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So when's the next chapter?
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I don't really understand peeing fetish. Sometimes when I watch 3DPD porn I get some peeing included and I get kind of turned off. One of my favorite porn actresses did a lot of peeing, and I always skipped those parts when watching it.

I really don't get it.
What is this op?

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That time of the week again
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A distorted world

"This sort of distorted design is popular nowadays"

"So the crookedness has the opposite effect and makes it prettier"

"So a bra that makes your breasts look crooked would be popular right? There'll be silicon inside"
"...what do you mean?"

"It'll look like an invisible man's groping them, so it'll be erotic, right?"
"That is way too difficult"
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Comic 1
Four senses

"Hmmmm, when I taste something many times, I start to lose the taste of it"
"In that case, close your eyes"

"People get 90% of their information from their senses, so if you close one off, the other ones get sharper"

"So you understood the merit of darkness perversion"
"How dare you cut the flow like that"

Comic 2
A day without a comment

"---So that's what we were talking about"

"You can't do that, milady"

"But darkness perversion is..."

"If you have a threesome, it'll end up like this"
"I'm putting it in"
"Listen to me in detail"
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Comic 1


"That was quite a long battle"
"The first time in 4 days"

"When you sit in a western manner, doesn't it look like you're a thinking person?"
"Sure does"

"In contrast, when you sit in a Japanese manner, it looks like you're in an erotic crouching pose"
"I haven't done that before though"

Comic 2
Nowish accessory [TN: Intentional, better than 'nowy']

OG Furuya-san

"Hey there"

"Senpai, you look good"
"That red bracelet is nice"

"These are rubber bands, okay?"
"It's the usual senpai"

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>tfw this fucking waifubait trash is holding back Subaru from developing as a character
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That's the point
Explain? I thought she was keeping him from giving up.
>giving up isn't character development

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How does Kino make you feel?
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I feel sad that I will never meet her and become suicidal.
Kino is a boy. Duh.
Incredibly aroused.

Let's all agree that this was one of the worst things ever.
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This would have been the worst anime of the year before RE: Zero came along.
nah brah it was pretty good. Ending was shit though
It was great for like 2 episodes then it all went to shit.

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Why isn't this discussed here? it's pretty interesting.
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What's it about?

The guy on the left isn't giving me good vibes.
here's the synopsis:

"In a world where magic was everything, there was a boy born unable to use any magic, and he had been abandoned to a poor church as a child. His name was Asta.

To prove oneself and to keep his promise with his friend, he aims to become the Wizard King!

An all-time favorite young and magical fantasy drawn with a beautiful touch and moved by its passionate characters!"
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Bcuz it's shit

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BBC just made a thing where they took 177 film critics and told em to pick the best movie starting from 2000. Miyazaki's Spirited Away took the 4th spot. Is ancient art of japanese moving pictures finally getting the respect it deserves among normies? Is it a good sign for animation in general? Should another animiu take the place instead?
Keep it /a/ related, I'm sure there's a thread on /tv/ if you want to discuss rest of the list
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>film critics

Kill yourself, crossboarder.
>film critics

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ITT best girls who are in series that aren't over but will win in the end.
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You posted the wrong girl. Let me fix that for you.

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Can we have a Dog Days thread, please? I just watched the whole series this past weekend and I really enjoyed it.
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It got shit midway through the second season. Also, horse a shit.
Tsuzuki got tired of everyone complaining about how shit S3 was so he's going back to crapping on the Nanoha fanbase for a while since they're so neglected that they might not hate him as much for it.

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Now dust has been settled, who's the shittier author?
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My aggressive opinion?
Because at least i finished the other two.

There was never a point in time where Naruto was better than Bleach. Every time Bleach would drop in quality Naruto would have already have gone off the deep end in some retarded bullshit.

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There are people who unironically prefer the loli version over this.
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Lapdogs! All of them!
There are people who unironically watch *monogatari.
I like both?

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This smug little shit just broke your favorite tea cup.

What are you going to do about that /a/?
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Fire her and send her on her way.
Give her a stern talking to until she's crying. Then make her apologize and give her a pat on the head.
I honestly wouldn't know what to do. By her expression she is either a sadist who wants to be punished or a cockthirsty slut who wants to be "punished" sexually. Therefore, logically, it would be best to deny her these things, then reward her with punishment she so desires when she brings me my cups not broken.

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why is subaru so fucking useless jesus
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>Implying he isn't you
i'm at ep 12 and can't watch anymore it gets boring fast
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jesus anime.jpg
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i dunno lol

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what's up with anime (mostly slice of life) and abusing their protagonist for no reason.
i just finished Oreimo and goddamn!
is that a fetish of some sort?
do you faggots enjoy that?
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Welcome to 4chan, where betas love to be abused by their shitty tsundere waifus.
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>is that a fetish of some sort?
>do you faggots enjoy that?
Pic related loved it which is why he ended up with his imouto instead of one of the lesser girls.
kurisu is good tsundere

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So, did anyone else feel something wrong with the ending of this series? It feels like Kazuki chose the absolute stupidest way to get what he wants in the end.
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He just kept being annoying until he got what he wanted.

>It feels like Kazuki chose the absolute stupidest way to get what he wants in the end.
Do elaborate.

What should he have done?

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