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Why there is no more Fate doujins containing impregnation?

Just week until continuation of this doujin. Will Zucchini show Sakura and Rin with big bellies?
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>girls competing who gets pregnant first
Why is there not more of this?
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I'm just curious, considering that next targets are obviously Saber and Rider, whether he will even bother to explain, how that servants become pregnant (if they will). Given by canon, there would be nice to have some explanation.
Sakura is barren as fuck. You dont seriously think that her uterus and womb survived all those worms intact do you?

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What emotions do you go through when you watch this video, /a/?

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Babby's first urban fantasy school harem anime.
Is that an emotion?
I already got over the fact that we'll never get more Haruhi ever again.

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I had already forgotten this show existed until I saw this thread.

Thanks, I guess?
Actually, I identify as an attack helicopter.
Еби се, мършо.

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3x3 lets all be nice to each other edition
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7/9 K-on and KLK
What's wrong with K-on and KLK?

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Fuuka is an angel


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>Princess Lucia will never be animated in all its stupid, shameless glory
>instead we get this
more like fuuka you whoever thought animating this was a good idea
Not gonna lie

Fuuka looks super cute in that PV

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The chapter 7 omake is out:

At the end, the author said he'll bring back Chloe the zebra in the next chapter.
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>he'll bring back Chloe the zebra
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I can't wait for AWOO to steal Awoo's husband

Gotta keep your eye on sloth, she may be slow but I feel she's just pacing herself for the race to be best girl
>Koala not eating shit
>no Human's feeding

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Is it okay to have two waifus if they are a yuri couple?
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>two waifus
>yuri couple
Pic unrelated?
No, end yourself faget

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Post first girls who lost to other girls that ended up with the protagonist.

Open endings don't count.
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Fuck you
First reply is best reply.

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Best boy.png
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Post your best anime OST.
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I would do the same as subaru in 90% of situations, fight me irl
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Do you like breaking little demon girl's hearts?
"Muh Emilia"

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Why does this show fall flat?
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I liked it a lot but the characters are pretty boring
Normal fags were too hyped up after the first episode and thought the entire show would be about the spear lady fighting various people.
At least that's why I didn't like it

>tfw distinct lack of straight-played competent, serious, and deadly warrior women like Balsa in anime

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>introduce NTR
>into suicide pact
>series gets pulled

RIP Nana to Kaoru, you were a good manga for a while, then you turned into shit.
Im not sad to see you go.
Only one chapter left.
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Wait what? Source

Im glad I stopped reading when that chapter focusing on the other couple dropped.
Image from chapter 155.
156 is the last one, comming out in two weeks or so.


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Apparently Future Mai has ki. Why does she use a shotgun?

Why does Future Trunks use a sword for that matter?
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Ki's like Life Energy. You can use it for a lot of things, and everybody has it.
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She'll probably fly like Videl, but that's it
Future Mai a cute. Cute!

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am I missing anything?
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Madoka's mom
Episode 2 or 3
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CDAG 3.0.jpg
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Haven't seen the anime, did they adapt drunk spider?

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Goddamnit, now I just wanna see them escape from the new delusion.
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delusion, anon? it's beyond your control anyway and you're not aware of it existing in the first place

Homura's world is *the* world
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She said it herself.
Can't keep it up the facade forever.

Sequel bait I swear.
well it's Studio Shaft after all

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