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What happened?
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Too moe.
Reality destroyed the moe.
Psycho Pass 2 had nothing to moe about

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>mecha anime
>the helpless good side wins by stealing the bad side's superior machines
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Rome won the first punic war basically by taking one of Carthage's ships and reverse engineering it
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It's part of a long tradition.
Also, sometimes they switch it up and the bad guys steal from the good guys early on.

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When will there finally be an anime about cute girls doing gymnastics?
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When we get1 good one.
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I can totally see her nipples and vulva. Gross.
>He didn't watch Kaleido Star

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One Pump Man

I don't see what the fuss was all about.. was this just a meme series?
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you're a meme
meme series should be filtered desu senpai.
It was a series that gained enormous attention due to the success of the manga and the plot that is essentially the afterstory of every single shonen series ever.

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Why did PA works make a dumb anime original mecha instead of doing another season of Hanasaku?
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>PA Works
I frigging love HanaIro, but Kuro was pretty good so far. So I'm okay with that.

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>your super duper secret that you've kept secret your whole life that killed your own father gets spilled to your best buddy accidentally
>like a week later the masked man that you've been trying to capture brings up your super duper secret that almost no one knows about
>can't put two and two together

Was Suzaku just retarded?
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He was the hero we deserved.
No one (I hope) claims that the characters in Code Geass acted with logical consistency. You enjoy the show for the same reason you enjoy Loony Toons.
Have you actually watched the show? Suzaku had already "found out" for quite awhile.

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Thoughts on Oyasumi Punpun?
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10/10 masterpiece
/a/ hates it because it's popular
Solanin is better.
pretentious shit in the last two volumes admitted by the author himself. A scam.
I don't think I took anything away from it. Not that good, just becomes depressing because that's how other mature manga progress

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Characters archetype you dont see much

For example the serious and stoic looking one but actually is the one with the weirdest ideas, and does it while keeping the same stoic face most of the time.
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Thats called the "Fake Rei" if you take out the weird idea part.
Mai = Trolldere
You're kidding? There's characters like her everywhere?

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I dare you name better bros than mitsuhashi and itou
>you will never read kkow for the first time again
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Imai and Tanigawa
would never call Mitsuhashi a bro in any stretch

Onizuka and Ryuji
>would never call Mitsuhashi a bro in any stretch

I'm afraid you're wrong. Yes, he acts like a scoundrel. Yes, he may very well be a sociopath. But Mitsuhashi fiercely defends his friends, especially Riko, and even Imai, whenever they're in danger. Remember when he saved what's-his-face when he was thrown into the river? Protecting others definitely makes one a bro.

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Did she deserve to die that brutally in episode 4?
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She had it all coming. She was a cereal rapist by proxy and forced men and women to participate in her punishment games for spectator amusement and profit. The animation didn't do a good job showing how evil she was because they didn't adapt the scene where she refuses to give the MC important information unless he has Annerose participate in her games.
>cereal rapist

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Christ, was her voice this annoying in the manga?
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stale meme
But that doesn't make sense!
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Hold on a minute.

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Did he fart?
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Are you trying to bump your own thread?
How new are you?
4 posters? something fishy here

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i would.
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shit anime from a shit novel.
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She's going to fuck me first
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All the girls in this are delicious.

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But he doesn't love her, he's obsessed with her
why does anyone love anyone, /a/non?
what's the difference

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What the fuck were they thinking with this OP? It's fucking garbage.
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They were thinking this is the song the record company chose for them to use.

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