It was ok.
It felt like a prequel-side story. Guess they're really counting on this to succeed so that they can make the real story.

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I'm disappointed in you /a/. Not even one thread.
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what anime is this?

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who is the best dad in manga/anime?
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Gendo Ikari .jpg
42KB, 500x281px

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Yeah, anon
Peace peace
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Yeah, worst Monogatari
Peace peace
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Say it again and I'll punch you away
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You can't tell me what to do.

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