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Was this show about a nationalism or subliminal message for NEETs to join JSDF?

>No doujin with pina as sex slave
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>Piña Co Lada
>Piña colada

I just realized her name is based on a cocktail.
Think the gook author thought it sounded cool
There was nothing subliminal about it. It's just the umpteenth adaptation of a psychotic racist JSDF soldiers fantasies that has been toned down in every iteration but still has eye-rolling levels of nationalism and racism in it.

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Show the panties of your waifu
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Another newfag straight out of reddit who have no idea what waifu mean.
Good job OP, now everyone will fap to your "waifu" a.k.a. your favorite slut

What did Spike ever see in Julia?
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Perma-sick childhood friend?
But she wasn't perma-sick, nor was she his childhood friend.
dat pussy must be tight

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Preferably art that is completely different to their style nowadays. Could be the beginning of a long series, could be a super early one.
Pic related is up for you all to guess.
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20 years and he still can't draw feet
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>Preferably art that is completely different to their style nowadays

am i the only one that thinks his art turned real bad from negima to uq holder

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>yfw Maoyuu manga is actually finished at volume 18
>scans stuck midway through volume 14 for over a year

wtf, just wtf
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Who cares?
Just post that bitch's tits.
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Female Knight > Maou > Dragon
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Chapter 75.
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06 copy.png
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You can stop hating this show now.
It just wasn't that bad.
At the very least, it was fun.
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No, it was shit
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>This thread again
Nothing to see here folks, we'll just have our shitposting, a sliver of actual discussion, and derailment, rinse and repeat.
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Don't cry OP, in the end whether or not you had fun is all that matters.

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This is the first tsundere ever.
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How can it be a boy?
That's a boy?
why doesn't he just fuck Lum already.

Will this sexy piece of ass be in the anime?
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Ẃhat a stupid hat.
Armpit slut
Bet she whores her armpits out for pokedollars

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Who could turn that down?
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oh shit nigga what are you doing
Please stop.

Asuna fans?

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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is this just a pout or is there a special name for it
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cummed inside.jpg
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The pleasure of being cummed inside.
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What is this expression trying to convey?

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You remember me your first doujin fap, right /a/?
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I think my first one was called Blue Eyes.
my first was Hatsu Inu
A man of...

Wait a sec, that series isn't that old. How old are you?

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Ok, so I've seen a bunch of people (Or some lone autist) shilling abnormally hard for this studio lately, so I decided to check out their body of work.

Holy fuck, it's literally the definition of mediocre. Their hit-rate is on par with A-1, and the closest thing they have to a headliner anime is Non Non Biyori.

SilverLink isn't even Madhouse, J.C. Staff, or DEEN level, let alone Kyoani, White Fox or SHAFT level.

Please tell me the people who are shilling this studio are trolling.
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Stopped reading right there. They're dead move on.
They at least have older work to cling to, and their current anime (Mob Psycho 100) is about the same level as SilverLink's current anime (Illya Prisma).

I just want to know why anyone would possibly shill for SilverLink so hard.
>White Fox
When will this shitty meme die?

When talking about studios, only KyoAni and Shaft are up there and that's because they have made a BRAND. Those are the only two studios that people would care if their favorite manga/novel/ln/vn/whatever gets an adaptation.

Whenever a somewhat popular work gets an adaptation and it's not by any of those two, the only thing you can hear is disappointment. I'm not saying any other studio is bad. In fact, they're capable, like WF that has made a handful of good shows in the recent past (and like them, there's some more studios with a decent record [looking at DogaKobo]). But again, they don't have a BRAND.

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Does /a/ still remember The Greatest Love Story Ever Told?
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Every time.
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Annual rewatch every December with /a/.
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>only reason for becoming a teacher was to get in the pants of a 16 year high school girl.
>people say he is a great character
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Being a great character and a good person are not mutually inclusive
I fail to see the issue
would you not do the same

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